MSFS Mykrodian MX1 (Experimental) Ultralight Aircraft

PreviewA super-fun and easy-to-fly Mykrodian MX1 (Experimental) Ultralight complete aircraft add-on that's neither a port over or conversion.

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A super-fun and easy-to-fly Mykrodian MX1 (Experimental) Ultralight complete aircraft add-on that's neither a port over or conversion.

The MX1 in the rain in MSFS.The developer (mykrode) has created this model from the ground-up exclusively for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 release.

This is now version 1.2.

The MX1 is essentially a fictional aircraft (although a "Quicksilver MX-1" does exist in the real world, also an ultralight but an entirely different aircraft and design).  It's designed to be a single piston aircraft that the developer states was "put together in just one week". 

If the dev can create this in a "week" then we can't wait to see what their longer projects bring!

The model features;

  • Designed with VR in mind
  • A large open canopy (perfect for VR use and seeing the scenery in flight)
  • Touch-based avionics and systems

The creation is one in the developer's mind - they have dreamt up what aviation "could look like in its most elegant form".  Simplistic with less clutter and condensed systems with much visibility of surrounding scenery.  In the video above, we used some scenic airfields to also show that in the sim.

The developer states;

This is the first public release of the MX1. Time permitted, I may continue to update the project. Hope you have fun with the MX1!

Fixes and changes have been made several times since the first release including;

  • Improved flight models with better stability and flight characteristics based on user feedback
  • Smoother and improved propeller animations (and textures)
  • Extra liveries included
  • Addition of INOP buttons now becoming operational (parking brake)
  • Wheel height adjustments for better ground contact points
  • Addition of painted fuel tank caps on wings

These are just some of the changes made since the first release.  The developer is working on this ongoing project and we can expect further updates and releases from them shortly.

About The Developer

Developer: mykrode (Scott)

You can follow their updates for this project and their new eVTOL project on their Discord server.

Donate to the Developer

You can donate to the developer's projects via PayPal here.

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Dale RogmasnTue, 20 Sep 2022 15:55:00 GMT

Grateful for all the improvements and add Ons from Fly away but when I try to get the items for free there is no way to get information on how to apply the product and integrate it into the MSFS to use it. I am a 100% disabled vet and use the MSFS to keep me busy and entertained during my good times and cannot afford the extra expense to add any aircraft, especially ones I can fly.

I cannot get any propellor-driven WWII aircraft for free and those are mainly the ones I can fly so if someone can assist in downloading and getting the planes to work it would be gratefully appreciated.



bprokopWed, 08 Sep 2021 19:43:28 GMT

I do not see a readme file?

DazzaMon, 07 Jun 2021 03:04:37 GMT

This guy is super talented to develop this aircraft in a week. Can't wait to see what is next. Congrats to this designer... he's the Real Deal.

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