FS2004, Montego Bay (Sangster) International airport, Jamaica

PreviewMKJS This scenery corrects the problems encountered in FS2004 of my recently released scenery of Montego Bay (Sangster) International airport. It seems as if the airport location in FS2004 was moved slightly causing my scenery to end up back near the hills. Everything has been moved to the new lo...

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MKJS This scenery corrects the problems encountered in FS2004 of my recently released scenery of Montego Bay (Sangster) International airport. It seems as if the airport location in FS2004 was moved slightly causing my scenery to end up back near the hills. Everything has been moved to the new location, and some improvements have been made such as a second story on the entire terminal building, more plants and roadways, and guidance lights which now go right into the Air Jamaica hangars. The parking lot is also deeper since there is now additional space behind the main terminal. This scenery will not work with FS2002. By: Bill Melichar

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The archive MB04.zip has 122 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
SCENERY.dat08.15.031.05 kB
texture08.15.030 B
NovaGold014_lm.bmp07.10.01171.72 kB
1DCAdgit.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCAtran.bmp10.11.02341.43 kB
Abgrass.bmp01.09.0065.05 kB
asphalt.r802.27.03257.07 kB
treemix4.bmp07.01.0365.05 kB
00GRTerminal.bmp06.13.011.00 MB
00GRTerminal_LM.bmp08.21.011.00 MB
eddf06.bmp12.11.0265.05 kB
eddf06_lm.bmp12.13.0265.05 kB
eddf05.bmp10.08.0265.05 kB
eddf05_lm.bmp10.08.0265.05 kB
Sangster1.bmp07.24.03257.07 kB
NovaGold015.bmp07.10.01171.72 kB
NovaGold015_lm.bmp07.10.01171.72 kB
NovaGold014.bmp07.10.01171.72 kB
NovaGold011.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
NovaGold011_lm.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
nova052.bmp03.12.0186.39 kB
nova052_lm.bmp03.12.0186.39 kB
NovaGold010.bmp07.10.0165.05 kB
NovaGold010_lm.bmp07.10.0165.05 kB
NovaGold012.bmp07.10.0165.05 kB
NovaGold012_lm.bmp07.10.0165.05 kB
NovaGold008.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
NovaGold008_lm.bmp07.10.0165.05 kB
concrete.r802.27.03257.07 kB
AIRJAMACAHANGAR_LM.bmp10.09.02257.05 kB
nova032.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
NovaGold009.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
NovaGold009_lm.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
NovaGold020.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
NovaGold020_lm.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
nova032_lm.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
nova047.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
nova047_lm.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
nova026.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
nova026_lm.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
nova028.bmp03.12.0186.39 kB
nova028_lm.bmp03.12.0186.39 kB
FENCE.PAT01.02.9964.00 kB
Fence2.pat01.03.9964.00 kB
Palme1.bmp06.06.0186.39 kB
Palme2.bmp06.06.0186.39 kB
Palme3.bmp06.06.0186.39 kB
cocotier1.bmp07.06.0365.05 kB
cocotier3.bmp07.06.0365.05 kB
bldcarpark2.bmp07.25.0265.05 kB
carsha.bmp06.02.0365.05 kB
carciy.bmp06.02.0365.05 kB
carpo.bmp06.01.0365.05 kB
cargog.bmp06.02.0365.05 kB
cargogy.bmp06.02.0365.05 kB
carcib.bmp06.02.0365.05 kB
carchic.bmp10.22.0265.05 kB
carcig.bmp06.02.0365.05 kB
caraud.bmp01.20.0365.05 kB
carmeb.bmp04.21.0365.05 kB
cargera.bmp03.11.0365.05 kB
cartaz.bmp11.14.0265.05 kB
carco.bmp10.25.0265.05 kB
palmmix4.bmp06.30.0365.05 kB
tree105.bmp02.24.0365.05 kB
treebananemix2.bmp07.06.0365.05 kB
treebananemix.bmp07.01.0365.05 kB
tree109.bmp02.24.0365.05 kB
TrReg.bmp07.21.0165.05 kB
nova035.bmp03.12.0186.39 kB
nova035_lm.bmp03.12.0186.39 kB
DCAramp4.bmp11.09.0265.05 kB
Palm2.bmp07.17.0165.05 kB
cartoy.bmp10.10.0265.05 kB
cartoyS.bmp10.09.0265.05 kB
carsenw.bmp11.01.0265.05 kB
CFStairs1b.bmp07.22.0186.39 kB
CFStairs1a.bmp07.22.0186.39 kB
Cater.bmp02.14.03257.05 kB
Cater_lm.bmp02.15.03257.05 kB
loader.bmp02.22.0386.39 kB
Loader_lm.bmp02.22.0386.39 kB
Container.bmp02.22.0386.39 kB
Container_lm.bmp02.22.0386.39 kB
pushbacktug1.bmp03.02.0386.39 kB
pushbacktug1_LM.bmp03.02.0386.39 kB
carsurf.bmp10.11.0265.05 kB
CF_Bus_bl_O.bmp10.21.0065.05 kB
CF_Bus_bl_L.bmp10.21.0065.05 kB
CF_Bus_bl_R.bmp10.21.0065.05 kB
Aircond.bmp02.23.0386.39 kB
Aircond_lm.bmp02.23.0386.39 kB
ChevyVan.bmp02.21.0386.39 kB
ChevyVan_lm.bmp02.21.0386.39 kB
ChevyVan1.bmp02.21.0386.39 kB
ChevyVan1_lm.bmp02.21.0386.39 kB
AA.bmp02.19.0386.39 kB
AA_lm.bmp02.19.0386.39 kB
1DCAdgit_LM.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCAtran_LM.bmp10.11.02341.43 kB
1DCAtrans.bmp10.23.02341.43 kB
trans.bmp10.23.02257.05 kB
trans_LM.bmp10.26.02257.05 kB
1DCA13.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCA13_LM.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCA8.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCA8_LM.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
DCAramp4_LM.bmp11.28.0265.05 kB
scenery08.15.030 B
Montego Bay.xcl08.15.03304 B
Montego Bay.bgl08.15.03433.28 kB
MONT_EX1.bgl08.15.03148 B
MONT_EX2.bgl08.15.03148 B
gateslibg.bgl10.17.02532.02 kB
MONT_EX3.bgl08.15.03148 B
Monpm.jpg08.03.0336.57 kB
Montbay.jpg08.03.0367.17 kB
MB thumbnail.jpg08.15.036.20 kB
Sangster Read Me.txt08.15.033.32 kB
Montego Bay08.15.030 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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