FSX MS760 Paris No.34 FAF ETE 2/65 Rambouillet

PreviewMS760 Paris No.34 FAF ETE 2/65 Rambouillet. This is a repaint of Tim Conrad's MS760 Paris (MS-760PARISJET.ZIP). Aircraft is shown in classic markings for the mid-seventies period and belongs to ETE 2/65 "Rambouillet" which was in charge for the transportation of high-ranking officers serving with...

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MS760 Paris No.34 FAF ETE 2/65 Rambouillet. This is a repaint of Tim Conrad's MS760 Paris (MS-760PARISJET.ZIP). Aircraft is shown in classic markings for the mid-seventies period and belongs to ETE 2/65 "Rambouillet" which was in charge for the transportation of high-ranking officers serving with the Air Force Headquarters in Paris. Repaint by Michel Gerard.

MS760 Paris No.34 FAF ETE 2/65 Rambouillet in flight.

MS760 Paris No.34 FAF ETE 2/65 Rambouillet in flight.

- Morane-Saulnier MS760 Paris N°34 - French Air Force - Escadron de Transport et d'Entrainement ETE 2/65 Rambouillet - 1975.

Installation is quite straightforward. Extract all files with the "Texture.34" path in this archive (making sure that "using folder names" is ticked) to your FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\MS-760 installation folder, and everything should go to the right place.

Next, the aircraft.cfg file has to be modified by pasting the following text. Make sure to change [fltsim.XX] to the next number in series in your aircraft.cfg file.


title=MS-760 ETE 2/65 Rambouillet
panel_alias =
sound_alias =
atc_parking_code =
ui_manufacturer=Morane Saulnier
ui_variation=French Air Force ETE 2/65 "Rambouillet" 1975
description=Repaint by Michel Gerard
ui_createdby="Piglet's Peculiar Planes"


Unfortunately there are some problems with the MDL file. The most conspicuous one is the way the outer main landing gear doors have been made to operate: on a Morane Paris those doors were always open when the gear was extended. They did not just open and close at the moment when the gear was extending or retracting, as depicted on the model. Thus, a Paris on the ground always had those gear doors open, a very visible detail indeed. This detracts from the aircraft's overall appearance which otherwise would be very convincing (See pictures Landing_gear_problem_1.jpg and Landing_gear_problem_2.jpg).

An alternative panel.cfg is supplied that fixes a problem with the NAV1 radio on the 3D panel if you so wish (do not forget to back-up the original first).

Original sounds are the ones of the default FSX Bombardier CRJ 700. There are several much more realistic sound sets available here and there for Marboré engined aircraft. The most convincing ones in my opinion are those released in 2002 by Mark Hambly for the Fouga Magister designed by Kari Virtanen and Mikko Maliniemi (file name: foufinn1.zip).

I have designed several other repaints showing French MS760 Paris in various styles of markings, both military and civilian. Look for 760_01.zip, 760_26.zip, 760_32.zip, 760_34.zip, 760_35.zip, 760_39.zip, 760_65.zip, 760_71.zip, 760_73.zip, 760_116.zip, 760_AZLT.zip and 760_DOD.zip.

Those repaints would not have been possible without the very comprehensive paint kit supplied by Tim Conrad. Many thanks to him.

As usual, if ever your computer takes fire after installing this repaint, if your hard drive gets flooded by Coke or if your dog eats the mouse I can accept no liability whatsoever!

Comments and feedback will be most welcome.

March 2010


MS760 Paris No.34 FAF ETE 2/65 Rambouillet in flight.

MS760 Paris No.34 FAF ETE 2/65 Rambouillet in flight.

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Texture.3403.21.100 B
ms760_01.dds03.04.104.00 MB
ms760_01_spec.dds03.04.1016.00 MB
ms760_02.dds12.21.091.00 MB
ms760_02_lm.dds10.01.091.00 MB
ms760_02_spec.dds12.12.094.00 MB
ms760_03.dds11.20.094.00 MB
ms760_03_lm.dds10.01.094.00 MB
ms760_03_spec.dds10.01.094.00 MB
ms760_aircrew.dds12.07.091.00 MB
ms760_glass.dds10.09.09256.12 kB
ms760_panels.dds10.06.094.00 MB
ms760_panels_lm.dds10.01.094.00 MB
ms760_panels_spec.dds10.01.094.00 MB
ms760_reflect.dds09.28.09256.12 kB
Thumbnail.jpg12.13.0918.78 kB
Landing_gear_problem_2.jpg02.28.1067.58 kB
Landing_gear_problem_1.jpg02.28.1059.08 kB
34_3.jpg03.03.1057.25 kB
34_2.jpg03.03.1061.77 kB
34_1.jpg03.03.1061.32 kB
34_1.gif03.21.109.23 kB
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Carlos FrigerioWed, 01 Feb 2017 16:32:16 GMT

The Morane Saulnier MS-760 Paris was the very first jet I flew as a passenger at the age of 13. The pilot was an Argentine Air Force officer, a highly qualified flight instructor and the leader of an acro team named Escuadrilla Aguila (Eagle Squadron). Up to the day I first flew the Paris, all the airplanes that I had flown were prop ones, not jets. Because I was a member of a group of Aeronautical Boy Scouts -the first one in my own country and in many other parts of the world- we had many occasions to fly and the Argentine Air Force was one of our most qualified tutors. We received points from them for each discipline or ability that we mastered and the best of mines was to identify aircraft and their respective bases in our country. The leader of Aguila became my tutor and after I demonstrated my skills, he enabled me to participate in about 10 Paris flights and to experience more than 3 Gs on my youg body which I indeed enjoyed. Time went by and I found Abel (the leader) already retired and as a chief of all crews that flew for an airline for which I worked 5 years as an external counselor. Our friendship got indeed enriched and we flew together in many occasions. Later Abel became a business pilot and again invited me to partricipate in some Gulfstream IV flights. I could not do thet because I was then living, studying and working in Brazil and it was there that I knew that in one of his best flights Abel crashed with his co-pilot and 5 passengers, among whom counted a famed Argentine tycoon, said to be one of the most corrupt Argentine businesmen. Today I much miss Abel and our funny flights in the Paris Jet.

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