FSX Maringa Photoreal Scenery

PreviewMaringa Photoreal Scenery, Parana State, Brazil, v1.0. Maringa is a 350,000 inhabitants town located in the southern Brazilian state of Parana. This scenerary features all the town and rural zone, including the airport, and some Gmax buildings, malls, city hall, and the wonder cathedral shaped li...

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Maringa Photoreal Scenery, Parana State, Brazil, v1.0. Maringa is a 350,000 inhabitants town located in the southern Brazilian state of Parana. This scenerary features all the town and rural zone, including the airport, and some Gmax buildings, malls, city hall, and the wonder cathedral shaped like a rocket. By Gilson Cirino dos Santos.

Maringa Photoreal Scenery.

Maringa Photoreal Scenery.

This is my second photoreal scenary, any problem or sugestion send-me a e-mail.

Maringá is 350.000 inhabitants town located at Brazilian southern state of Paraná, - it´s about 500km far away from Curitiba (capital).

This scenerary brings all the town and rural zone, incluind the airport and some of gmax buildings, malls, city hall, and the wonder cathedral shaped like a rocket.

For better effect in scenery download the FSX Mesch South America (especially E8 and F8 that covers Paraná State).

Installation Instructions:

Copy the folder: Maringa
> Scenery
> Texture

Into to the folder Addon Scenery of FSX, enabling the scenery in FSX.

To conclude installation, open FSX and select "SETTINGS" and then "Scenery Library...". Now, push the button "Add Area..." and, in the new window, browse to the installation folder. In the example, this is "C:\FSXAddOns\Maringa"

The files in the folder:

a) maringaXX.blg (1 to 5): town general files.

b) maringaaero.bgl: airport detalied scenery.

c) maringaobj.bgl: gmax buildings.

d) sbmg_ade_gcs.bgl: airport file.

e) other files with _ob1.bgl or obx.bgl: they are autogen objects.

Enjoy the flight!!!!!

Please this scenery is free of charge, don´t sell it.

Distributed are allowed, please quote the author and e-mail.

Programs used for this scenery: SbuilderX, Gmax, Gimp, whisplacer, LibraryCreatorX, and Airport Design Editor.

Thanks to

-Alexandre Vieira for the some textures and help with gmax and sbuilderX.
-Magrão from TerraBrasilis for the valueble tips, and help with gmax, sbuilderx and whisplacer.

Maringa Photoreal Scenery.

Maringa Photoreal Scenery.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6

The archive maringa.zip has 164 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Maringa08.18.090 B
Leia Me.txt08.17.091.73 kB
maringa1.jpg08.18.09139.36 kB
maringa12.jpg08.18.09293.88 kB
maringa3.jpg08.18.09156.99 kB
maringa7.jpg08.18.09282.93 kB
maringa9.jpg08.18.09235.56 kB
maringanight.jpg08.18.09179.77 kB
Read me.txt08.17.091.90 kB
Scenery08.18.090 B
maringa.bgl08.18.09746.00 kB
Maringa01.bgl06.07.0924.77 MB
Maringa02.bgl05.28.0927.89 MB
Maringa03.bgl05.31.0932.07 MB
Maringa05.bgl06.05.0932.32 MB
Maringa100_OBX.BGL08.13.0915.84 kB
Maringa101_OBX.BGL08.13.091.96 kB
Maringa102_OBX.BGL08.13.099.15 kB
Maringa103_OBX.BGL08.13.096.46 kB
Maringa104_OBX.BGL08.13.0940.79 kB
Maringa105_OBX.BGL08.13.097.98 kB
Maringa106_OBX.BGL08.13.0911.67 kB
Maringa107_OBX.BGL08.13.099.53 kB
Maringa108_OBX.BGL08.13.098.29 kB
Maringa109_OBX.BGL08.13.0921.23 kB
maringa10_OBX.BGL08.13.094.53 kB
Maringa110_OBX.BGL08.13.093.09 kB
Maringa112_OBX.BGL08.13.0921.98 kB
Maringa113_OBX.BGL08.13.094.42 kB
Maringa114_OBX.BGL08.13.096.48 kB
maringa11_OBX.BGL08.13.097.40 kB
maringa12_OBX.BGL08.13.098.96 kB
maringa13_OBX.BGL08.13.095.78 kB
maringa14_OBX.BGL08.13.099.09 kB
maringa15_OBX.BGL08.13.093.09 kB
maringa16_OBX.BGL08.13.098.71 kB
maringa17_OBX.BGL08.13.0946.65 kB
maringa18_OBX.BGL08.13.0921.90 kB
Maringa19_OBX.BGL08.13.0919.34 kB
Maringa20_OBX.BGL08.13.097.28 kB
Maringa21_OBX.BGL08.13.0920.21 kB
Maringa22_OBX.BGL08.13.0918.03 kB
Maringa233_OBX.BGL08.13.098.84 kB
Maringa23_OBX.BGL08.13.094.21 kB
Maringa25_OBX.BGL08.13.0936.90 kB
Maringa26_OBX.BGL08.13.094.65 kB
Maringa27_OBX.BGL08.13.09732 B
Maringa28_OBX.BGL08.13.0918.46 kB
Maringa29_OBX.BGL08.13.096.90 kB
Maringa2_OBX.BGL08.13.0985.59 kB
Maringa30_OBX.BGL08.13.091.34 kB
Maringa31_OBX.BGL08.13.099.40 kB
Maringa32_OBX.BGL08.13.096.34 kB
Maringa33_OBX.BGL08.13.0915.03 kB
Maringa34_OBX.BGL08.13.091.34 kB
Maringa35_OBX.BGL08.13.094.40 kB
Maringa36_OBX.BGL08.13.092.53 kB
Maringa37_OBX.BGL08.13.098.04 kB
Maringa38_OBX.BGL08.13.0939.84 kB
maringa3_OBX.BGL08.13.096.78 kB
Maringa4.bgl06.01.0939.24 MB
Maringa40_OBX.BGL08.13.093.03 kB
Maringa41_OBX.BGL08.13.0911.59 kB
maringa42_OBX.BGL08.13.097.34 kB
Maringa43_OBX.BGL08.13.098.59 kB
Maringa44_OBX.BGL08.13.093.03 kB
Maringa47_OBX.BGL08.13.0916.40 kB
Maringa48_OBX.BGL08.13.0916.78 kB
Maringa49_OBX.BGL08.13.0911.09 kB
maringa4_OBX (2).BGL08.13.095.78 kB
maringa4_OBX.BGL08.13.0913.03 kB
Maringa50_OBX.BGL08.13.091.15 kB
Maringa51_OBX.BGL08.13.09348 B
Maringa52_OBX.BGL08.13.0938.90 kB
Maringa53_OBX.BGL08.13.0925.90 kB
Maringa54_OBX.BGL08.13.0921.78 kB
Maringa55_OBX.BGL08.13.0935.65 kB
Maringa56_OBX.BGL08.13.0912.65 kB
Maringa57_OBX.BGL08.13.09114.28 kB
Maringa58_OBX.BGL08.13.0968.04 kB
Maringa59_OBX.BGL08.13.0992.28 kB
maringa5_OBX.BGL08.13.094.96 kB
Maringa60_OBX.BGL08.13.0955.78 kB
Maringa61_OBX.BGL08.13.09136.46 kB
Maringa62_OBX.BGL08.13.0942.28 kB
Maringa63_OBX.BGL08.13.0963.40 kB
Maringa64_OBX.BGL08.13.094.03 kB
Maringa65_OBX.BGL08.13.0950.67 kB
Maringa66_OBX.BGL08.13.099.90 kB
Maringa67_OBX.BGL08.13.0938.96 kB
Maringa68_OBX.BGL08.13.0972.03 kB
maringa69_OBX.BGL08.13.0919.34 kB
maringa6_OBX.BGL08.13.0934.03 kB
Maringa70_OBX.BGL08.13.09924 B
Maringa71_OBX.BGL08.13.0983.34 kB
Maringa72_OBX.BGL08.13.097.40 kB
Maringa73_OBX.BGL08.13.0942.03 kB
Maringa74_OBX.BGL08.13.0967.65 kB
Maringa75_OBX.BGL08.13.0961.46 kB
Maringa76_OBX.BGL08.13.0950.15 kB
Maringa77_OBX.BGL08.13.0920.21 kB
Maringa78_OBX.BGL08.13.09120.67 kB
Maringa79_OBX.BGL08.17.0937.28 kB
maringa7_OBX.BGL08.13.096.03 kB
Maringa80_OBX.BGL08.13.098.54 kB
Maringa81_OBX.BGL08.13.0916.04 kB
Maringa82_OBX.BGL08.13.0925.90 kB
Maringa84_OBX.BGL08.13.0921.59 kB
Maringa85_OBX.BGL08.13.0926.96 kB
Maringa86_OBX.BGL08.13.0938.46 kB
Maringa87_OBX.BGL08.13.0922.03 kB
Maringa88_OBX.BGL08.13.096.28 kB
Maringa89_OBX.BGL08.13.0936.09 kB
maringa8_OBX.BGL08.13.099.21 kB
Maringa90_OBX.BGL08.13.098.59 kB
Maringa91_OBX.BGL08.13.095.03 kB
Maringa92_OBX.BGL08.13.097.40 kB
Maringa93_OBX.BGL08.13.0910.03 kB
Maringa94_OBX.BGL08.13.0948.53 kB
Maringa95_OBX.BGL08.13.099.34 kB
Maringa96_OBX.BGL08.13.0911.40 kB
Maringa97_OBX.BGL08.13.096.46 kB
Maringa98_OBX.BGL08.13.0910.46 kB
Maringa99_OBX.BGL08.13.0924.90 kB
maringa9_OBX.BGL08.13.099.46 kB
Maringaaero.bgl05.31.09703.64 kB
maringaaerobuild.bgl08.17.09924 B
maringaobj.bgl08.14.091.70 kB
maringaparque_OBX.BGL08.13.0949.71 kB
Maringa_OB1.BGL08.13.09236 B
Maringa_OBX.BGL08.13.0950.84 kB
SBMG_ADE_GCS.BGL08.18.0912.33 kB
_Maringa39_OBX.BGL08.13.093.59 kB
Texture08.17.090 B
golden.dds08.16.09341.48 kB
golden_lm.dds07.11.09341.48 kB
maringatexturas.dds07.04.091.33 MB
maringatexturas_lm.dds07.11.091.33 MB
painespubl.dds07.06.091.33 MB
painespubl_lm.dds07.06.091.33 MB
publicidade2.dds07.04.091.33 MB
publicidade2_lm.dds08.15.091.33 MB
textbandeiras.dds07.04.09341.48 kB
textbandeiras_lm.dds07.06.09341.48 kB
texturamaringa2.dds08.16.091.33 MB
texturamaringa2_LM.dds07.06.091.33 MB
texturamaringa3.dds08.16.091.33 MB
texturamaringa3_lm.dds07.11.091.33 MB
texturamga4.dds07.27.09341.48 kB
texturamga4_lm.dds07.27.09341.48 kB
texturamga5.dds08.16.091.33 MB
texturamga5_lm.dds08.16.091.33 MB
texturapmmga.dds07.31.09170.83 kB
texturapmmga_lm.dds07.31.09170.83 kB
texturashopp.dds07.19.091.33 MB
texturashopp_lm.dds07.19.091.33 MB
texturasmga6.dds08.16.091.33 MB
texturasmga6_lm.dds07.26.091.33 MB
texturaterminal.dds08.02.09682.83 kB
texturaterminal_lm.dds08.02.09682.83 kB
texturesmga.dds07.20.091.33 MB
texturesmga_lm.dds07.20.091.33 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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