FSX Pensacola NAS Carrier Trial Scenery

Pensacola NAS Carrier Trial Scenery updated with CV-69 carrier for multiplayer with working meatball, ILS, GPS and trap. Requires ARRCAB26.ZIP. Scenery by Karl Meindl.

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Pensacola NAS Carrier Trial Scenery updated with CV-69 carrier for multiplayer with working meatball, ILS, GPS and trap. Requires ARRCAB26.ZIP. Scenery by Karl Meindl.

Extract To desk top, Move Pensacola Carrier V3.0 folder out of the unziped/extracted Folder to your FSX-MAIN Directory- Addon Scenery folder. Activate through the simulators Settings-Scenary Library,> Add Area> Pensacola Carrier V3.0, Click ok.

Updated with (Javier Fernandez) s High Detail Carriers. Good scenery for organized multiplayer carrier circuits and traps, all players will see these. Ships spaced out to address a common frame rate complaint. Has locializer, dme, Arrestor cables. Added another NDB carriers-Both on decks for ADF head wind approuches. Use Arrestor Cables V2.6 for Catapults.

Carriers/Cruisers/Destroyers(Arrestor cables work), 60 Miles . south east off the coast of Pensacola NAS. The airport name is Pensacola Carrier. (KNPC) NDB(ident KNPC) ON DECK 245.0 khz, LOC/DME(ident KNPC) 108.15 mhz. NO BACK COARSE,OR GLIDE SLOPE. VOR-IDENT:PCGA 110.20mhz. Range 80NM.

You can't START on the Carriers, you'll end up in the water.

Scenery Created by Timothy Marson.
High Detail Carriers Created by Javier Fernandez.
Special thanks for all parts of this Scenery (Microsoft), and ADE.(Airport Design Editor) and Javier Fernandez for his High Detail Carriers, and Sylvain Parouty for FX.

Pensacola Carrier V3.0 scenery from FSXFLEET.

This archive file is provided as FREEWARE and can be used in any non-profit making package. Use all files at your own risk.The author of this package is not liable for any problems caused by these files. The archive can be freely distributed.

The archive cv69.zip has 112 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
CV6909.14.090 B
model.cfg06.07.0926 B
Pensacola Carrier V3.0 ReadMe.txt09.10.091.61 kB
scenery09.14.090 B
ADE_CV69.BGL09.19.09927 B
CV69.BGL09.19.097.10 MB
sim.cfg09.08.09569 B
sound09.14.090 B
mule.wav08.22.07225.02 kB
sh60_sound.wav06.13.09343.94 kB
sound.cfg11.03.0752 B
start-em-up.wav06.11.097.79 MB
soundai09.14.090 B
mule.wav08.22.07225.02 kB
sh60_sound.wav06.13.09343.94 kB
soundai.cfg11.03.0754 B
start-em-up.wav06.11.097.79 MB
texture09.14.090 B
685CompleteMap.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
685CompleteMap_hangar.dds06.01.091.33 MB
685CompleteMap_night.dds06.01.09341.45 kB
bar.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
bhead.dds06.01.0916.12 kB
canisters.dds06.01.092.79 kB
cans.dds06.01.0916.12 kB
catapult.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
catapult_spec.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
catwalk.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
cntrl.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
cntrl_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
console.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
console_lm.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
console_lm2.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
crew.dds06.02.09682.79 kB
crew_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
cvcc2.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
CVNHULL1.dds06.03.09682.79 kB
CVNHULL2.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
deck_spec.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
deck_spec_night.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
deck_transp.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
deck_transp_night.dds06.08.09682.79 kB
edge.dds06.01.092.79 kB
floor.dds06.14.09296 B
floor_int.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
floor_int_island_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
grey.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
grid.dds06.07.094.12 kB
hadoor.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hadoor_lm.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hagart.dds06.14.09296 B
hang2.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hang2_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hangar.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hangar3.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
hangar3_lm.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
hangar_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hangar_roof.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hangar_roof_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
hornetCompleteMap.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
hornetCompleteMap_hangar.dds06.01.091.33 MB
hornetCompleteMap_n.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
INT.dds06.11.09682.79 kB
island.dds06.03.09682.79 kB
island_night.dds06.03.095.33 MB
JBD2.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
JDB.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
ladder.dds06.07.0932.12 kB
lineasCompleteMap.dds06.07.09682.79 kB
lineasCompleteMap_night.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
lines.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
Mesh15CompleteMap.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
net.dds06.01.0964.12 kB
Object209CompleteMap.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
Object209night.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
Object217CompleteMap.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
objg104_Default_LODCompleteMap.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
pad.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
pad4.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
pad4_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
pway.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
pway2.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
pway2_island.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
pway_island.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
pway_island2_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
pway_island_n.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
sailor.dds06.10.0964.12 kB
sailor_1.dds06.10.0916.12 kB
sailor_2.dds06.10.094.12 kB
sailor_3.dds06.10.091.12 kB
sailor_4.dds06.10.09384 B
sailor_5.dds06.10.09192 B
sh60.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
sh60_hangar.dds06.01.091.33 MB
sh60_n.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
signs.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
sparrow.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
sps48smt_Default_LODCompleteMap.dds06.01.0942.79 kB
Super_hornetCompleteMap.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
Super_hornetCompleteMap_hangar.dds06.01.091.33 MB
Super_hornetCompleteMap_n.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
super_hornet_F_CompleteMap.dds06.01.09682.79 kB
super_hornet_F_CompleteMap_n.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
super_hornet_F_CompleteMat_hangar.dds06.01.09341.45 kB
t45.dds06.13.09682.79 kB
t45_n.dds06.01.09170.79 kB
wheel_Crash.dds06.01.0910.79 kB
window.dds06.01.0985.45 kB
Install-CV69.txt09.18.091.09 kB
CatapultForMultiplayer.zip09.18.094.91 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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