FSX Sardinia And Tuscan Airfields Scenery

Preview Sardinia And Tuscan Airfields. This is a lot of 64 airfields covering the Italy regions of Sardinia and Tuscany. Rwy12 and EZ Scenery objects are needed to run this scenery. Suggested also the installation of the first part ITACSAF_1_0.ZIP. By Giuseppe Mendola.

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Sardinia And Tuscan Airfields. This is a lot of 64 airfields covering the Italy regions of Sardinia and Tuscany. Rwy12 and EZ Scenery objects are needed to run this scenery. Suggested also the installation of the first part ITACSAF_1_0.ZIP. By Giuseppe Mendola.

Screenshot of Tuscan Airfields Scenery.

Screenshot of Tuscan Airfields Scenery.

This is the second part of my work on built sceneries after the south and center Italy Airfields. I have used Airport Design Editor X vs 01.47.7, that i discovered to be an excellent and user friendly program. this scenery is tested only on FSX, using Italy Mesh 2004 by Pietro Mauri, Photorealistic sceneries by Fulvio Mazzokan and Angelo Lanzillotta.

This scenery contains 64 airfields and covers the whole italian regions of Sardinia and Tuscan.

The list of airfield has been downloaded from www.ulm.it, a site dedicated to italian ultralight aviation.

I tried to reproduce the airports as close as possible with the reality, by using the layout from google earth images. Only standard objects were used in this scenery.

In order to run this scenery you have to install and activate RWY12 and EZ scenery objects. Suggested also the installation of itacsaf_1_0.zip

Installation: Unzip this file under your FSX add on scenery folder, with "use folder name" option activated. You should find a folder named: Sardinia&Tuscan_af_v_1_0\scenery. Activate it.

Known Issues: I have positioned the airfields using the real coordinates and altitude reported in google earth. In some cases (few) may results that the runway is raised or below the level of the FSX terrain, expecially when it insists along an hillside. Where happened, i have tried to minimize this defect.

This scenery is freeware and provided "as it is", it and can be used by anyone. Therefore I cannot assure any assistance. It is prohibited the use for commercial purposes.

I do not assume any responsibility for any damage may caused by the use of this software.

Giuseppe Mendola

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The archive sardinia_tuscan_af_v_1_0.zip has 135 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Aviosuperfici Sardegna e Toscana.pdf07.24.1128.76 kB
readme.txt07.24.111.72 kB
Sardinia & Tuscan Airfields.jpg07.24.11408.53 kB
scenery07.24.110 B
AR02_ADEX_PM.BGL12.28.106.66 kB
AR02_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl12.28.10258 B
ARE6_ADEX_PM.BGL12.19.103.14 kB
ARE6_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl12.19.10228 B
CAG6_ADEX_PM.BGL01.22.114.46 kB
CAG6_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl01.22.11234 B
FI01_ADEX_PM.BGL12.25.102.61 kB
FI01_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl12.25.10228 B
FI02_ADEX_PM.BGL02.10.113.90 kB
FI02_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.10.11228 B
FI03_ADEX_PM.BGL02.12.116.29 kB
FI03_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.12.11228 B
GR01_ADEX_PM.BGL12.12.101.01 kB
GR01_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl12.12.10320 B
GR02_ADEX_PM.BGL12.19.104.49 kB
GR02_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl12.19.10228 B
GR03_ADEX_PM.BGL12.24.102.69 kB
GR03_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl12.24.10227 B
GR04_ADEX_PM.BGL01.04.114.42 kB
GR04_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl01.04.11236 B
GR05_ADEX_PM.BGL12.28.10911 B
GR05_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl12.28.10228 B
GR06_ADEX_PM.BGL02.12.112.11 kB
GR06_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.12.11228 B
GR08_ADEX_PM.BGL12.29.102.86 kB
GR08_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl12.29.10228 B
GR09_ADEX_PM.BGL12.27.10578 B
GR09_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl12.27.10234 B
GR11_ADEX_PM.BGL01.02.114.54 kB
GR11_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl01.02.11228 B
IAR1_ADEX_PM.BGL02.09.115.22 kB
IAR1_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.09.11228 B
IAR2_ADEX_PM.BGL02.11.115.39 kB
IAR2_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.11.11228 B
IAR3_ADEX_PM.BGL02.11.114.62 kB
IAR3_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.11.11228 B
ICA1_ADEX_PM.BGL01.31.112.63 kB
ICA1_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl01.31.11228 B
ICA2_ADEX_PM.BGL02.01.112.64 kB
ICA2_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.01.11228 B
ICA3_ADEX_PM.BGL02.01.116.82 kB
ICA3_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.01.11381 B
ICA4_ADEX_PM.BGL02.02.112.24 kB
ICA4_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.02.11379 B
ICA5_ADEX_PM.BGL02.02.115.62 kB
ICA5_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.02.11228 B
ICA6_ADEX_PM.BGL02.03.112.44 kB
ICA6_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.03.11228 B
ICA7_ADEX_PM.BGL02.03.111.02 kB
ICA7_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.03.11227 B
ICA8_ADEX_PM.BGL02.03.11993 B
ICA8_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.03.11228 B
IOR1_ADEX_PM.BGL01.31.112.89 kB
IOR1_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl01.31.11227 B
LI01_ADEX_PM.BGL12.25.103.12 kB
LI01_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl12.25.10228 B
LI02_ADEX_PM.BGL01.22.116.21 kB
LI02_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl01.22.11247 B
LI03_ADEX_PM.BGL01.02.113.16 kB
LI03_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl01.02.11226 B
LI04_ADEX_PM.BGL02.12.113.58 kB
LI04_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.12.11228 B
LI05_ADEX_PM.BGL12.21.102.63 kB
LI05_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl12.21.10228 B
LI06_ADEX_PM.BGL02.12.112.50 kB
LI06_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.12.11227 B
LI07_ADEX_PM.BGL02.12.112.45 kB
LI07_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.12.11228 B
LI08_ADEX_PM.BGL02.20.115.35 kB
LI08_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.20.11234 B
LI09_ADEX_PM.BGL02.12.113.25 kB
LI09_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.12.11228 B
LU01_ADEX_PM.BGL02.12.114.48 kB
LU01_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.12.11232 B
LU02_ADEX_PM.BGL02.12.111021 B
LU02_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.12.11227 B
NU01_ADEX_PM.BGL02.04.11748 B
NU01_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.04.11228 B
OR03_ADEX_PM.BGL01.04.113.84 kB
OR03_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl01.04.11228 B
OT01_ADEX_PM.BGL02.04.113.30 kB
OT01_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.04.11236 B
OT02_ADEX_PM.BGL02.04.114.42 kB
OT02_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.04.11229 B
OT03_ADEX_PM.BGL02.04.111.95 kB
OT03_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.04.11228 B
PI01_ADEX_PM.BGL12.18.101.11 kB
PI01_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl12.18.10232 B
PI02_ADEX_PM.BGL12.29.101.04 kB
PI02_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl12.29.10227 B
PI03_ADEX_PM.BGL12.24.109.40 kB
PI03_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl12.24.10228 B
PI04_ADEX_PM.BGL02.12.118.26 kB
PI04_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.12.11381 B
PI05_ADEX_PM.BGL02.12.112.87 kB
PI05_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.12.11228 B
PI06_ADEX_PM.BGL12.28.102.17 kB
PI06_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl12.28.10228 B
PI09_ADEX_PM.BGL01.22.116.28 kB
PI09_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl01.22.11247 B
PIAN_ADEX_PM.BGL12.30.10551 B
PIAN_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl12.30.10227 B
PT01_ADEX_PM.BGL02.11.113.30 kB
PT01_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.11.11228 B
SI01_ADEX_PM.BGL02.09.113.97 kB
SI01_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.09.11228 B
SI02_ADEX_PM.BGL02.09.114.93 kB
SI02_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.09.11228 B
SI03_ADEX_PM.BGL02.11.112.74 kB
SI03_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.11.11228 B
SI04_ADEX_PM.BGL02.12.111.22 kB
SI04_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.12.11228 B
SS01_ADEX_PM.BGL02.04.113.38 kB
SS01_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.04.11232 B
SS02_ADEX_PM.BGL02.04.111.98 kB
SS02_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.04.11228 B
SS03_ADEX_PM.BGL02.05.111.23 kB
SS03_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.05.11228 B
SS04_ADEX_PM.BGL02.05.112.66 kB
SS04_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.05.11228 B
SS05_ADEX_PM.BGL02.05.111.36 kB
SS05_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.05.11226 B
SS06_ADEX_PM.BGL02.05.114.58 kB
SS06_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.05.11228 B
SS07_ADEX_PM.BGL02.05.112.24 kB
SS07_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl02.05.11228 B
XPTZ_ADEX_PM.BGL12.24.102.50 kB
XPTZ_ADEX_PM_CVX.bgl12.24.10228 B
Sardinia&Tuscan_af_v_1_007.24.110 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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