FSX Cornelius-Moore Scenery

Preview Cornelius-Moore (Polk County), 4A4, Georgia (GA), USA. By Alf Denham.

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Cornelius-Moore (Polk County), 4A4, Georgia (GA), USA. By Alf Denham.

Screenshot of Cornelius-Moore Scenery.

Screenshot of Cornelius-Moore Scenery.

When I offered to consider producing small local airfields on request I had UK flight simmers in mind but was surprised to hear from Lou Clemmons who resides in Georgia USA. He asked if I would have a go at Cornelius-Moore-4A4, an airfield he flies from both in Flight Simulation and also in real life. After checking it out in Google Earth I agreed to do it. Lou came up trumps and snowed me under with loads of digital pictures. I certainly couldn't have done it without him. Many thanks Lou.

Static aircraft produced from FS2004 aircraft using Don Grovestine's program SAMM.

This scenery was compiled using aerial views from Google Earth, FSX SDK Object Placement Tool and Airport Design Editor v1.47 and of course Lou's pictures. Custom items were produced using Instant Object Maker v1.2.

It was designed to use with FSX SP2 so there may be problems if SP1 and SP2 are not installed. NOTE: The sceneries were made to fit into the FSX standard scenery, discrepancies may occur with photo-realistic scenery.


First unzip files into a temporary folder. See ReadMe texts. (See my Windows 7 Read-Me) To uninstall just remove the files again.

Alf Denham

Map of Cornelius-Moore Scenery.

Map of Cornelius-Moore Scenery.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
4A4 (1).jpg09.15.11121.56 kB
4A4 (2).jpg09.15.11171.84 kB
4A4 (3).jpg09.15.11181.38 kB
4A4 (4).jpg09.15.11178.91 kB
Cornelius-Moore_4A409.15.110 B
scenery09.15.110 B
4A4_1500.bgl06.24.112.59 kB
4A4_1500.txt06.24.1141 B
4A4_973.bgl06.24.112.79 kB
4A4_973.txt06.24.1140 B
4A4_ADEX_AED.BGL07.26.1111.44 kB
4A4_ADEX_AED_CVX.bgl07.26.111.05 kB
4A4_extra.BGL08.14.115.46 kB
4A4_MngrsHouse.bgl07.26.113.85 kB
4A4_MngrsHouse.txt07.26.1147 B
4A4_outbldgs.bgl07.20.117.66 kB
4A4_outbldgs.txt07.20.1145 B
4A4_para.bgl06.25.1114.89 kB
4A4_para.txt06.25.1141 B
4A4_STOP.bgl06.24.112.59 kB
4A4_STOP.txt06.24.1141 B
4A4beaconhut.bgl07.26.111.16 kB
4A4beaconhut.txt07.26.1145 B
4A4FOB.bgl06.27.1119.50 kB
4A4FOB.txt06.27.1139 B
4A4H1.bgl06.27.1115.15 kB
4A4H1.txt06.27.1138 B
4A4H1A.bgl06.27.1112.10 kB
4A4H1A.txt06.27.1139 B
4A4H2.bgl06.27.1112.10 kB
4A4H2.txt06.27.1138 B
4A4H3.bgl06.14.112.00 kB
4A4H3.txt06.14.1138 B
4A4H4.bgl06.27.117.27 kB
4A4H4.txt06.27.1138 B
4A4H4a.bgl07.26.117.61 kB
4A4H4a.txt07.26.1139 B
4A4H5.bgl06.27.1122.51 kB
4A4H5.txt06.27.1138 B
4A4Sign.bgl06.14.111.84 kB
4A4Sign.txt06.14.1140 B
4A4Summerhouse.bgl06.15.1162.73 kB
4A4Summerhouse.txt06.15.1147 B
4A4Wsock.bgl07.07.111.36 kB
4A4Wsock.txt07.07.1141 B
Cessna Grand Caravan.bgl09.14.11455.57 kB
Cessna Skyhawk 172SP Paint2.bgl09.14.11473.32 kB
Cessna Skyhawk 172SP.bgl09.14.11473.31 kB
Mooney Bravo.bgl08.14.111.34 MB
picnic_table.bgl08.06.084.03 kB
picnic_table.txt08.06.0845 B
Pilatus PC-12.bgl08.14.11802.22 kB
texture09.15.110 B
4A4_1500_00.bmp06.24.11341.40 kB
4A4_973_00.bmp06.24.11341.40 kB
4A4_MngrsHouse_00.bmp07.20.111.33 MB
4A4_MngrsHouse_01.bmp07.20.111.33 MB
4A4_MngrsHouse_02.bmp07.20.111.33 MB
4A4_outbldgs_00.bmp07.20.111.33 MB
4A4_para_00.bmp06.25.111.33 MB
4A4_para_01.bmp06.25.111.33 MB
4A4_para_02.bmp06.25.111.33 MB
4A4_para_03.bmp06.25.111.33 MB
4A4_STOP_00.bmp06.24.11341.40 kB
4A4beaconhut_00.bmp07.15.111.33 MB
4A4FOB_00.bmp06.27.111.33 MB
4A4FOB_01.bmp06.27.111.33 MB
4A4FOB_02.bmp06.27.111.33 MB
4A4FOB_03.bmp06.27.111.33 MB
4A4FOB_04.bmp06.27.111.33 MB
4A4FOB_05.bmp06.27.111.33 MB
4A4FOB_06.bmp06.27.111.33 MB
4A4H1_00.bmp06.27.111.33 MB
4A4H1_01.bmp06.27.11341.40 kB
4A4H1_02.bmp06.27.11341.40 kB
4A4H1_03.bmp06.27.11341.40 kB
4A4H1A_00.bmp06.27.111.33 MB
4A4H2_00.bmp06.27.111.33 MB
4A4H3_00.bmp06.14.111.33 MB
4A4H3_01.bmp06.14.111.33 MB
4A4H4_00.bmp06.27.111.33 MB
4A4H4_01.bmp06.27.111.33 MB
4A4H4_02.bmp06.27.11341.40 kB
4A4H4_03.bmp06.27.11341.40 kB
4A4H4a_00.bmp07.26.111.33 MB
4A4H4a_01.bmp07.26.111.33 MB
4A4H4a_02.bmp07.26.111.33 MB
4A4H5_00.bmp06.27.111.33 MB
4A4H5_01.bmp06.27.111.33 MB
4A4H5_02.bmp06.27.111.33 MB
4A4H5_03.bmp06.27.111.33 MB
4A4H5_04.bmp06.27.111.33 MB
4A4Sign_00.bmp06.14.111.33 MB
4A4Summerhouse_00.bmp06.15.111.33 MB
4A4Summerhouse_01.bmp06.15.11341.40 kB
4A4Summerhouse_02.bmp06.15.11341.40 kB
4A4Wsock_00.bmp07.07.1185.40 kB
Cessna Grand Caravan09.15.110 B
c208b_c.bmp04.09.03682.74 kB
c208b_d.bmp05.02.03682.74 kB
c208b_t.bmp05.02.031.33 MB
damage.bmp07.10.0142.74 kB
decal_c208_208b.bmp04.08.0210.73 kB
Prop_C208B.bmp04.08.0285.40 kB
Cessna Skyhawk 172SP Paint209.15.110 B
c172_c.bmp10.22.02682.74 kB
c172_d.bmp04.08.02682.74 kB
C172_T.bmp04.08.021.33 MB
damage.bmp07.10.0142.74 kB
Prop_C172.bmp04.08.0285.40 kB
Cessna Skyhawk 172SP09.15.110 B
c172_c.bmp10.22.02682.74 kB
c172_d.bmp04.08.02682.74 kB
C172_T.bmp04.08.021.33 MB
damage.bmp07.10.0142.74 kB
Prop_C172.bmp04.08.0285.40 kB
Mooney Bravo09.15.110 B
Mooney_Bravo_C.bmp04.21.03682.74 kB
mooney_bravo_d.bmp05.07.03682.74 kB
mooney_bravo_t.bmp05.07.031.33 MB
mooney_t1.bmp04.18.01170.75 kB
mooney_t2.bmp04.18.01170.75 kB
mooney_t3.bmp04.18.01170.75 kB
Prop_Mooney.bmp01.10.03341.40 kB
prop_spinner_2.bmp04.18.0121.38 kB
picnic_table_00.bmp08.06.08341.40 kB
Pilatus PC-1209.15.110 B
face2.bmp04.04.0385.43 kB
PC12_Fuse.bmp06.29.045.33 MB
PC12_interior.bmp04.04.031.33 MB
pc12_panel.bmp04.21.031.00 MB
PC12_prop_moving.bmp04.03.0365.05 kB
PC12_prop_still.bmp04.08.0365.05 kB
PC12_Stabilizer.bmp04.04.03341.43 kB
PC12_tire.bmp04.03.0385.43 kB
PC12_wing.bmp06.28.041.33 MB
shirt.bmp04.04.0385.43 kB
Cornelius-Moore_map.jpg09.15.11237.92 kB
Cornelius-Moore_ReadMe.txt09.15.111.47 kB
License.txt06.23.11676 B
PreviousUploads.txt09.14.113.78 kB
READ_ME_FIRST.txt09.15.111.43 kB
Windows 7 Read_Me.txt03.17.11816 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Zach Lang-ShieldsMon, 12 Sep 2016 00:55:34 GMT

Very, VERY impressive job on this, at least from what I can see so far in the screenshots. I'm not actively simming right now but will start back up in the near future most likely. But I will download 4A4 when I do. Anyway I can get your email? I live in Georgia as well and have numerous GA airports in my part of the state and would like to make an airport request if you would be so willing.

ClarkSun, 08 Jun 2014 13:12:01 GMT

Haha, I can't believe it. This is where I learned to skydive at. You even got the swoop pond in there. Great job, thanks!

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