FSX Burke Lakefront Airport Scenery

Preview Burke Lakefront Airport (KBKL) OH. This airport was made using Google Sketch Up 8, Airport Facilitator X and Instant Scenery 2. Burke Lakefront Airport is a general aviation airport located next to Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio. Includes custom 3D buildings using Google sketchup for the airport...

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Burke Lakefront Airport (KBKL) OH. This airport was made using Google Sketch Up 8, Airport Facilitator X and Instant Scenery 2. Burke Lakefront Airport is a general aviation airport located next to Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio. Includes custom 3D buildings using Google sketchup for the airport. All the buildings have photo textures to make it closer to real life. Also includes static aircraft on the ramp, airport vehicles and more fuel trucks, added parking and fuel spots. Also includes a parking lot full of cars. If you choose to start off at a DOCK gate, you will start off inside one of the custom hangars. Starting off or taxiing inside of a hangar will cause a crash (unless you have crashes turned off). Also includes a helipad located near the FBO and the aviation high school that is located at the northeast, and boats that are right next to it in the water. There will be more objects at the airport if your scenery complexity is set to normal (such as vehicles, aircraft, and fuel trucks). Tower view is from the roof of the control tower. This was all made based on Google Earth satellite imagery and Bing Maps. There are no night textures for the custom buildings. These will be added in a future version. Please read the readme for instructions on how to install. (The instructions are not the same to how you would normally install. By Tyler Lawrence.

Screenshot of Burke Lakefront Airport Scenery.

Screenshot of Burke Lakefront Airport Scenery.

Screenshot of Burke Lakefront Airport runway 6L.

Screenshot of Burke Lakefront Airport runway 6L.

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Kbkl_TL_FSX02.15.120 B
AFX_KBKL.bgl02.11.1216.71 kB
Burke buildings.bgl02.12.12332 B
Burke.bgl02.12.1213.70 kB
Pictures02.12.120 B
A FBO.jpg02.04.12216.51 kB
Aviation High School.jpg02.04.12279.02 kB
Boats2.jpg02.04.12308.07 kB
Main terminal.jpg02.12.1248.46 kB
main.jpg02.12.12297.39 kB
One of the FBOs.jpg02.04.12195.72 kB
Parking lot.jpg02.04.12281.21 kB
runway 6L.jpg02.04.12208.03 kB
Textures02.12.120 B
burke fbo material_1.dds02.11.12170.79 kB
burke fbo photo_texture101.dds02.11.12170.79 kB
burke fbo photo_texture102.dds02.11.12170.79 kB
burke fbo photo_texture103.dds02.11.12170.79 kB
burke fbo photo_texture106.dds02.11.12170.79 kB
burke fbo photo_texture110.dds02.11.12170.79 kB
burke fbo photo_texture111.dds02.11.12170.79 kB
burke fbo photo_texture112.dds02.11.12170.79 kB
burke fbo photo_texture113.dds02.11.12170.79 kB
burke fbo photo_texture114.dds02.11.12170.79 kB
burke fbo photo_texture12.dds02.11.1210.79 kB
burke fbo photo_texture121.dds02.11.122.78 kB
burke fbo photo_texture122.dds02.11.122.78 kB
burke fbo photo_texture123.dds02.11.121.44 kB
burke fbo photo_texture126.dds02.11.1221.45 kB
burke fbo photo_texture16.dds02.11.1210.79 kB
burke fbo photo_texture17.dds02.11.1210.79 kB
burke fbo photo_texture2.dds02.11.12170.78 kB
burke fbo photo_texture36.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke fbo photo_texture37.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke fbo photo_texture38.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke fbo photo_texture39.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke fbo photo_texture40.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke fbo photo_texture41.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke fbo photo_texture53.dds02.11.1242.78 kB
burke fbo photo_texture54.dds02.11.122.78 kB
burke fbo photo_texture57.dds02.11.122.78 kB
burke fbo photo_texture58.dds02.11.122.78 kB
burke fbo photo_texture60.dds02.11.122.78 kB
burke fbo photo_texture63.dds02.11.122.78 kB
burke fbo photo_texture67.dds02.11.122.78 kB
burke fbo photo_texture70.dds02.11.122.78 kB
burke fbo photo_texture72.dds02.11.122.78 kB
burke fbo photo_texture73.dds02.11.122.78 kB
burke fbo photo_texture96.dds02.11.12170.79 kB
burke fbo photo_texture97.dds02.11.12170.79 kB
burke fbo photo_texture99.dds02.11.12170.79 kB
burke fbo wood_board_cork_.dds02.11.12170.79 kB
burke fbo wood_cherry_original_.dds02.11.12170.79 kB
burke hanger photo_texture17.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke hanger photo_texture18.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke hanger photo_texture19.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke hanger photo_texture22.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke hanger photo_texture23.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke hanger photo_texture24.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke hanger photo_texture25.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke hanger photo_texture26.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke hanger photo_texture27.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke hanger photo_texture28.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke hanger photo_texture28_22.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke hanger photo_texture29.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke hanger photo_texture30.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke hanger photo_texture31.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke hanger photo_texture32.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke hanger photo_texture33.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke hanger photo_texture34.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture37.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture38.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture39.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture40.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture41.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture42.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture43.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture43_10.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture43_11.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture43_12.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture43_13.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture43_14.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture43_15.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture43_16.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture43_17.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture43_18.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture43_19.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture43_20.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture43_21.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture43_5.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture43_9.dds02.11.122.75 kB
burke hanger photo_texture44.dds02.11.121.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture44_0.dds02.11.121.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture44_1.dds02.11.121.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture44_2.dds02.11.121.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture44_3.dds02.11.121.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture46.dds02.11.121.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture46_6.dds02.11.121.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture46_7.dds02.11.121.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture46_8.dds02.11.121.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture47.dds02.11.121.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture48.dds02.11.121.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture49.dds02.11.121.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture52.dds02.11.121.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture53.dds02.11.121.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture54.dds02.11.121.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture55.dds02.11.121.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture56.dds02.11.121.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture57.dds02.11.121.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture58.dds02.11.121.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture59.dds02.11.121.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture63.dds02.11.125.45 kB
burke hanger photo_texture65.dds02.11.12170.79 kB
burke hanger wood__floor_.dds02.11.1285.45 kB
burke hanger wood_board_cork_.dds02.11.12170.79 kB
burke main __cladding_stucco_white_1.dds02.11.1285.45 kB
burke main material_19.dds02.11.1285.45 kB
burke main material_20.dds02.11.1285.45 kB
burke main material_30.dds02.11.1285.45 kB
burke main photo_texture1.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke main photo_texture10.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke main photo_texture100.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture101.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture102.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture103.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture104.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture105.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture106.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture107.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture108.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture109.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture11.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke main photo_texture110.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture111.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture112.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture113.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture114.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture115.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture116.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture117.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture118.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture119.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture12.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke main photo_texture120.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture121.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture122.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture123.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture124.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture125.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture126.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture127.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture128.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture129.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture130.dds02.11.1210.75 kB
burke main photo_texture131.dds02.11.1210.75 kB
burke main photo_texture132.dds02.11.1210.75 kB
burke main photo_texture133.dds02.11.1210.75 kB
burke main photo_texture14.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke main photo_texture15.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke main photo_texture16.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke main photo_texture2.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke main photo_texture20.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke main photo_texture21.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke main photo_texture22.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke main photo_texture23.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke main photo_texture24.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke main photo_texture25.dds02.11.1221.45 kB
burke main photo_texture26.dds02.11.125.45 kB
burke main photo_texture27.dds02.11.1221.45 kB
burke main photo_texture28.dds02.11.125.45 kB
burke main photo_texture29.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke main photo_texture3.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke main photo_texture30.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke main photo_texture32.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke main photo_texture33.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke main photo_texture36.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke main photo_texture4.dds02.11.1210.78 kB
burke main photo_texture45.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture46.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture47.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture48.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture49.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture50.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture51.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture52.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture53.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture54.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture55.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture56.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture57.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture59.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture60.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture61.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture62.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture63.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture64.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture65.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture66.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture67.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture68.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture69.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture70.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture71.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture72.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture73.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture74.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture75.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture78.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture79.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture8.dds02.11.1221.44 kB
burke main photo_texture80.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture81.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture82.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture83.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture84.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture85.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture86.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture87.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture88.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture89.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture9.dds02.11.1221.44 kB
burke main photo_texture90.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture91.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture92.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture93.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture94.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture95.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture96.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture97.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture98.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke main photo_texture99.dds02.11.125.44 kB
burke old _color_000_.dds02.12.12170.78 kB
burke old carpet_plush_forest_.dds02.12.12170.79 kB
burke old materia_11.dds02.12.1285.45 kB
burke old materia_5.dds02.12.1285.45 kB
burke old photo_texture14.dds02.12.125.45 kB
burke old photo_texture15.dds02.12.125.45 kB
burke old photo_texture16.dds02.12.125.45 kB
burke old photo_texture17.dds02.12.125.45 kB
burke old photo_texture20.dds02.12.125.45 kB
burke old photo_texture21.dds02.12.125.45 kB
burke old photo_texture21_1.dds02.12.125.45 kB
burke old photo_texture21_2.dds02.12.125.45 kB
burke old photo_texture21_5.dds02.12.125.45 kB
burke old photo_texture25.dds02.12.125.45 kB
burke old photo_texture40.dds02.12.125.45 kB
burke old photo_texture46.dds02.12.1242.75 kB
burke old photo_texture47.dds02.12.1242.75 kB
burke old photo_texture48.dds02.12.121.44 kB
burke old photo_texture5.dds02.12.1221.44 kB
burke old photo_texture6.dds02.12.1221.44 kB
burke old photo_texture68.dds02.12.1242.78 kB
burke old photo_texture69.dds02.12.1242.78 kB
burke old photo_texture7.dds02.12.1210.78 kB
burke old photo_texture70.dds02.12.1242.78 kB
burke old photo_texture71.dds02.12.1242.78 kB
burke old photo_texture72.dds02.12.1242.78 kB
burke old photo_texture73.dds02.12.1242.78 kB
burke old photo_texture74.dds02.12.1242.78 kB
burke old photo_texture75.dds02.12.1242.78 kB
burke old photo_texture76.dds02.12.1242.78 kB
burke old photo_texture77.dds02.12.1242.78 kB
burke old photo_texture78.dds02.12.125.44 kB
burke old photo_texture79.dds02.12.125.44 kB
burke old photo_texture7_3.dds02.12.12384 B
burke old photo_texture8.dds02.12.1210.78 kB
burke old photo_texture80.dds02.12.1210.75 kB
burke old photo_texture81.dds02.12.1210.75 kB
burke old photo_texture82.dds02.12.1210.75 kB
burke old photo_texture82_4.dds02.12.1210.75 kB
burke old photo_texture83.dds02.12.1210.75 kB
burke small cladding_siding_white_.dds02.12.1242.79 kB
burke small metal_corrogated_shiny_.dds02.12.1242.79 kB
burke small metal_rough_.dds02.12.1242.79 kB
burke small metal_seamed_.dds02.12.1242.79 kB
burke small photo_texture11.dds02.12.1221.44 kB
burke small photo_texture15.dds02.12.1210.78 kB
burke small photo_texture16.dds02.12.1210.78 kB
burke small photo_texture17.dds02.12.1210.78 kB
burke small photo_texture18.dds02.12.1210.78 kB
burke small photo_texture21.dds02.12.1221.44 kB
burke small photo_texture22.dds02.12.1210.78 kB
burke small photo_texture23.dds02.12.1210.78 kB
burke small photo_texture24.dds02.12.1210.78 kB
burke small photo_texture25.dds02.12.1221.45 kB
burke small photo_texture26.dds02.12.1242.79 kB
burke small photo_texture27.dds02.12.1242.79 kB
burke small photo_texture28.dds02.12.1242.79 kB
burke small photo_texture29.dds02.12.1242.79 kB
burke small photo_texture30.dds02.12.1242.79 kB
burke small photo_texture4.dds02.12.1210.78 kB
burke small wood_cherry_original_.dds02.12.12170.79 kB
Equipment blinds_cellular_white_.dds02.12.12170.79 kB
Equipment blinds_weave_.dds02.12.12170.79 kB
Equipment blinds_wood_bamboo_.dds02.12.12170.79 kB
Equipment blinds_wood_white_.dds02.12.1242.75 kB
Equipment brick_rough_dark_.dds02.12.1221.45 kB
Equipment cladding_stucco_white_.dds02.12.1285.45 kB
Equipment concrete_aggregate_smoke_.dds02.12.12170.79 kB
Equipment easphalt_new_.dds02.12.12170.79 kB
Equipment Equipment s_roman_hobbled_blue_.dds02.12.1285.45 kB
Equipment metal_brass_ceiling_.dds02.12.12170.79 kB
Equipment metal_corrogated_shiny_.dds02.12.1242.79 kB
Equipment metal_rusted_.dds02.12.12170.79 kB
Equipment oncrete_block_layers_.dds02.12.1285.45 kB
Equipment quipment ncrete_scored_jointless_.dds02.12.12170.79 kB
Equipment roofing_metal_standing_seam_red_.dds02.12.1242.79 kB
Equipment sketchy_siding_straight_.dds02.12.1242.79 kB
Equipment stone_brushed_khaki_.dds02.12.12170.79 kB
Equipment wood_osb_.dds02.12.1242.79 kB
material_3.dds02.11.12170.79 kB
tyler's burke objects2.bgl02.12.122.27 MB
Do not click on this.txt02.12.12418 B
Readme first!.rtf02.17.1222.83 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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