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FSX Douglas C-47 Skytrain Exterior Base Pack

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Douglas C-47 Skytrain Exterior Base Pack 1.0. Two original C47 Skytrain exterior models using the flight dynamics and VC of the default FSX DC-3. By Manfred Jahn. (See also C47_INTERIOR.ZIP).

Screenshot of Douglas C-47 15619 in flight.

Screenshot of Douglas C-47 15619 in flight.

Included in this FSX package is a World War II model with H aerials and a post-war model with beacon lights and curtains. The models have been set up to use the flight dynamics and VC of the default FSX DC-3. There are two textures, one representing a camouflage RAF Dakota (painted by "Squirrel") and one representing a white/polished-metal VC-47. Custom animations by Hansjoerg Naegele, models by Manfred Jahn.


(1) Extract the zip to a temporary folder or open it in Windows Explorer.

(2) Copy the folder "Douglas C-47" to your "Flight Simulator XSimobjectsAirplanes" folder.

In the aircraft selection menu the two variants will show up under "Douglas C-47 Skytrain".


(1) With engines off and parking brake set, the port passenger/freight door can be opened and closed by pressing Shift-E. The second freight door opens on pressing Shift-E-2 (that is, press Shift-E, release keys, then press 2 briefly). Steps appear on Shift-E-3.

(2) The post-war model (C47_2) comes with two beacon lights which have to be activated in the [lights] section of the aircraft.cfg for them to work. For owners of A2A Shockwave lights, suggested settings have been included.

(3) Cowl flaps open in intervals on pressing Shift-Ctrl-V and close on Shift-Ctrl-C (these are default keys). Generally speaking, open cowls when the engines need cooling and close them when not. This is for appearance' sake only, the settings have no effect on flight dynamics or engine temperature in the current setup.

(4) Another reminder, landing lights swivel up/down on pressing Shift-Ctrl-Num8/Num2 respectively (default keys).


I want to thank the members of Tom Gibson's Calclassic forum for many suggestions and pointers. Special thanks go to Volker Boehme, Stefan Werner, Piston Paul and Nikko for detailed pictorial materials, to Al for advice on SDK matters, to Rob Cappers for FSX texture tips, to Hansjoerg Naegele for custom XML code, and to "Squirrel" for research and texture testing during the development phase.

Screenshot of Douglas C-47 KK138 in flight.

Screenshot of Douglas C-47 KK138 in flight.



Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6Screenshot 7

The archive has 81 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
C47Basepack02.25.110 B
C47_15619.jpg02.21.11110.91 kB
C47_both.gif02.25.118.28 kB
C47_both.jpg02.25.11207.27 kB
C47_KK138.jpg02.24.11376.80 kB
Douglas_C-4702.24.110 B
aircraft.cfg02.25.1126.81 kB
c47_both.jpg02.24.11231.63 kB
Douglas_DC3.air09.04.066.27 kB
douglas_dc3_check.htm07.27.0683.15 kB
douglas_dc3_ref.htm07.12.067.54 kB
file_id.diz02.24.11171 B
model.C47_102.24.110 B
C47_1.mdl02.24.119.24 MB
Douglas_DC3_Interior.mdl11.19.07467.52 kB
model.cfg02.24.1155 B
model.C47_202.24.110 B
C47_2.mdl02.24.119.29 MB
Douglas_DC3_Interior.mdl11.19.07467.52 kB
model.cfg02.24.1155 B
panel02.24.110 B
DC3_background.bmp05.12.06769.05 kB
DC3_background_night.bmp05.12.06769.05 kB
Douglas_DC3.cab12.10.072.51 MB
panel.cfg02.24.117.28 kB
Panel_Decals_DC3_1.bmp05.12.06257.05 kB
Panel_Decals_DC3_2.bmp05.12.06257.05 kB
readme.txt02.25.113.01 kB
sound02.24.110 B
sound.cfg12.22.1037 B
soundai02.24.110 B
soundai.cfg12.22.1037 B
texture02.24.110 B
Douglas_DC3_1_C.dds09.04.06682.79 kB
Douglas_DC3_1_night_C.dds09.04.06682.79 kB
Douglas_DC3_1_T.dds09.04.061.33 MB
Douglas_DC3_1_t_bump.dds09.04.061.00 MB
Douglas_DC3_1_t_spec.dds09.04.061.33 MB
Douglas_DC3_2_C.dds09.04.06170.79 kB
Douglas_DC3_2_night_C.dds09.04.06170.79 kB
Douglas_DC3_2_T.dds09.04.06341.45 kB
Douglas_DC3_3_C.dds09.04.0642.79 kB
Douglas_DC3_3_night_C.dds09.04.0642.79 kB
Douglas_DC3_4_C.dds09.04.06170.79 kB
Douglas_DC3_4_night_C.dds09.04.06170.79 kB
Douglas_DC3_reflection.dds09.04.06170.79 kB
fresnel_ramp.dds09.04.06640 B
Prop_DC3.dds09.04.06341.46 kB
texture.cfg08.14.06137 B
thumbnail.jpg08.13.066.06 kB
texture.RAF_KK13802.25.110 B
C47_1_T.dds02.20.114.00 MB
c47_1_T_bump.dds02.19.114.00 MB
C47_1_T_SPEC.dds02.04.114.00 MB
C47_2_T.dds02.23.114.00 MB
c47_2_T_bump.dds02.19.114.00 MB
C47_2_T_SPEC.dds02.24.114.00 MB
C47_3_T.dds01.31.118.12 kB
C47_pilot.dds01.12.11128.12 kB
fresnel_ramp.dds01.12.11640 B
PROPDISK1.dds02.20.11256.12 kB
texture.cfg01.12.11137 B
thumbnail.jpg02.24.1123.86 kB
texture.USAF_1561902.25.110 B
c47_1_T.dds02.24.114.00 MB
c47_1_T_bump.dds02.19.114.00 MB
c47_1_T_Spec.dds02.24.114.00 MB
c47_2_T.dds02.24.114.00 MB
c47_2_T_bump.dds02.19.114.00 MB
c47_2_T_Spec.dds02.24.114.00 MB
C47_3_T.dds01.31.118.12 kB
C47_pilot.dds12.07.10128.12 kB
fresnel_ramp.dds09.04.06640 B
propdisk1.dds01.07.111.00 MB
texture.cfg02.14.11133 B
thumbnail.jpg02.25.1116.48 kB
file_id.diz02.24.11171 B
readme.doc02.25.1138.50 kB
readme.txt02.25.113.01 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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