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Announcing VACP

Last updated Sat, 31 Mar 2012 11:42:19 GMT
Originally posted on Wed, 05 Jul 2006 16:00:00 GMT

Announcing VACP, Virtual Airline Control Panel, a system of control of a virtual airline and for virtual pilots. For details, click on Read More.

Do you want to create your own virtual airline? Welcome to VACP!

What is VACP?

This is the first SYSTEM OF CONTROL of a virtual airline and for virtual pilots, designed and ready to be used. During many years, the enthusiast ones that wished to initiate a virtual airline, had to buy services of Web hosting to be able to lodge the page Web, to develop their own systems to control the registered pilots, the flight hours of each one, the time tables, etc., all this had very high costs and in addition a quote to annual renovation of the services, in the end, the virtual airline finished and the abandonment of the original idea.

Additionally, the virtual pilots lost the accumulated hours in these airlines, because with the retirement on watch of these, disappeared the accumulated data and the possibility of continuing accumulating, thus was single or with another virtual airline. For these reasons, VACP (Virtual Airline Control Panel) offers for the virtual pilots gratuitous access and to the virtual airlines by a low cost (without quotes of renovation) a totally automatic and developed system easy to use, that it allows the administrator of the airline to control all the processes and in addition to delegate collaborator with defined functions, with independent password and user.

Control your virtual airline from one complete and professional administrative console, divided in the 4 areas in which any company is divided. Each area acts with specific functions and if you assign a defined job to your collaborators, they will be able to exert the functions of the specific area. Additionally, you will be able to compete with the other airlines registered in VACP being used all the financial, commercial and administrative strategies like any other company.

This competition is made by means of percentage factors and positive or negative points that it obtains in situations like: Offices of sales in cities where you have routes, aerial security, right tariffs, fulfillment of itineraries, service attack, investment in publicity, etc.

If you are a virtual pilot...

What better option for a virtual pilot who to have the own data, the registries of flight, licenses and certifications of aircrafts, to enter and to retire of a virtual airline and to fulfill private flights with his own airplanes from a single place?

VACP free offers to all the virtual pilots of the world to have their own console of data to administer all their registries in easy and safe form. This nonsingle console allows storing registries of flight hours, but that in addition, it concentrates in a single place the room of pilots, briefing and notams of each airline in which the pilot is flying, inclusively if he wishes to fly like private pilot in his own airplanes.

This facilitates the operation of the pilot in any airline of the world, because the process will be the same one without mattering if he flies for a local airline or an international. In addition, all the instructions will always find them in their language and within his own console, which facilitates the fulfilment of his flights and the understanding on the procedures that must fulfil.

The pilot will be able to find the material of instruction of the airline with which he is flying and whenever he changes of airline, there is a different material. For the first time, the pilots can AUTO-PROGRAM THEMSELVES to fly, is to say that he will inform to the airline that days and hours will be able to make flights and maximum time that he will have available to fulfil the flights that are assigned to him.

The airline can't assign flights to him if the pilot program previously for one does not date specific and in addition informs whichever hours can fly. This option will allow him to program himself to fulfil his flights without disadvantages. Inclusively, if for some reason he could not fulfil the flight then, the pilot can reprogram the flight and fulfil it to the hour that really can do it.

Join us now, for virtual pilots is FREE and for virtual airlines free demonstration for 8 days.

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