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SkyDecks Boeing 737-NG Update

Posted on Sun, 29 Oct 2006 20:00:00 GMT
SkyDecks Panel Design has announced the release of v3.1 of their Boeing 737-NG Panel series for FS2004. A number of improvements are included such as GPWS corrected, autoland parameters adjusted and more. For details, click on Read More.SkyDecks Panel Design is pleased to announce the release of version 3.1, of our popular Boeing 737-NG Panel series! This SkyDecks Panel Design product is developed for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, and incorporates enhanced 3D bitmaps and gauges, to recreate how it might feel to take the controls of this magnificent airliner.


  • GPWS corrected for "glideslope" and "terrain" playback upon deviated glideslope landings.
  • Auto land parameters adjusted for more consistent landings.
  • Aircraft lighting controls to keep previous settings between aircrafts.
  • Intersections now displayed within the Nav Display. They are turned off at startup.
  • Full, cold and dark startup by simply turning the engines off with default cessna before starting.
  • Click spots corrected within the engine control knobs.
  • Fuel flow red line increased to 12500 LBS Per Hour.
  • New .html checks and references for the MSFS Knee Board. See FS9AircraftSkyDecks.

Previous features included for version 3.1 of this panel build:

  • 2 Display Unit styles, both Full and Compact are available at startup. Select the one you want to match the specifications of the virtual airline you fly for.
  • In Full mode, the Display Unit control moves selected display unit to other positions.
  • Selectable speed reference bugs within the Primary Flight Display unit, with audible callouts for V-1, Rotate, V-Ref, and Delta-Ref, as well as gear retraction callouts.
  • Full GPWS system and altitude descent callouts to aid in precision landings.
  • Simulated N1 speed control is now available with setting visible within the EIS.
  • 15 Position Dimmable panel LED Display Units, Autopilot and Radio Stack Windows to reduce eye strain in long, night-time flying conditions.
  • Adjustable panel lighting Rheostats to control both panel and flood lighting brightness, to customize your lighting environments.
  • Fully functional overhead panel, with APU, Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Electrical systems.
  • Simulated Fuel panel. Select any or all tanks, and a working fuel cross-feed switch.
  • Simulated Pneumatics panel. Bleed air simulation for air-conditioning, engine starts and anti ice valves. Startup procedures are realistic.
  • Simulated Electrical System with transfer buses 1or 2 selectable, ground power function, APU power, Master Battery and Auxiliary Power available.
  • New Autopilot MCP logic with correct IAS/Mach and Vertical Speed readings. Readings for IAS-Mach change over at M.60 or FL-260. V/S window is blanked out at level flight.
  • Auto-Landing feature. Will guide your aircraft to a smooth landing. ILS/DME required.
  • New Pilot and Flight Attendant recordings to help you feel more at home in the cockpit.
  • Working windshield wipers and controls help to make flying in the rain more realistic.
  • New design of flight yoke that works in unison to the flight control stick or Autopilot.
  • Pilot "reflections" within the display units may be toggled on or off.
  • Each display unit may be undocked and maximized by clicking the unit's lower-left button.

Some additional features are:

  • Carefully detailed 3-D bitmaps and positioning of pop-up windows.
  • Fuel weight gauges that also display visual levels as well as numerical levels.
  • HUD integrated into the main panel view, patterned after the real thing.
  • All gauges carefully illuminated with "back-lit" text for easier night-time viewing.
  • Six interior cockpit directional views, with six alternate passenger wing views.

...and much more!

Founded in February of 2004, SkyDecks Panel Design was one of the first flight simulation software companies to offer stand alone panel products for MSFS enthusiasts to install into aircrafts' of their choosing. Because of this unique marketing method, one can choose which third party add-on aircraft to enjoy using their panel with.

SkyDecks panels are designed to be as replacements for the "out of the box" default panels included within the Microsoft Flight Simulator series. Many third-party aircraft developers use the default MSFS panels as the basis for their panel systems. You now have a professional choice for your Boeing 737 aircraft folder. A choice that is visually realistic and has many features to keep you busy in the cockpit, without the need for an extensive knowledge of real-world aircraft systems.

We're certain the SkyDecks "Boeing 737-NG Panel, v3.1" will become one of your favorites among your panel add-ons. For more information and to view detailed screen shots within our image gallery, please visit our web site at

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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