TweakFPS Released For FSX

Now available for FSX is TweakFPS, a utility that helps find and control the right balance between speed and quality when running FSX on current computer hardware. For details, click on Read More.

FS utility developer TweakFS has released a completely revamped version of its popular scenery profile manager - TweakFPS - designed exclusively for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The new TweakFPS utility has stepped in just at the right time when many are struggling to find the right balance between speed and quality while running FSX on current computer hardware.

TweakFPS is an FSX.Cfg editor/manager that allows you to set up and apply 8 different scenery profiles to suit the kind of flying you plan to do (VFR/IFR), or to create profiles to meet different FSX.Cfg setting requirements as recommended by some scenery developers. It can also help you to find that "sweet spot" or right combination of settings that runs FSX best on your particular system.

Some of the features include:

  • Select from 8 different scenery modes with one click
  • Comes with 7 pre-defined default custom modes
  • All custom scenery modes are completely editable
  • One-click roll-back function for customized modes
  • One-click backup and restore function for FSX.Cfg
  • All variables have a tooltip with range information
  • Manual FSX.Cfg editor, never go searching again
  • Interface has a FSX look and feel

Released by the ever helpful TweakFS, you can rely on their products and services to help make your entire experience within FSX far more enjoyable. They have released products such as TweakAircraft and TweakFlight recently, too, which are hugely popular with the masses for their ability to make even the most simplistic of features far more accessible than ever before.

They even sell bundle packages these days that give you access to all of their products for a smaller price than you would pay for them all individually, as well as having access to 30-day demos that you can try out for free.

This lets you see just how much they can help you improve your gameplay performance and experience, giving you more options than ever before for controlling the situation and having quality aircraft control that you can actually really feel like you have mastered.

Screenshot from TweakFPS

For many of us flight simulators can be too rough around the edges to play for the long-term but when it comes to these packages, they can help smooth out those issues and make the entire experience feel far more professional and streamlined than it once would have without his assistance.

You can now easily switch between various features just by downloading their alternate software – the help with things like TweakFPS is the fact that it can be totally customized to fit your own needs. Whether it’s using the simple wizard that comes with it to make the changes to the scenery around you quickly and easily, or you want to make totally customized changes to the program code (takes experience and knowledge, of course) you will be able to notice an almost total difference to the overall quality of the gameplay that you are experiencing in the long-term through FSX.

It helps to make FSX such a better simulator for people, especially those with lesser machines that lack the graphical and processing quality of some of the more common names out there. If you want to totally have control over the series that allows you to make it easier than ever to look after your flight simulator and ensure that your flight goes exactly as it was supposed to, then you should consider starting with this amazing little mod.

The flight simulation world has to be one of the most commonly modified and upgraded by the community, and these changes to the actual coding and style of the simulator itself can be the catalyst many of us need to get the performance that we were looking for.

It makes such an incredible difference to the long-term safety and quality of your flying and for anyone who is going to be involved in the future professionally with aircraft can find a really powerful amount of different features, tips and guides that they can put in place right away to start improving their own flight capabilities in the long-term. If you want to make sure that you are flying at the best level that you can, you should consider using TweakFPS to reduce the pressure on your PC as you go and give you higher, more consistent performance.

You may also find this product helpful or even our own article on improving FPS on FSX for free.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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