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ATC-SIM News Jun 2007

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Originally posted on Fri, 08 Jun 2007 19:52:52 GMT

ATC-Sim is a web based ATC simulator.  No special software is required to play it.  It has recently been expanded with take-off procedure changes and other features.  Click on Read More for the full story.

ATC-SIM is a web-based air traffic control simulator. No plug-ins or additional software are required to play. It has now been expanded and improved with the following features:



Previously, departing aircraft would be ready for flight immediately upon receiving the "T" command. Now, however, they will need some time to turn from the taxiway to the runway, turn on their transponder, etc., so please allow for a few seconds of delay.

Further, a new "H" (hold) command has been implemented to instruct departing planes to hold at the end of the runway and await further commands. Accordingly, you can now issue a "T" command to one aircraft, and once it begins rolling, you can have a second aircraft hold behind it, thus eliminating any delay for the second aircraft.

Note that it's not necessary to issue the "H" command before a "T" command; "H" exists only for your convenience in busy situations.

A word of caution: Be aware that arrivals can and will collide with aircraft holding at the end of the runway. When an arrival gets within three miles of the threshold, the Flight Data "blip" of both planes will turn red and you will be penalized. In an emergency situation, you can instruct the aircraft on the ground to "A" (abort) and vacate the runway immediately, or else, of course, you can order the arriving aircraft to go around (also "A").



You can now force a plane to turn left or right. Whereas before, aircraft would turn in the most efficient manner to reach their destination, you can now say:

AAL1047 C 040 R


and the aircraft will turn right/left (clockwise/counter-clockwise), regardless of the location of the beacon/fix or the compass direction.

Of course, the L/R suffix can always be omitted and the aircraft will turn as they did before.



New airports include:


  • Milwaukee Gen. Mitchell (MKE)
  • Baltimore/Washington Intl. (BWI)
  • New York La Guardia (LGA)

Visit the web site: here.

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