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Carenado Mooney 201 M20J for FSX on sale now

Last updated Thu, 28 Jan 2016 15:01:09 GMT
Originally posted on Sat, 04 Apr 2009 01:10:18 GMT

This aircraft has been developed only for FSX using all the new features FSX allows as external shadows on VC, dynamic shadows, normal mapping, especular mapping and bloom lights. The package contains the best textures ever created by Carenado (internal and external).

By taking all of the new additions and features within Microsoft Flight Simulator X that have been mentioned above, the Carenado Mooney 201 M20J adds on a whole new lease of life to your own flight experience.

Screenshot of Mooney 201 for FSX

With the help of this brilliantly charismatic little aircraft, you can make it much easier to get used to some of the more charming designs out there on the market. The modding community for FSX create long-term solutions to those who want to fly different forms of aircraft at their most realistic, including the Carenado.

No detail has been left out, as everything has been included to make the aircraft fly just like its real-life counterpart. From the actual attributes and stats of the aircraft to the way that it moves and operates in the air, you can feel like you are actually flying a real-life Carenado. The interior design has been realistically represented, taking inspiration from various forms of research and learning over the years to build the most realistic shell for the aircraft possible. Small animations have been included from the animated gauges in the cockpit to the rotors spinning on the front of the plane to give it that real bespoke feel that can be so hard to come across.

This package is fit for FSX only, because it uses many FSX-only features including new shader styles and an updates graphical engine, as well as introducing new features that previously weren’t available on Flight Simulator 2004. It’s got all the little additions included that you would hope to see on a recreation of the Carenado, like the tricycle landing gear and the cowl flaps that all stay true to the real thing, giving you a truly memorable flying experience in FSX.

For those who want to improve their flight knowledge and capacity, this is the one for you. Not only will the new levels of detail and effects compared to vanilla FSX aircraft throw you and make it a little more mesmerizing to begin with, the new features that are specific only to this aircraft can bump up the learning curve ever so slightly.

When you include in the new features with the cosmetic improvements and additions that have been made - not least to mention the dynamic shining effects, navigation lights and animated windows and doors – you get one of the most authentic packages around that really takes into account every last feature, regardless of how minimal, to really complete the package.

One of the most important aspects of flying an aircraft in a simulator is that you can easily tell what you are doing, and that it fits closely with the real thing. Well, the designers of this package have certainly done just that, creating a realistic impression of one of the most beloved civilian aircraft. It’s fast, spontaneous and pretty easy to get to grips with but it also provides you with an almost unparalleled amount of control. 

Click here to view screenshots and to purchase.

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