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T-Rex 250 RC Helicopter free download for PRE-Flight

Last updated Tue, 06 Oct 2015 14:35:24 GMT
Originally posted on Sat, 14 Nov 2009 05:49:34 GMT

T-RexThe popular T-Rex 250 is now part of the T-Rex Edition for a total of five helicopters.  The T-Rex 250 is a micro-sized electric helicopter, with the usual high quality found in the Align brand. Flying weight is about 330 grams with a main rotor diameter of 460mm.

This fantastic recreation of the T-Rex 250 RC helicopter is something that you likely have not really put much time into the past, but it’s something that you will likely love spending time messing around with in the future! This will give you total control of the 250 RC aircraft, as part of a collection of five different helicopters. Each model that is provided has its own little quirks and efforts and this alone makes this package more than worth having. For a bit of unique magic that is hard to match most of the time, just click here!

T-Rex in PRE-Flight sim

In this package, you’ll get a whole host of excellent features that includes the likes of;

  • Special training scenery that looks great and will give you the perfect place to go and get yourself into the best shape moving forward in terms of the style of flight you’ll undertake with this

  • A flying guide to help you get to grips with each model of the T-Rex so that you can fly this RC style with a bit of ease in comparison to the massive problems that lots of people tend to have when they try and fly something like this

  • 120-calculations-per-second physics engine that ensures you’ll get the help that you need to keep it all running perfectly clear and simply. It’s simple and effective, making it very responsive to what you ask and to what is going on around it at all times

  • The 3D sound effects included sound amazing, giving you a massive impression of just how an RC should sound when being controlled!

  • Capable of being used in an online format with up to 32-player capabilities, which is the largest you will ever find in any simulator! For messing around or for having some races together, this is the perfect choice to go with for a bit of extra fun and games

  • The models can be controlled easily by using a USB pad, so if you have one fitted and ready to go you can  use this to control the RC and get the most purchase you can

  • 3D texturing included on each of the models that are inside, with real-life designs and styling caught perfectly. Shadow and highlighting also blend together in the most effective sense, to make sure that the whole thing is as effective as it possibly can be, giving you the ultimate response possible

  • These texture and model features are all put together to come together with the fantastic range of features offered in terms of performance. Everything is balance out and modernized to ensure that, regardless of what you intend to do next, you can get the quality of performance that you wanted

The PRE-Flight T-Rex 250 model is highly accurate in looks and feel and is user customizable.

For details, please visit PRE-Flight RC Flight Simulator at:

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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