Ultimate Alaska X For FSX Released

In February 2010, Flight One Software, in cooperation with Scenery Solutions, announced a new type of product for FSX - Ultimate Alaska X.

Ultimate Alaska X provides a new era of scenery design that simulation pilots can explore and experience in Flight Simulator X.

As one of the world's most unique scenic locations, Alaska is an exceptional place for flight simulators to enjoy the beauty of VFR flight. Ultimate Alaska X offers the most comprehensive and detailed rendering of Alaska to date. It offers a ground-up redesign of almost every scenery aspect in Alaska, with more accuracy and detail. The product includes more accurate roads, water, railroads, urban modelling, detailed glaciers, repositioned airports, and much more.

Screenshot of Ultimate Alaska X: Fairbanks.

Screenshot of Ultimate Alaska X: Fairbanks.

Ultimate X shares the same features with the popular Ultimate Terrain X product line:

  • Accurate and detailed railroads and roads
  • "Light Point" night lighting in large urban areas
  • Exceptionally accurate water bodies, rivers, coastlines and shorelines
  • Bridge objects over water features as well as moving traffic for all main highways and roads

What makes Ultimate Terrain X unique is the fact that it is the first product to take advantage of a new technology designed by Scenery Solutions, which renders complete urban areas as accurate as possible, without land class.

In FSX, urban areas are usually displayed using generic landclass textures and autogen. Landclass is considered to be efficient and capable of doing a reasonably good job of showing urban areas from higher altitudes. However, although city scenery boundaries can be shown well with landclass, the objects within those boundaries are placed at random, hence compromising the accuracy.

Rather than using landclass, Ultimate Alaska X displays houses that follow the accurate roads that are provided with this product, with each house oriented towards the nearest road. Other buildings and objects in the software are placed in their real-world locations.

In the software, many buildings are of the same size and shape as their real-world counterparts. All this means that Ultimate Alaska X offers more detail and accuracy, which is essential in enhancing the simulation experience for the user.

This new technology has been used to model more than 200 scenery areas in Alaska, including almost every village, city, town, and seaport in Alaska.

Video of Ultimate Alaska X

Below is the official trailer video for Ultimata Alaska X by Flight1.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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loicFri, 15 Mar 2013 08:13:38 GMT

Hi Ian,

I'm French - please what music song of this video Alaska X Thanks

Ian StephensThu, 18 Apr 2013 04:36:57 GMT

Hi Ioic,

I'm not sure what song is playing in the background of this video, but lots of people are asking about it. The video was created by Cody from Jaggyroad Films - he would know but I'm not sure how you can contact him.

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