California: San Francisco Bay Photoreal Scenery Released for FSX/P3D by Vero-FS

As a provider of high-end content for FSX and P3D simulation software, SimShack prides itself on offering only the best add-ons for the best flight simulation games out there at the moment. This is why we are delighted to announce the introduction of the Vero-FS Heart of California: San Francisco Bay Scenery pack for FSX and P3D. This pack provides you with an authentic representation of the familiar sights of San Francisco below you.

Screenshot using the Vero-FS photoreal California Bay scenery package in FSX

This pack from Vero-FS brings photo-realistic textures and graphics into your copy of FSX or P3D and is absolutely packed with detail. Utilizing the very highest potential capacity from the engines of FSX and P3D, the San Fransico Bay Scenery Pack brings you a fresh and invigorating take on one of the most outstanding cities in the world. Whether you’ve ever flown over San Francisco Bay before in real-life or not, you’ll get to take in over 22,700 square miles and enjoy every single inch of it.

Where can you get to?

The San Francisco Scenery Pack provides you with the ability to fly all the way from Point Arena in Mendocino County to Monterey Bay! You can also go as far as Placerville, El Dorado in the north and Firebaugh, Fresno County to the east. You get as much of the San Francisco Bay area as the simulator can realistically handle, giving you an immense level of detail and precision in the design of the world below you.

How was the San Francisco Bay Scenery Pack designed?

Taking on such a wealth and size of land is never easy for any developer. However, the textures that create the map are made up of thousands of individual photographs taken from above at 1mt/pixel. With a detailed and thorough geometric correction added to every single image to blend the picture below down together perfectly, this looks as if it’s been designed from the ground up.

With a huge amount of time taken to optimize every single image below you to maximize the realistic lighting that you would expect to see below you, wherever you are flying, the 98% realism factor aimed for by the developers has been achieved. You also get a night/day cycle to make sure that the city totally changes its style and look depending on whether you take to the skies at night or during the day.

The detail and precision in the design of the San Francisco Bay Scenery Pack means that you can get as close to the ground as you realistically should be able to without distorting the look or effect of this fantastic city below you. The main airports in the Bay Area have all been provided with a greater resolution, to make sure that take-off and landing has an even more detailed design than anywhere else.

Additionally, the watermasks that have been used in the San Francisco Bay Scenery Pack ensures that the textures feel as realistic as possible in the water. With rolling waves, water splashes and other logical effects added the water looks as realistic as it possibly could with the engine that is being used. The main lakes and rivers within the city have been fully covered, too, so that they tie in perfectly with the water as they side.

What Airports Have Been Included?

With more than 40 airports to pick from, you can take an incredible amount of different flight paths into the San Francisco Bay area. You can come in and witness historical architecture like the Golden Gate Bridge or Alcatraz prison up close and personally, with all landmarks like this receiving an incredible amount of attention in the design process. Some of the main airports that have been upgraded to ensure that they look at their very best are;

  • San Jose
  • Napa
  • San Francisco
  • San Carlos
  • Oakland

All of these designs have the right look and feel about them to ensure that they reach the same texture levels and quality of design possible. Airports in general have received a lot of fine-tuning in the package, with new runways and buildings added in to give them more life and excitement about the place.

What Other Features Have Been Added?

The use of Autogen makes it far easier for the game to create a realistic representation of one of the most famous cities in the entire world so effortlessly. The entire scenery area has been annotated, making sure that the game produces the best features for you to fly over and marvel at. The autogen that was used around all of the main airports and airfields have been improved dramatically to provide an authentic representation of what they would look like in real life.

30cm/pixel textures for all main airports have been included, too. This helps really up the level of quality within the main airports to make sure that your entire time spent using the scenery is done so in the finest, most concentrated detail possible.

Are There Any Exclusive Features?

Vero-FS provides a wide range of unique features that can help improve your simulation experience even further. These features can help make your experience with any Vero-FS Scenery Packs even better than the simulation experience can be traditionally. Additions like color-corrected ground textures and a more intensive autogen system is included in each page. The sliders, when set to maximum in the settings, create a genuinely realistic autogen experience that creates a far greater output than you find with other scenery packs. If you feel that the world can be a little bare at times when you are up in the air, then using Vero-FS scenery packs can help you do just that.

Where can I buy the San Francisco Bay Scenery Pack?

You can download the San Francisco Bay Scenery Pack HERE at SimShack.

There are regular updates released on the VERO website, too, which you can visit to make sure that your package is as up-to-date as it possibly can be. These updates help improve the experience even further.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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LeifurSun, 24 May 2015 15:38:32 GMT

I like the Vero-FS SF photoreal scenery except for the fact that the Yerba Buena & Treasure Islands in the middle of the Bay Bridge are missing! ... ,(the Megasceneryearth version has it), and the fact that both of these paid sceneries and FSX default have placed at least two landmarks way off the mark! Sutro Tower is placed on Mt Davidson south of Twin Peaks instead of North on Mt Sutro! And Mission Dolores churches are placed 8 blocks away up in hills facing the wrong way. Goofy stuff & annoying!

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