AeroG UV-4 V/STOL UAV Aircraft Released for FSX & P3D

Over the years, one of the most enjoyable and lasting aspects of flight simulation has been getting to enjoy the realism. Realism is obviously a key part of this entire process, as simulations are creating mirrors of reality.

One part that has always been a minor disappointment in simulation, though, has been the variety of aircraft available. While modders and developers go the extra mile to fill in the blanks left by developers, some additions take time. This latest AeroG addition, though, fills in a big missing part of the aviation industry – UAV aircraft.

UAV in flight.
UAV in flight.

With this, you now get to enjoy using a properly unmanned aircraft. Designed to transport cargo using remote pilot operation or auto-pilot movements, this piece of kit is hugely respected. However, it’s never been tackled too much in flight simulation until now. This take on the model allows users to enjoy something different. If you are sick of the classic flying experience and want to engage with something a little different, try this.

It’s been designed with an interior cargo bay included, helping the interior to still remain busy and authentic. It’s also been developed to convey payloads at any time and any place, regardless of conditions.

This is supposed to be the next step for aviation – super-reliable, automated aviation. While some might not like the idea of losing the human interaction side of aviation, this is definitely something worth trying out.

By offering a new way to enjoy aviation from a perspective that many people will never have even attempted before, the UV-4 UAV offers something totally different. This mod is fully compatible with FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and P3D v3.

If you are using any of these simulators, you can enjoy this. Be sure to try it out to see what remote-access aviation can feel like!

The Model

One of the most impressive parts of this creation has been the attention to realism on the model itself. Model reality and quality is always a very important part of any mod, and this makes that importance shine through – and then some!

This makes it easy for users to appreciate the full power of the duct-fan rotor craft. Using multiple electrical motors to fly this piece of kit, you can get a full appreciation for its unique configuration. For anyone who is a fan of the mechanical side of aviation, this can be a marvel to experience!

On the ground.
On the ground.

Since this follows the authentic specs, the model does the same. It uses the same air frames and power plant configurations to ensure it’s as efficient and as reliable as it can be. Making the most of the lift features of the system itself, this provides a quiet and easily propelled option that can carry items afar – just like it’s real-world counterpart.

Thanks to the cool ducting systems included on the model, this allows for easy thrust vectoring and pressure channeling. In terms of flight style, this model flies almost completely different to anything that you might have been used to until now. It’s a fair chunk different to your typical aircraft, requiring a re-jigging of your flight techniques to control this with eloquence and ease.

It makes use of a smart design, using a low-speed T-Tail to house yaw controls. Multiple rudders can be found on the vertical stabilizer, with elevators included on the horizontal stabilizers. These collections and additions are without a doubt the perfect way to buy into the way this system controls itself.

The developers have gone the extra mile in making sure that this is extra fun to fly in operation!

A Unique Experience

The changes that have been put into place here all come to the fore when it comes to appreciating this models performance. With a cargo bay that can house a whopping four-thousand pounds of payloads, this can reach a maximum take-off weight of 12,500 pounds. That should give you an indication of the mule-like nature of this piece of kit.

Despite lacking the operational control and completion of a manned aircraft, it’s very easy to control even with such a large payload attached. In terms of performance, then, this can feel pretty unique to most traditional aircraft ventures!

Over water.
Over water.

Also, the electrical systems that this flies – a fine concoction of batteries, generators and motors – offer exceptional performance control. With 500HP each, this provides a maximum of 1000HP to make sure that this can buzz through the skies with the minimal of fuss.

Cut a shape into the sky with supreme ease, making use of the electrical charge that powers this automated aircraft. This works by powering up the propellers to spin to the needed RPM to maximum performance levels. This also allows for long-term change and improvement to the system, with the aim of generating electrical charges for the propellers inside the duct to create a self-sustaining aircraft that flies with unerring accuracy and efficiency.

For the moment, though, this creation by Kris Pyatt and Rob Gomez is the infest take on the UAV industry on the market. They have done a fine job of capturing its quirks and its unique skills, while making sure it flies true to the specs provided.

With an accurate job that is compatible with the three primarily used simulators, you can enjoy a comprehensive flight experience by downloading and installing this model.

To get full freedom of the skies without yourself in the cockpit, this is the perfect learning experience on the market!

View the product page over at SimShack.

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