FS2Crew Updates PMDG 777 Edition To v3.1

Do you currently use FS2Crew? Then you should look to pick up the new update they have released for the PMDG 777. Version 3.1 is a new and comprehensive update over version 3, helping to add some extra padding to improve the overall product offering. If you are using FS2Crew 777 then you should almost certainly look to make the most of this new update.

If you aren’t using it then you are missing out on some bug fixes and additions that can further its importance. Also, please be aware that Version 3.1 comes as only part of the main, major installation system. Therefore, you will have to log into your full FS2Crew account and re-download the main installation program once again.

FS2CREW PMDG 777 artwork

Simply check under “Completed Orders” and you can find the order history for your purchase. There, you can get the downloader that you need. If you purchased from a third-party vendor, then simply re-download the version 3.1 main installer from them instead.

Unlike other mods, though, this does NOT require a full removal of the old edition that you used. Simply install this on top of the version that you use and it will update and improve all the files needed to ensure that FS2Crew 777 can run perfectly.

What’s New in v3.1?

So, what’s been changed in this latest edition of the mod?

The developers have taken the old logo light and ensured it stays switched off, for one. Many pilots had complained that the light would turn itself back on, even after being shut using FO. This tended to happen when hitting 10,000ft so this can be a nice touch to change that. If this a problem that bothered you in v3 or previous, then be sure to give this a try.

Also, the Hard or Soft Mute changes have been implemented. People used to find that the green bar would fully vanish upon them, making it harder to know when sound had been detected. If you found this to be an irritant, then v3.1 will look to correct that irritant right away.

Plus, crashing with Decision Altitude set over 10,000ft has been eliminated during Approach Brief playback. This annoying problem used to plague certain airports such as Bogota. That’s now thankfully been changed, making it much easier for you to manage an engaging and effective aviation experience.

VIDEO: Official FS2Crew PMDG 777 Trailer

The Cabin PA has been changed. Now, the Cabin PA that is associated with showing films has been removed. This is because just about all airlines will make use of IFEs to help make the aviation experience as sweet as possible. This add-on looks to add this simple feature, modernizing the whole experience.

Another minor adjustment comes from the change that occurs during the After Landing Flow. The FO is no longer set to carry flaps to 20 during any typical cold weather procedures. Instead, you can now leave these in the original position, thanks to the FCOM.

Also, this mod looks to improve performance by cleaning up coding and ensuring there is better balance throughout the whole program. This is very important for reducing bugs and getting rid of frustrations. With lots of minor and effective adjustments made across the board, v3.1 offers a telling and effective solution for crew updates.

By building upon the changes and improvements that v3 put into place, this helps to further solidify the experience that you can get from installing this mod. If you are someone who uses the original PMDG 777 mod, then you should install this add-on.

This works by improving many minor problems that people had found frustrating in the past, you can maximize your overall enjoyment in the skies.

Using PMDG 777

The mod itself offers an effective and easy way to help manage the way that you would fly the aircraft normally. In the past, the cockpit and cabin all felt a little generic, not befitting of such an important aircraft.

With this mod, and v3.1, you can enjoy a much simpler method of aviation. Now you can make a genuine attempt at what it’s like commanding a flight with a full crew behind you. That added interaction and realism adds an extra, enjoyable challenge.

Many people use the PMDG 777 to help seeing how managing such a challenging aircraft can be made possible. With the help of your crew, you can make sure that you have access to easy and effective Captain and Pilot flying perspectives. With this, you can easily interact with a simulation that allows microphone usage alongside joystick and keyboard commands.

A refreshing take on the realistic challenges that a pilot will likely face, PMDG 777 offers just what you need.

We also have many free PMDG 777 repaints over in the file library, like this one here.


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