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Flight Sim World Community Update 3 Goes Live

Last updated Sun, 08 Jul 2018 18:58:41 GMT
Originally posted on Fri, 23 Jun 2017 20:12:50 GMT

So far, Flight Sim World from Dovetail Games has been keeping up impressively with the latest and greatest releases. As one of the latest releases, Community Update 3 answers a lot of queries the public had made about FSW so far. 

This latest release makes some pretty important changes, albeit many of them might not seem so important at first. For users who have been using FSW since the start of Early Access, though, you should notice a nice change already.

Screenshot from FSW.
Screenshot from FSW.

If you have tried out CU3, what did you think? If not, here’s roughly what kind of changes you can expect to have seen from the latest update:

Mission Accepted

One of the major changes with CU3 has been the introduction of Steam Workshop mission availability. Steam Workshop is one of the major features of the platform and allows easy upload of user-made content and mods. For FSW, this is going to be quite vast in size and scale, and it’s likely to include missions. Now, you can stick missions up on the workshop and let other players engage and enjoy the experience.

If you have come up with any missions, then think about uploading them. Even if have no intention of releasing anything yourself, be sure to check out what users are uploading. There’s already some pretty awesome challenges out there to take on if you are up for it. Try out some custom made levels and leave some feedback for fellow simulation fans!

Flight Planner menus.
Flight Planner menus.

Improvements and Changes

Generally, though, the Community Updates will be looking to fight fires and improve the overall engine in general. One of the major improvements comes from the change to the way that the engine manages lighting. It was a criticism from some corners, although still massively improved over the likes of FSX. Still, Dovetail said they would work on new changes and this is a big one.

They have made a pretty stellar revision to the light-scattering models. These now add a more opulent and realistic look to the way that lighting operates, moving it closer to the perfection we’d be hoping for.

Also, terrain lighting has been fully re-balanced. This means that areas of extreme brightness have been dulled, making sure it all feels more realistic. This stops the segregation effect that was appearing across the place when looking at FSW from the first release and updates.

With that in mind, some basic localization fixes have been added in so far, making a nice take to show how far the simulator has stretched. While still very much in the phases of early development, this has been an impressive and worthwhile change that is already making quite the difference to most simulation fans.

Already, fan feedback has been pretty positive on the official Dovetail Games forum topic. While some fans were disappointed not to see, for example, improvements to multi-monitor difficulties in CU3, it’s safe to say enough has improved to impress the majority.

It’s likely that we’ll see another patch in the next week or two, so make sure you keep invested in the topic. There’s sure to be a lot more changes coming along, as this is only the beginning. It’s safe to say that FSW has a fair bit more to go on its journey! 

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