Genova Complete v2 Scenery for X-Plane 11 Released

As one of the most popular cities in Italy, Genova is a place of true beauty and class. However, it’s always been rather poorly represented in simulators despite that immense popularity. Thankfully, you can correct this oversight with the help of BC Sceneries’ latest update for Genova. With the LIMJ Cristoforo Colombo Airport included, too, this manages to capture both city and transit point.

Given the met area of Genova takes in close to 1.5m people, this is a major hub for Italian culture and transport. Now, it looks much more like the bustling city that it is, creating a much more realistic take. From the stunning Genova Harbour to the old port where Cristopher Columbus began his expedition, this add-on takes in a huge amount of local detail and recreates it as closely as possible.

Screenshot showing the airport and terminal buildings.
Screenshot showing the airport and terminal buildings.

The rest of the scenery package – a whopping 30 square km – delivers a truly impressive image. The industrial areas are complete with the mass of buildings as seen in real life, and the docks are loaded with equipment, containers, trucks, cars and more. It helps to turn Genova from an apparent ghost-town to something far more detailed and authentic.

For all X-Plane 11 users, this add-on is a must-have if you are from Genova or like to frequent this important Italian landmark.

Users should find it easy to fall in love with this take on the airport and city. While you might be used to flying over Milan, Turin, and Florence, this adds yet another must-see city in X-Plane for you. The attentiveness in the design and the overall landmark improvements ensures the airport looks far more like its real self.

VIDEO: Preview Video released by BC Sceneries

Key Changes and Features

With so much potential within X-Plane 11 (you can read our review here), this offers something far more impressive than you’ve seen before. It helps to really tap into the simulators power, offering a reconstructive take on a very important part of Italian life and culture.

It helps to bring together parts of the city and airport that previously felt listless and lifeless. It adds detail and information into parts of the airport where once none existed. New texture techniques are used to help liven it up overall, and with thousands of new objects, it looks distinctively like Genova.

If you are from here or enjoy taking a flight to visit, it can feel like a complete transformation.

Jetways and aircraft terminal.
​Jetways and aircraft terminal.

In version 2, then, you can get used to:

  • A complete adjustment of the city itself. Thousands of new objects are included to help add far more life than ever before.
  • This is enhanced by new texturing to help take the attention to detail to a more modern level.
  • Small details like reflective windows on skyscrapers are included for that extra attention to detail.
  • Day and night renders allow the airport to feel like two different venues depending on arrival/departure times.
  • The LIMJ International has been revamped, too, with key buildings and architecture transformed.
  • Photographic night environments help the city of Genova illuminate from underneath, making flights easier.
  • 30m/pixel textures are used to help make sure every part of city and airport looks much more detailed, in accordance with present software capabilities.
  • The world down below feels more alive; from parked aircraft to moving vehicles around the airport, everything looks much more alive than beforehand.
  • Not sure what to do? Then turn to the various forms of LIMJ documentation included, alongside a parking map of the airport for easy navigation.

BC Sceneries does not yet have a website but hopefully you'll be able to see it on our store, SimShack, shortly. In the meantime, check out our X-Plane 11 scenery section in the downloads library here - all files are freeware and are free to download and use.

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