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3D ScreenShots Gallery from PRE-Flight RC Sim

Last updated Fri, 10 Aug 2012 15:47:22 GMT
Originally posted on Sat, 27 Dec 2003 13:49:28 GMT
PRE-Flight freeware RC Flight Simulator is pleased to announce the opening of the new 3D ScreenShots Gallery.  Instead of the old, boring, flat pictures, have a look at this gallery of realistic 3D screenshots using the "cross-eyed" method or "cross-viewing". The effect is quite startling (mind the rotor blade) as objects seem to leap out of the screen. No special hardware required.  For more information, Click on Read More.

If you are looking for some scintillating 3D pictures of flights that are guaranteed to blow your mind, check out the new 3D ScreenShots Gallery from PRE-Flight freeware RC Flight Simulator.

The gallery consists of pictures in a special format that requires cross-eyed viewing. And no special software or equipments are required to see these awesome pictures in its complete glory. It is quite easy to see the 3D pictures. Just sit at a normal distance, look at the picture and slowly cross your eyes. And just adjust the focus as soon as the middle two images overlap. Whoa. Did that plane just jump out of the screen? It is just the power of 3D viewing at its best! And no need for those annoying glasses over your nose to view the pictures.

The detailed graphics and awesome actions depicted make it the best viewing experience ever. If you are an ardent fan of flight simulation, this gallery is the perfect place for you. The images are so vivid and realistic; you almost believe it is an actual flight that you are looking at. It is clearly your dream-come-true. Be it your favorite planes, helicopters, blades or walkera or trex, we have it all.

The flights and control panels, the intricate designs, the cockpits – everything is beautifully etched in the 3D images. This is an almost precise rendering of all of your favorite flights. It is guaranteed to make you rethink about all those boring and flat 2D pictures. Why go for 2D when there is 3D? The 3D ScreenShots Gallery from PRE-Flight freeware RC Flight Simulator is regularly updated with newer images. And the thrill you obtain on seeing your favorite plane in its flight is indescribable. So come and let your fantasies take flight with all the striking 3D images from the 3D ScreenShots Gallery!

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Note: PRE-Flight RC Flight Simulator is freeware and downloadable from the above site.




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