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LIDF Fano - Pesaro, Italy VFR

This file is a downloadable add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. It may not work on more recent versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator. It is an accurate recreation of Fano Airport (ICAO Airport Code LIDF), 1 kilometer southeast of Fano, 10 kilometers northwest of Mondolfo, Presaro and Urbano province, in the Marche region of Italy (coordinates 43°49′25.62″N 013°01′32.09″E). It is a small public general aviation airport with no commercial airline...

File size: 1.14 MB | Download hits: 997

Monterey Peninsula Fix

This is the missing AFCAD2 file that should have been included in the Monterey Peninsula scenery (

File size: 517.99 KB | Download hits: 859

Tokyo Wan Aqua-Line (Trans-Tokyo Bay Highway v 3.0)

This scenery adds the Tokyo Wan Aqua-Line to Japan scenery of FS2004. This scenery contains trans-highway ground portion, Kisarazu Man-made Island and Kawasaki Man-made Island. These are the huge structures which float on the Tokyo bay in Japan. This scenery has a quite long visibility with using LVR (Long Visual Range Tool ). You can see the faraway objects without a decline of the frame rate. Designed by all polygons....

File size: 3.53 MB | Download hits: 1731

California Central Coast

This is a complete and revised version of CCCOAST4.ZIP that was released on 12/27/03. It has been tweaked to improve compatibility with 38.2m LOD10 mesh terrain. Justin Tyme's FSGenesis US Westcoast 38.2m mesh terrain, now freeware, was used to adjust and test this scenery. Harbor areas and general night lighting etc. were also improved....

File size: 6.87 MB | Download hits: 3831

King County International Airport (Boeing Field - KBFI), Seattle, Washington

King County International Airport is located 5 miles south of downtown Seattle and has the distinction of being the Boeing Company's final test site for the 737, 757, and 777 aircraft. Commercial flights are available from Boeing Field through San Juan Airlines (C208Bs) and Helijet (B1900Ds to Vancouver) as well as from charter airlines such as Miami Air....

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Alcan Smelter Dock, British Columbia, Canada

Kitimat is located approximately 35 miles south of Terrace BC at the head of the Douglas Channel. The Alcan smelter here is one of the towns biggest employers, and is certainly an impressive site. This scenery was created from a single Alcan publicity aerial photo so some artistic license was used....

File size: 3.52 MB | Download hits: 1615

Queensland Coastal Revamp

Revamped coast, towns, islands, rivers & roads for the coastal strip of Queensland from the Burdekin River just south of Townsville to meet up with the Cairns scenery near Babinda in North Queensland. ...

File size: 487.06 KB | Download hits: 927

UK Landclass for Southern England

Realistic, pleasing and recognisable ground scenery over Hampshire and neighbouring counties in southern England, Europe. Towns, the New Forest and other landmarks are there. Created using EZ-Landclass by Russel Dirks. No extra files are needed. No effect upon frame rates....

File size: 803.98 KB | Download hits: 3503

Quintero, Chile

Quintero is a small city of the 5th Region of Chile. It's located 30 miles north from Valparaiso. Quintero has a population of 16 thousand, but receives many tourists in the beachs during the summer. Also in this city there is an airbase of the Chilean Air Force. This scenery includes the Quintero airbase, the city and surroundings. It has elevated mesh terrain....

File size: 2.32 MB | Download hits: 610

FS2002/FS2004 QBS 04, Québec Bush Scenery, Saint-Michel-des-Saints

Saint-Michel-des-Saints is situated in the Laurentian mountains in Québec. This is about where the Québec Bush region begins. Other bush scenery will be added shortly....

File size: 4.32 MB | Download hits: 831

Nantucket Memorial Airport

KACK, where all the rich fly to for the weekends. Scenery includes the terminal, GA building, Firehouse, hangar and perimeter fence. KACK uses the Cape Cod style natural gray shingle siding, white fencing, and curbs on the streetside....

File size: 1.72 MB | Download hits: 1611

Sármellék „Bengal” AFB

This is Sármellék „Bengal” AFB, located west of the lake Balaton. It was the base of the Soviet 5. „Berlin Guards” Fighter Regiment, equipped with 49 MiG-29C in 1990, when they left Hungary. Since 1991, it is an open international, public airport....

File size: 1.68 MB | Download hits: 555

Kecskemét „Titán” AFB

This is Kecskemét „Titán” AFB, located further southeast of Budapest. It is the base of the Hungarian 59. „Szetgyörgyi Dezsö” Fighter Regiment, equipped with MiG-29 (soon to be replaced by JAS-39 Gripens) and L-39....

File size: 2.12 MB | Download hits: 698


This is Fertoszentmiklós, located south of the Ferto Lake. It is open since 1997, as an international, public airport....

File size: 1.03 MB | Download hits: 384

Debrecen „Gorshet” AFB

This is Debrecen „Gorshet” AFB, located further east of the Tisza Lake. It was the base of the Soviet 88. „Krakkow Guards” Fighter-Bomber Regiment, equipped with 44 MiG-27D in 1990, when they left Hungary. Since 1991, it is open as an international, public airport....

File size: 1.74 MB | Download hits: 589

Scenery Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

This is an update of Chris Gilberts' excellent FS2002 version of KCVG. Package includes jetway macros by Shehryar Ansari and a modified AFCAD2 file for use in FS2004. Update by Gary D. Jones....

File size: 7.48 MB | Download hits: 2702

EDXO / St Peter-Ording, North Germany / Schleswig-Holstein

Another small airfield by the westcoast of the holiday-land Here is my favourite beach: a nearly 8 km long sandbank (at low water-tide)...

File size: 1.95 MB | Download hits: 1449

Scenery for Wismar (EDCW)

Update of my former version of Wismar. A detailed scenery of the airfield of Wismar Mecklenburg/Germany at the Baltic....

File size: 2.43 MB | Download hits: 593

Tocumen Intl Airport (MPTO), Panama City

Version 4.0 for FS2004. Copa Airlines flies from this airport to other countries in America. This scenery includes runways, taxiways, detailed buildings with night textures, control tower, detailed gates, vehicles and includes AFCAD2 file...

File size: 548.77 KB | Download hits: 2497

Michigan Military Airports

Scenery and AFCAD2 files for the four open military and joint use airports in Michigan (MI). Includes Selfridge ANGB (KMTC), Battle Creek ANGB (KBTL), Alpena CRTC (KAPN), and Grayling AAF (KGOV). Requires NOVA Gold Textures 1 (

File size: 3.92 MB | Download hits: 1110

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