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FS2004 Scenery

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Larnaca Int'l Airport LCLK

FS2004 Larnaca Int'l Airport (LCLK), Cyprus. By Antonis Antoniou and Marios Anastasiou. ...

File size: 763.81 KB | Download hits: 2466


This scenery is meant as an enhancement to the already detailed photo-realistic Sydney scenery provided by Microsoft in this version of their Simulator. THIS SCENERY FEATURES North Sydney Buildings Chatswood buildings, TV Antena's, Fort Denision Harbour traffic, including ferry boats and other water traffic, Stadium Australia (Now Telstra Stadium) Sydney Football Stadium (Now Aussie Stadium.) Gladesville Bridge, Iron Cove Bridge. In addition two heliports have been added, one at the...

File size: 1.38 MB | Download hits: 2364

CanarySim Project Canarias 2006

FS2004 Project Canarias 2006. The result of several months of non-stop work and a lot of effort to develop the best Canary Islands photorealistic scenery available. Includes La Palma, El Hierro, La Gomera, Tenerife and Gran Canaria with an unprecedented level of realism. Provides custom mesh of 19m, high definition textures maps for all islands, full autogen coverage and night texture set with typical orange color present at the Canarias major cities. By CanarySim.   ...

File size: 239.27 MB | Download hits: 8959

Penzance Heliport

FS2004 Scenery/ Penzance Heliport EGHK, Created using Airport 3.00 and FSDS, included are custom Terminal Building, Hanger and fuel tank. Also a Landclass file for Cornwall. Author Paul Roberts. ...

File size: 306.84 KB | Download hits: 314

CVN-65 Carrier Off Puerto Rico

FS2004 CVN-65 Off Puerto Rico. An officially-sanctioned freeware demo. It includes the full USS Enterprise model, a full texture set for the ship and one location near Puerto Rico with a "hard surface" to land on. The full release version available from AlphaSim has ten locations worldwide, plus all carriers come with multiple "deck set-ups" which include A-6, F-14, and S-3 "static" aircraft. The full package also includes AI flights and AFCADS using the three provided AI aircraft types. By...

File size: 9.71 MB | Download hits: 2689

NOVA Textures Release 3

NOVA Textures Release 3. This file contains some textures used to design control taxiing aids for scenery design, such as docking systems, odometers, approach progress bars and marshaller. This file replaces all the textures used in the NOVATXT2.ZIP file. By Rafael Garcia Sanchez. ...

File size: 170.39 KB | Download hits: 2099

NOVA Gold Textures

NOVA Gold Textures Release 1. This file contains a selection of 24 photorealistic textures with night effects of some common objects used in scenery design, as hangars, finger gates and terminals. By Rafael Garcia Sanchez. ...

File size: 1.24 MB | Download hits: 2025

McCarran International (KLAS)

FS2004 McCarran International Airport (KLAS), Las Vegas, Nevada (NV). This scenery is a complete rework of Las Vegas McCarran Airport with fully customized AFCAD. By Jaxan Prier and Jose Gutierrez, Mach-1 Design Group. ...

File size: 1.39 MB | Download hits: 3372

Realitypack 1.2 Original Version

FS2004 Realitypack 1.2 Original Version Part 1. This is a re-release of the Realitypack 1.2 photoreal freeware texture package for FS2004, as it has become a victim of the Avsim crash. The package replaces many textures and parts of it are still popular, although other parts are a bit dated. Please make sure to read the instructions and make a backup as described. This part has grass, cliff and forest textures - among others - which are still recommended. The realeurope textures were...

File size: 33.34 MB | Download hits: 1710

Orlando International Airport (KMCO)

FS2004 Orlando International Airport 2008 (KMCO), Florida (FL). By Jaxan Prier and Jose Gutierrez / Mach-1 Design Group. ...

File size: 2.37 MB | Download hits: 4713

Vancouver International Airport

FS2004 Vancouver International Airport - Final Version4.2 is the final version of this large airport, and incorporates files;;;; Runways coincide with the default to allow VATSIM fliers to use scenery. Most buildings are portrayed in essentially correct layout. (CYVR3.1 for FS2002 won FlightSim Developerís Award in March 2003, and had over 11,000 downloads). By P Nigel Grant, Vancouver. ...

File size: 7.19 MB | Download hits: 2908

Republic of Mauritius

This is a complete remake of the island of Mauritius and Rodrigues including mesh, landclass and coasts. There is also a gmax designed international airport "Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam" at Paisance....

File size: 4.61 MB | Download hits: 1025

Kennedy Int'l Airport (KJFK)

FS2004 Kennedy Int'l Airport (KJFK), New York (NY), v4. An update to the default JFK airport. It contains the new American Airlines terminal and roadways through the center of the airport. The new terminal for JetBlue has been added. Also included are refinements to all the other terminals with realistic jetway positioning and more usable gates. Terminal 4 was completely rebuilt from scratch so as to appear as it does today. All terminals have accurate parking assignments per the Port Athority...

File size: 5.04 MB | Download hits: 3814

Columbia River Gorge and Cascade Volcanoes

FS2004 Columbia River Gorge And Volcanoes. Complete replacement of the default landscape of the Columbia River Gorge and adjacent areas of Washington (WA) and Oregon (OR), N45.2-46.4 W120.9-122.4. Includes accurate placement of lakes, rivers, roads and railroads, plus high-res mesh and a new landclass file. Also the volcanic blast area of Mt. St. Helens and ski areas of Mt. Hood. By Holger Sandmann. ...

File size: 18.74 MB | Download hits: 1053

Edmonton International

FS2004 Edmonton International Airport (CYEG), Alberta, Canada, v2. Created with EZ-Scenery and based on aerial and ground photos. The main terminal and cargo area buildings were all replaced. The aprons were modified to be more accurate and the smaller cargo area taxiway was added. All the usual goodies are included. By Sidney Schwartz. ...

File size: 2.49 MB | Download hits: 1215

San Diego VFR

FS2004 San Diego VFR Scenery. Adds 134 scenery objects to the San Diego area, including the USS Midway, Petco Park, the round hangars on North Island NAS, ships and boats in the bay and lots more.Programmed in XML, this scenery is very framerate friendly....

File size: 94.91 KB | Download hits: 1042

Brisbane Airport Jetways

FS2004 Brisbane Airport. A Rwy12 project to add jetways and some pushback tugs and a few other ground vehicles to the basic Brisbane airport scenery. This project is aimed at lower-end system users to add a little something to the pretty bare stock scenery without hitting your FPS too hard. By Tony Arnold....

File size: 1.96 MB | Download hits: 404

Changi International Airport

FS2004 Changi International Airport Singapore. Changi International Airport is built in 1975 spanning an area of 1,300 hectares; Singapore Changi Airport is located at the eastern tip of Singapore, some 20 kilometres from the city centre. By Arjuna Chiththananda. ...

File size: 511.06 KB | Download hits: 1788

Old Kai Tak Airport (post WWII)

FS2004 Old Kai Tak Airport (post WWII), Hong Kong. The original Civil Kaitak Airport was created from the Japanese airfield constructed during WWII. Difficult and dangerous at best, eventually the decision was made to build a completely new runway on landfill out into the water. By Alex Nicolson....

File size: 2.5 MB | Download hits: 482

Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport 1998

As most know initiating the ILS/LDA/IGS at certain airports for AI Traffic is not a function at this time when using AFCAD2. If you add a ILS to the runway such as VHHX (13/31) only the user aircraft can use this runway when visibility falls below 3 miles. ATC will no longer use this runway for AI Traffic because FS9 sees it as a visual runway. Additional Scenery Buildings, Jetways and new Terminals (as per older Jeppesen Charts) added. AFCAD also included with the IGS13 approach for the User...

File size: 5.63 MB | Download hits: 1936

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