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Redcliffe YRED & Caboolture YCAB, Australia

Includes Pin Rivers scenry by Mal Lloyd THese are my latest versions of these two great little General Aviation airports for FS9 (FS2004) Redcliffe is the next biggest general aviation airport in the Brisbane region after Archerfield.This version is a fairly close representation of the real thing which is the home of 2 flying schools. Many ga and also sport aircraft are hangered here. Watch out for the swamp at either end of the runway.... quite a few aircraft over the years have landed there...

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Chicago Fantasy

These are fantasy objects for Meigs field in Chicago. There is a T-Rex at the end of the runway (his name is Ogelthorpe), a pier with covered parking for boats or float planes and two large hangers for crazy bi-plane pilots to barnstorm thru upside down....

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FS2004, Lihue Airport, Island of Kauai, Hawaii

PHLI This scenery completely redoes the original right down to the last palm tree. It includes an all new terminal which is highly detailed, and now includes the entire airport. With a cargo area, hangar area, and airport office buildings. The default FS tower has been left in due to its nice rotating beacon on top which is something new in FS2004, but it has been incorporated into the scenery with the office buildings at it's base. The front of the airport has an all new parking lot complete...

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Scenery:le Raizet: TFFR

International Airport, Island of Guadeloupe French Caribbean. Use the complexity in FS2004 if the FPS is lower on your PC,because this scenery is very complexe and require a fast PC to fly with all details! By: Christian Delblond....

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FS2004/ 2002 Duxford Stratic F-15 Display

This scenery adds the F-15 outside the American Hangar to Duxford Air Museum, UK. By Thomas Moger...

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FS2004, Los Angeles International Airport..KLAX

This is my first complete new scenery for FS2004, and it enhances the entry and inside of the default FS LAX. It has all new pylons at the entry to the airport, which now light up in color synchronization with the tower and restaurant structure at the airports center, just like the real light show at this airport. The LAX sign as you enter the airport is also included here. The palm trees throughout the airport are now more politically correct for the Southern California area, and what you...

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