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FS2004 Scenery

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Hong Kong Kai Tak 1963

This is Kai Tak airport as it was in 1963. Kowloon Bay has yet to be filled in, and the runway is only 8405 ft long. Includes mesh files by Holger Sandmann and charts of the era scanned by Chic Eather. Navaids backdated to the early 60's, except the IGS for runway 13 is included although not actually installed until 1974. Curving approach lights will help you find the runway. Chek Lap Kok airport has been removed. The IGS and other approaches created by Jim Vile. The AI aircraft will follow the...

File size: 5.74 MB | Download hits: 668

London City Airport

London City Airport is a small airport located right inbetween Royal Albert dock and King George V dock. Mainly used for small flights, london city airpot is mainly used by BAE's and Folkers, the A318 may soon join the group. ...

File size: 7.11 MB | Download hits: 820

EGLC London City Airport

FS2004 London City Airport (EGLC), UK. Designed using AFCAD2 and Rwy12, based on photos. By Frederik Mohrmann. ...

File size: 571.37 KB | Download hits: 1808

Seattle-Tacoma Scenery Upgrade

FS2004 Seattle-Tacoma (KSEA) building textures upgrade, Washington (WA). This package upgrades the default textures for KSEA utilizing textures created from actual building photos taken at KSEA. By FS Flightline....

File size: 37.52 KB | Download hits: 4710

Dallas/Fort Worth Int'l Texas

FS2004 Dallas/Fort Worth Int'l Airport (KDFW), Texas (TX), v3. An extensive upgrade to the default airport, including the new Terminal D. By William Morgan (Frame-Rate-Friendly Studio). ...

File size: 8.56 MB | Download hits: 2994

Real Stars for FS2002 and FS2004

This patch comprises all stars visible for the naked eye for use in FS2002 and FS2004, taken from the Bright Star Catalogue, 4th Edition, by Wayne H. Warren Jr., May 1982 (BSC4). The original catalogue is freely available from the internet....

File size: 143.81 KB | Download hits: 1489

Diego Garcia (FJDG)

Diego Garcia and it's strategically located 12,000ft runway have been a crucial part of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom by supporting B-52, B-1, and B-2 operations. Using such programs as RWY12, Airport for Windows, and Ground2k4, I have transformed the default scenery into a more realistic representation of the base as it is today. I have also included some simple flight plans to add some life to the base. Requires RWY12 and Nova Gold Textures 1 ( ...

File size: 727 KB | Download hits: 797

Red Bull Air Race 2005 Rotterdam

Red Bull Air Race 2005. A Gmax scenery of the Red Bull Air Race 2005 world series, June 12, 2005, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Includes Erasmus bridge. By Olivier Graeven. ...

File size: 204.75 KB | Download hits: 463

Red Bull Air Race Budapest

Red Bull Air Race Budapest 2007, Hungary. Scenery of the Red Bull race track. Suggested for use with Lago's Budapest scenery. By Tibor Kokai and Istvan Jankovics. ...

File size: 3.4 MB | Download hits: 1064

St-Maarten Princess Juliana Int'l

Princess Juliana is the scenery of the International Airport of St-Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles. Version 1.2 I have adding an ILS on the Runway 9, because a lot of people written to me about this option, the frequency is 110.10 Mhz, but in the reality Juliana airport is not equiped with this instrument. Adding the weather station,cars on the airport parking,extended the hill near Maho hôtel and adding the Juliana helibase. ...

File size: 4.81 MB | Download hits: 12847

Male International Airport

FS2004 Male International Airport. Male is the capital city of the Republic of Maldives. Which is a country located in the Indian Ocean to the West of Sri Lanka and to the South of India. This country is made up of hundreds of small islands. This is a famous tourist destination in Asia. Airport of Male is also an island (which is artificially expanded to make it suitable for the airport.) which is at Northeast of the capital city Male (island). By Arjuna Chiththananda. ...

File size: 5.72 MB | Download hits: 1772

Airport Environment Upgrade 7

Airport Environment Upgrade 7.0 (AEU7) will greatly enhance the Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2004 default airports throughout the world. Airport runway, taxiway, and tarmac surfaces, airport buildings, and airport lighting have all been upgraded. Special reflective windows and seasonal runway effects are included. ...

File size: 8.44 MB | Download hits: 11495

Doha International Airport

Doha International Airport (OTBD), Qatar. Based on current charts of the airport. By Frederic Revol....

File size: 546.05 KB | Download hits: 1537

Eaglesoft FBO & Hangar Scenery Kit

This is a freeware scenery installation kit that will allow you to place the Eaglesoft FBO Office & Hanger anywhere in the world, and as often as you have patience for! The hanger door is animated and will open/close by dialing 112.00 on the NAV2 radio! You may also easily customize the signs with your own "company name" if you wish. ...

File size: 6.66 MB | Download hits: 896

Boston Logan Int'l Airport

Boston's Logan International Airport is the nation's nineteenth busiest airport and the world's thirty-fifth busiest airport based on passenger volume, serving 22 778 495 passengers in 2003. New England's largest transportation center, the airport boundary encompasses approximately 2,400 acres in East Boston, Massachusetts. Logan ranks nineteenth in the nation and forty-third in the world in cargo, handling over 364,000 metric tones of high value cargo and mail annually, ranks twenty-third...

File size: 30.88 MB | Download hits: 2975

Bremen Germany Version 3.0 (EDDW)

High detailed and realistic Scenery of the airport in Bremen (Germany). Totally new form of dynamic Scenery with wind sensitiv aircafts, passenger gates, catering and fueltrucks and follow-me cars. The dynamic objects are full animated and also service the user aircaft....

File size: 4.96 MB | Download hits: 1456

McCarran/Alamo Airport 1942

In 1942 Goerge Crockett established Alamo Airport (now known as McCarran Airport). After 6 years of Alamo, Clark County purchased the airfield and established the Clark Cty. Public Airfield and on December 20, 1948 McCarran Airport was named after U.S. Senator Patrick McCarran. So in honor of the airport's birth I made this 1962 McCarran Airport from the map. Created By: -Jose Gutierrez....

File size: 297.78 KB | Download hits: 242

CVN65 DEMO Puerto Rico Carrier

A few words on the demo of the carrier. In effect, this demo is just a piece of scenery. It includes the full USS Enterprise Model, a full texture set for the Ship, and one location near Puerto Rico with a "hard surface" to land on. The Full release version (payware) available from AlphaSim has 10 Locations worldwide, plus all carriers come with multiple "Deck Set-ups" which include A-6, F-14, and S-3 "static" aircraft.....the full package also includes AI flights and AFCADS using the three...

File size: 9.71 MB | Download hits: 3240

Myanmar-Burma AI-Traffic Full Package

Full AI-Traffic with Freeware. Included Flightplans from and to and inside Myanmar (Burma): Thai Air, Bangkok Air, Mandarin Airlines, Air India, Air China, China Eastern, Bangladesh Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Druk Air, Qatar Airways, Silkair, Myanmar Airways International, Myanma Airways (Domestic), Air Bagan (Domestic), Yangon Airways (Domestic), Air Mandalay (Domestic and International). Included is also a AFCAD file to adds more parking places in Yangon (required Many...

File size: 2.04 MB | Download hits: 2201

Lubitz Field Version 1Complete with Base Model

This is the Lubitz Field, in Bright, Southern Ontario, Canada. Here most UPAC annual conventions take place. UPAC is the Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada. The field is not an "official" aerodrome, so it does not appear in the Transport Canada documentation. The field in this scenery, however, will show on the FS2004 map and in the GPS with the ID letters "CLUB", and it has a UNICOM frequency. I have included in the package two of my aircraft, the Hummelbird and the Skyseeker, and a C185...

File size: 7.99 MB | Download hits: 556

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