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FS2004 Scenery

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Barking Sands PRMF, PHBK, Kauai, Hawaii USA

This scenery pack significantly redevelops the Barking Sands Airfield area, including major improvements to AFD information for the field as well as buildings and infrastructure. Barking Sands is used by the US military for a variety of research and development operations....

File size: 1.71 MB | Download hits: 579

Grand Forks, CZGF, British Columbia

Grand Forks BC "CZGF" is located in south central British Columbia known as the Boundary Region. It is a popular tourist area for those liking the outdoors, with such recreational activities as fishing, hiking, biking and of course, golf. Grand Forks is a history buffs paradise with many historic buildings and old mines to explore....

File size: 2.19 MB | Download hits: 524

Hang Glider Soaring

These files adds some thermals to default Microsoft over below Regions and also hang glider flights to: 1.Mt. Aconcagua,near Santiago City, Chile-Argentina border. 2.Mt. Fuji,near Toky/Yokohama Cities. 3.Mt. Everest,near Lukla, ICAO- VNLK, Nepal....

File size: 247.4 KB | Download hits: 733

Default Bridge and Object Fixes, NYC, NY

Fixes the sunken George Washington Bridge and many other bridges and landmarks within 50 miles of New York City. Designed for use with FS 9.1, FSG 38m mesh, and UT/USA, should also work with USA Roads. Fixed stuff: All NYC and Newark bridges, major, not autogen, up to Bear Mountain in the north and south to about the Verrazanno plus added a few bridges; Belmont Racing track; Shea Stadium; Meadowlands Stadium; Added Meadowlands Race track; World's Fair Tower; US Open Stadium....

File size: 557.97 KB | Download hits: 1898

Missoula EMS Scenery, Version 2

Updated version of this scenery. Now with new hospital macros and Airport IDs. The scenery still the same two hospitals and three S&R missions in the Missoula Area....

File size: 3.34 MB | Download hits: 615

Modesto City-County-Harry Sham Field Airport, KMOD

Modesto City-County-Harry Sham Field Airport "KMOD" serves Modesto and Stanislaus County and is owned jointly by the City of Modesto and Stanislaus County, and the airport is operated by the City of Modesto. The airport has more than one runway. The longest is a paved runway extending 5911 feet. The facility is at an elevation of 97 feet at a distance of about 2 miles from Modesto. Created with FSDS2, Rwy12, Lago's FSE, AFCAD2 and Traffic Tools....

File size: 1.57 MB | Download hits: 534

Hang Glider2 Soaring

These files adds some thermals to default Microsoft over below Regions and also hang glider flights to: 1.Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, near Kenya border, Africa. 2.Mt. Blanc,near France/Italy bordes, Europe. 3.Mt.Mc Kinley, Alasca....

File size: 181.59 KB | Download hits: 575

West Palm Beach, KPBI

This is just a small enhancement to West Palm Beach. There will be a terminal upgrade and accompanying AFCAD, jetways, and lights. The AFCAD required the relocation of the existing taxiway towards runway 9L which caused conflicts with the default placement of taxiway signs. You must have "Rwy 12" ver 1.1 installed for this scenery to work...

File size: 812.26 KB | Download hits: 791

FS2002/FS2004 United Kingdom Pack2 Soaring

This file add some thermals to default Microsoft scenery for North Weald, Dunstable and Stoke-on-Trent Regions, England, United Kingdom....

File size: 55.21 KB | Download hits: 471

Solomon Islands

Basic scenery to create 19 new airstrips in the Solomon Islands. Plus AFCAD files for the 17 stock FS9 airstrips including elevation fixes/workarounds for AGGP Parasi and AGGT Santa Anna. Plus 100% accurate AI flightplans for Solomon Airlines' domestic services using two DHC-6 Twin Otters. Made using current data from Australian Defence Force Regional En Route Supplement and Tactical Airfield Guide. New Airstrips: AGAF Afutara, AGAR Arona/Ulawa, AGAT Uru Harbour/Atoifi, AGBA Barakoma, AGBR...

File size: 423.46 KB | Download hits: 879

Nikko Photo

This scenery is photo scenery arround Lake Chuzenji.There are many sight seeing spot over here and they are called "Nikko" generally. Nikko area is at 43km north west from Utsunomiya Air Base "RJTU"....

File size: 36.46 MB | Download hits: 691

Aeropuerto De Guanaja

This is a downloadable add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight, though it is also compatible with the X-Plane simulator using a scenery converter such as the FS2004/FSX Scenery converter for X-Plane. There are no noted version conflicts. It contains the Airport of Guanaja (Aeuropuerto De Guanaja, abbreviated "GJA"), also known as La Laguna Airport, in Guanaja, one of the small Bay Islands of Honduras in the Caribbean. The airport is the one of the only...

File size: 3.07 MB | Download hits: 537

Samos Airport, LGSM, Greece

Named after ancient astronomer and mathematician Aristarchos of Samos, who was the first to present that the Sun was at the center of the known universe and that the Earth revolved around it and put the planets in their correct order of distance from the sun. His theories were often rejected in favor of those from Aristotle and Ptolemy that tended to be more Earth-centric.  This airport is nestled snuggly on Samos Island, Greece about five kilometers from the town of...

File size: 1.12 MB | Download hits: 1097

Dunedin Airport, V3.0

Dunedin Airport, New Zealand. Build from ground up using NZAIP and Aerial photographs. Contains accurate placement of building, fences, trees, vechiles, navaids and runways. New apron flood lighting. Flatten issued resolved....

File size: 940.76 KB | Download hits: 770

Camden County Airport

Camden County Airport (19N) serves Berlin and Camden County NJ and is owned by K Kleinberg, Albion A/p Inc. The paved runway extends for 3102 feet. The facility is at an elevation of 150 feet at a distance of about one mile from Berlin. This FSDS2 created scenery requires ASDv2.1, Nova, Nova Gold and NovaSim texture sets. Also Traffic Tools v2.x and AFCAD2.x are a must. Some custom sign textures are included....

File size: 399.33 KB | Download hits: 657

LFRD2004 St-Malo VFR

LFRD is a regional airport in Brittany, France. This scenery was created entirely with GMax and the latest Microsoft compilers. This scenery will run just as fast as the default one (which is very bare) with your current settings, even though there are litterally thousands of houses, buildings, trees and a detailed airport. It was made by a real life pilot....

File size: 10.56 MB | Download hits: 2667

Airport Piarco ( TTPP), Trinidad and Tobago

Scenery for the Trinidad and Tobago main airport Piarco (TTPG) is a small zip file containing 4 files totaling 6.59 MB and is compatible with the FS2004. The file is free to download and has a content rating “Everyone” so it should be a good selection for educational, recreational, and family flight simulator needs. Piarco International Airport is the main airport in Trinidad and Tobago located on the island of Trinidad in the town of Piarco after which the airport is named....

File size: 6.59 MB | Download hits: 2526

Airport Cumana (SVCU), Venezuela

The Cumana Airport (SVCU), Venezuela is a must have add-on for any flight enthusiast—if not for the city’s history, for the sophistication of the facility. SVCU airport is located in the city of Cumana, Venezuela, which is situated in the northwest quadrant of the state (N10 27.2 W064 07.8). Although more than likely obscure to neophyte aviator, as many more seasoned flyers realize, the city of Cumana offers the ideal antipasto to the South American experience. From a...

File size: 4.51 MB | Download hits: 1876

Mtrl9_5, Blimp and Nun's Island Scenery, Montréal, QuébecComplete with Base Model

Made only for FS2004 and will not work in previous versions. These files add the Good Year Blimp flying (as ai traffic) over Montréal Harbor and the islands. It also adds tall buildings in Nun's Island....

File size: 238.59 KB | Download hits: 2155

Midway Island, Ver.2.0

High Resolution version. These files improve specific scenerys (Midway Island, Pacific Ocean) of FS2004. The forms of coral reefs drew on the basis of the satellite pictures of NASA. This scenery has a quite long visibility (approximately 100Km over) with using LVR( Long Visual Range Tool ). You can see the faraway island which appear on a horizontal line....

File size: 4.36 MB | Download hits: 4785

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