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FS2004 Scenery

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Airport Environment Upgrade MX

Airport Environment Upgrade MX . Unlike any prior version of AEU, the Master's Edition will dramatically enhance all of the World's airports. From the largest airports to the smallest, by night or by day, its all there! Special night lighting and seasonal techniques are included. ...

File size: 7.97 MB | Download hits: 12388

Tel Aviv Photo Real

FS2004 Tel Aviv Photo Real Scenery Israel, v2. Covers the 56 tallest buildings and important features in Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan area with photoreal textures, over photoreal ground, custom autogen and optimized Gmax modelling buildings and positioning are accurate to within 10%. By Alexander Lawrence....

File size: 18.11 MB | Download hits: 3555

FS2004, Kahului International Airport, Maui, Hawaii PHOG

Description: This is a complete remake of the Kahului airport on the Island of Maui in Hawaii. It includes a completely new terminal, with newly designed jetways, and now includes the entire airport, with cargo and hangar areas. The parking area is also included as is the road coming into the airport, and if you drive very carefully you can even follow the outgoing road into the town and down to the beach. The jetways at the center buildings have been rotated inward to make way for the heavy...

File size: 5.71 MB | Download hits: 3905

Columbian Airports Fix

Fix of exact location from tower view, traffic from airport to airport and location of gates and ramps for parking in all Colombian Airports. Created by Alejandro Gómez B....

File size: 68.73 KB | Download hits: 591

FS2004/FS2002 76-m Mesh for Southeastern B.C. New mesh and scenery enhancements

(N49-53, W116-120). All lake elevations are adjusted for best fit with the mesh. Also, new shorelines, transportation network, and landclass between Nelson and the US border. Some special enhancements don't work in FS2002 but terrain mesh, lake corrections and landclass do. By Holger Sandmann....

File size: 28.6 MB | Download hits: 2284

FS2004/FS2002 76-m Mesh of the Canadian Rockies. New mesh and scenery enhancements for the mountain

(N49-53, W112-116). All lake elevations are adjusted for best fit with the mesh. Also, new lakes, roads/railroads, and landclass in Banff Natl.P. (Canmore to Lake Louise). Some special enhancements don't work in FS2002 but terrain mesh, lake corrections and landclass do. By Holger Sandmann....

File size: 21.83 MB | Download hits: 2875

Vieux-Ferette LF6822, N.E. France for FS2004/FS2002

This package contain the Vieux-Ferette ULM airfield. A small but very great ULM field located in ALsace, Northeast from France. Included Hangars, Club House, static ULMs and much more... Very great start point to fly in VFR and discover the region with your favorite ULM. By HAUGER Fredo. ...

File size: 1.82 MB | Download hits: 591

Rande Bridge, Galicia, Spain

V1.1, by Rubén Castiñeiras October, 2003 This scenery adds the bridge of Rande over the Bay of Vigo, near the Vigo airport (LEVX, aprox. in 42º18'N 8º38'W), Galicia, Spain, and deletes the original FS2002 road texture on the sea and the default FS2004 bridge....

File size: 47.31 KB | Download hits: 1140

Canada Prince Albert CYPA

A small airport in the Northern part of Saskatchewan Canada. Prince Albert Is A hub to the north with many lakes to fly into. ...

File size: 3.77 MB | Download hits: 813

FS2004, Hilo International Airport V3, Hilo, Hawaii

PHTO By: Bill Melichar Description: This is an all new Hilo airport right down to the last tree. The terminal has been completely re-worked, and is much more detailed, as is the hangar area. You can drive into the terminal and find check-in desks, along with building support beams. This airport is all open air, so there are no windows or doors. The scenery includes the rental car area just outside of the main airport entrance, the inter-Island terminal, parking lot, heliport for sightseeing...

File size: 4.62 MB | Download hits: 3483

Scenery Adelaide CBD South Australia

August 2003 This scenery is an accurate representaiton of the Adelade CBD. It includes helicopter landing pads at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and Chanel 7. It features over 100 different buildings and structures all using photo real textures. The textures have been made using real photos taken in and around Adelaide CBD. Most of the 3d objects and textures have been custom made specifically for this scenery. Textures required. Airport 2.6, VOD, Nova and Nova Gold. By Steven Royals and John...

File size: 2.3 MB | Download hits: 2491

Lanai Airport V2, Lanai City, Island of Lanai, Hawaii, PHNY

This scenery is a remake of my original Lanai scenery for FS2002, which was way to overdone for this sleepy little airport. It now contains a very quaint, rustic Hawaiian styled airport which has been made and updated to work in FS2004. There are a few changes in the landscaping and updated car parks have been used. Since there are no turnouts at the ends of the runway in FS I have also provided these. By: Bill Melichar....

File size: 2.23 MB | Download hits: 1582

FS2004, St. Kitts International Airport, Island of St. Kitts, Caribbean Region...TKPK

This scenery depicts the Robert L. Bradshaw International airport on the Island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean. It contains the modern new terminal, along with the distinctive green glass tower, and outer buildings. It is a small airport which is located in a valley between two mountain ranges near the southern end of the Island. The scenery has been updated to work in FS2004 by changing the location slightly, removing the hills which are no longer necessary, since FS has now done a great job...

File size: 3.59 MB | Download hits: 1700

FS2004, Montego Bay (Sangster) International airport, Jamaica

MKJS This scenery corrects the problems encountered in FS2004 of my recently released scenery of Montego Bay (Sangster) International airport. It seems as if the airport location in FS2004 was moved slightly causing my scenery to end up back near the hills. Everything has been moved to the new location, and some improvements have been made such as a second story on the entire terminal building, more plants and roadways, and guidance lights which now go right into the Air Jamaica hangars. The...

File size: 4.27 MB | Download hits: 3139

FS2004/2 La citadelle de Port-Louis. Morbihan, France

version 1.1 Detailed scevery form this airfield ideal for scenic VFR flight. By Frédéric Picci -VFR adaptation by Jean-Jacques HERVE. ...

File size: 1.79 MB | Download hits: 518

FS2004, Tahiti International Airport, and sea plane base version 2

Island of Tahiti, French Polynesia...FAAA, I.D. NTAA By: Bill Melichar This is my Tahiti version 2 scenery which has been adapted to work in FS2004. There were a few issues with the illuminated palms, and some scale problems with the baggage carts and sail boats. Everything has been repaired here, and the scenery now works beautifully in FS2004. It even looks better with the new autogen city of Papeete now extending up into the hills behind the airport. Frame rates are also better with 2004...

File size: 5.59 MB | Download hits: 3606

Humber Bridge Scenery, UK

v1.0 August 2003 Scenery of Humbersides famous Suspension Bridge in England Includes night illumination and vehicles. By Firstsim98....

File size: 84.81 KB | Download hits: 2395

FS2004/2 scenery. Colmar-Meyenheim Military Airbase (LFSC)

France. This is the second version from my scenery from Meyenheim military Air Base who is the home from two French Air Force squadrons EC1-30 "ALSACE" and EC2-30 "NORMANDIE-NIEMEN", she is located North-East from FRANCE in ALSACE.Complete rebuild from the entry of the base, from the Tower, cells, Addition from an helipad "Start Location", new 3D trees,rebuild from all road in the base, addition from signal panel around the base, AFCAD file include. A major work was made to improve the Frame...

File size: 2.06 MB | Download hits: 1064

scenery --Alex Fraser Bridge, Vancouver

Spanning the Mighty Fraser river this magnificent bridge adds to skyline of Vancouver, and will be seen on approaches to Vancouver Int Airport. By David Christian...

File size: 45.51 KB | Download hits: 1699

Chicago Fun HeloPads

Not actual Helipads but more like funny icons to land on. Place these replacement files in the texture directory and play leap frog from building to building. Created by Wm. R. Pulick....

File size: 467.04 KB | Download hits: 580

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