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PreviewThis is my first complete new scenery for FS2004, and it enhances the entry and inside of the default FS LAX. It has all new pylons at the entry to the airport, which now light up in color synchronization with the tower and restaurant structure at the airports center, just like the real light sho...

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This is my first complete new scenery for FS2004, and it enhances the entry and inside of the default FS LAX. It has all new pylons at the entry to the airport, which now light up in color synchronization with the tower and restaurant structure at the airports center, just like the real light show at this airport. The LAX sign as you enter the airport is also included here. The palm trees throughout the airport are now more politically correct for the Southern California area, and what you would see at the real airport. There are also airport vans in various airline liveries parked near the terminals of their perspective airlines. There is now much greater night traffic flowing through the airport, roadway overlaps have been cleaned up, and the 405 Freeway has been shortened from my previous version to conserve on frame rates, but still provide the visual impact when landing here. This scenery should also be completely compatible with FS2002, but the tarmacs have been removed since they now exist in FS2004. By: Bill Melichar.

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SCENERY.dat09.04.03660 B
LAXthumbnail.jpg09.03.035.20 kB
LAX3 Read Me.txt09.04.033.27 kB
LAXv3day.jpg09.03.0359.46 kB
scenery09.04.030 B
LAX.xcl09.04.03289 B
LAX.bgl09.04.03186.83 kB
Trees_02.bgl12.17.0032.39 kB
Trees_0.bgl03.11.01341.60 kB
texture09.04.030 B
hsbbus.pat03.08.0164.00 kB
columna.bmp07.24.0264.06 kB
Fence2.pat01.03.9964.00 kB
FENCE.PAT01.02.9964.00 kB
Abgrass.r807.27.9964.00 kB
AA_lm.bmp02.19.0386.39 kB
AA1.bmp02.19.0386.39 kB
AA1_lm.bmp02.19.0386.39 kB
asphalt.r802.27.03257.07 kB
ATA1.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
Abgrass.bmp01.09.0065.05 kB
Cpalmrow.bmp09.17.0265.05 kB
ATA1_lm.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
bld110.bmp07.01.0265.05 kB
CF_Bus_bl_L.bmp10.21.0065.05 kB
CF_Bus_bl_O.bmp10.21.0065.05 kB
tree_palmate.bmp12.10.0086.39 kB
tree_pinnate.bmp12.10.0086.39 kB
bldplants45.bmp10.07.0265.05 kB
columna_lm.bmp07.20.0265.07 kB
tree104.bmp02.24.0365.05 kB
BEV2.bmp08.02.0265.07 kB
BEV2_LM.bmp08.09.0265.07 kB
Carb100.bmp06.29.0265.05 kB
CF_Bus_bl_R.bmp10.21.0065.05 kB
CO.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
CO_lm.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
CO1.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
CO1_lm.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
Delta.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
Delta_lm.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
Delta1.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
Delta1_lm.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
eddf10.bmp10.08.0265.05 kB
eddf10_lm.bmp10.08.0265.05 kB
AA.bmp02.19.0386.39 kB
HAW.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
HAW_lm.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
HAW1.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
HAW1_lm.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
NovaGold013.bmp07.10.0165.05 kB
NovaGold013_lm.bmp07.10.0165.05 kB
NovaGold015.bmp07.10.01171.72 kB
NW.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
NW_lm.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
NW1.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
NW1_lm.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
SW.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
SW_lm.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
SW1.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
SW1_lm.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
UA.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
UA_lm.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
UA1.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
UA1_lm.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
NovaGold015_lm.bmp07.10.01171.72 kB
LAXv3o.jpg09.03.0390.42 kB
LAXn.jpg09.03.0331.99 kB
LAX309.04.030 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


Nowadays, when I go to use FS2004, the first thing that I tend to notice is the depth of detail ,or lack of, that exists compared to the more modern flight simulator. The color tone, the quality of detail on the surroundings and the depth of view that you have is really quite limited and for those scaling back from P3D and FSX might find it a bit tougher to adapt to the lesser graphics that are on show. On places I have no modifications installed to boost scenery quality; I find it quite hard to stay invested in the whole realism of the flight.

Preview screenshot

One area that I never had much detail for in the past was the Los Angeles international Airport. This package, though, made quick work of that problem and gave me all the help I needed in making FS2004 move up the ladder and look far more attractive compared to what it used to come across as.

The level and detail in the design, though, is absolutely exemplary. It feels great to be involved in something like this, as it really makes the airport come to life. The entry and interior have been far more impressive, with new color synchronization being carried out that looks outstanding – the tower and restaurant center at the main point of the airport, too, make it very easy for you to see where you are going.

Everything that you would expect to see as a bit of a landmark in the airport is now included – even the large LAX sign in the middle of the airport has been included. Various parts of the texture and details have been upgraded significantly, and things like the palm trees in the airport have been edited and changed to look just as they should have done when the simulator was first released.

It now looks like a proper Southern California airport, with that cheery and positive atmosphere emanating from every part that has been included. You’ll also find a lot of life has been added to the airport.

A variety of liveries is included in the package and makes it so much easier to manage around the airport and actually feel as if you are in one of the busiest airports in the US. Night traffic flow and roadway overlaps are far more efficient now, as you will feel like the airport really has the thousands of people entering and exiting it just like it does in the real world.

Even the 405 freeway has been edited and improved to make sure that performance no longer has to suffer due to traffic, without having to minimize the impact of the whole visual appeal of seeing people passing to and from this amazing airport on a regular basis.

It’s totally compatible with FS2002 by the way, so if you want to upgrade either of your more dated simulators this might be the best place to get started! It’ll really help you improve the atmosphere massively.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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