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Engine Smoke Effect For T-2C Buckeye

An effect for Bill Lowe's FSX update of Kazunori Ito's North American Aviation T-2C Buckeye. Requires previous installation of Bill's T-2CFSX.ZIP and sound fix T2CFSX-FIX.ZIP. By Tom Tiedman. Screenshot of T-2C Buckeye in flight, leaving a smoke trail. Installation: Copy and paste the "fx_smoke_f6.fx" file into your FSX "Effects" folder. It may be there already, so look first. Copy and paste all of the [SMOKESYSTEM] info. below into your...

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Boeing 737-800 Engine Smoke

Subtle engine smoke display for the default Boeing 737-800. Tested in FSX SP2 using Windows 7, 64 bit. I know, I don't see much smoke coming out of Easy Installation. By Tom Tiedman. Screenshot of Boeing 737-800 leaving smoke trails. Installation: Copy and paste the "fx_smoke_f6.fx" file into your FSX "Effects" folder... (it's probably there already, so look first. Copy and paste all of the [SMOKESYSTEM] info. below into your default FSX Boeing...

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Fairchild Merlin III Engine Smoke

Subtle engine smoke display for the Fairchild Merlin III by Mike Stone. In particular, Gustavo La Cruz' repaints which work great in FSX SP2 using Windows 7, 64 bit. Easy installation. By Tom Tiedman. Screenshot of Fairchild Merlin III leaving a smoke trail. Installation: Copy and paste the "fx_smoke_f6.fx" file into your FSX "Effects" folder... (it's probably there already, so look first.) Copy and paste all of the [SMOKESYSTEM] info. below...

File size: 860.82 KB | Download hits: 51

Video Clip - DC3 Airways DC3 And DC4

DC3 Airways is a very active virtual airline that has two aircraft types in operation: Douglas DC-3 and DC-4. This clip shows the two in FSX on a evening flight from Dutch Harbour, Alaska. Enjoy with underlying music. Duration: 4 minutes. By Klaus Mueller. Screenshot of DC3 and DC4 flying towards towards the sunrise. ...

File size: 33.66 MB | Download hits: 97

Tutorial - Reducing Traffic Speed

Reducing FSX Traffic speed - an illustrated tutorial. One of the more "interesting" enhancements which Microsoft introduced in FSX is the vehicle traffic which can be seen on the highways around larger cities and airports. However many simmers feel the speed at which these vehicles travel is considerably too fast and therefore quite unrealistic. One simmer has even commented that he cannot overtake many vehicles when flying low and slow in the default Cessna. It is quite easy to edit...

File size: 623.43 KB | Download hits: 528

AGS 2010 - America Giga Scenery Screen Shots

Scenery complement of North, Central and South Americas for FSX. Fully built with a database of high precision GPS. Complete relief SRTM with plains, plateaus, hills and mountains. Typical vegetation based in GIS high definition. Hydrography detailed with rivers, lakes, dams, oceans, islands and beaches. Built-up urban areas with parks, squares, villages, towns and cities. Highways, roads, streets, access roads and railroads with car traffic. By Wellington Gerhske da Camara...

File size: 15.13 MB | Download hits: 323

Washington Aerodrome Names For NA Blue

This package names all un-named public aerodromes within ORBX FTX NA Blue's Washington coverage, i.e. instead of saying "One Sierra Two" pilots will now say "Darrington". Requires EditVoicePack 4 (EVPX40.ZIP). By Mike Gibson. I haven't attempted to do all the fields that exist within the coverage area because that would be *a lot* of work. I have limited the names to aerodromes that are towered or "CTAF'd", ie. pilots would commonly use their names...

File size: 106.91 KB | Download hits: 31

ENBSeries .dll And .ini file

ENBSeries .dll And .ini file. After much searching, I find this one works. Derived from "Pegasus Enbseries" downloaded from another website. By Jim Waters. High color view out of the cockpit. To install: UNZIP D3D9.dll and enbseries.ini to MAIN FSX directory. To turn on/off enbseries effect, press SHIFT+F12 (*PF KEY 12).   ...

File size: 246.67 KB | Download hits: 29574

G940 Lighting Control

32 bit and 64 bit. FSX Logitech G940 Lighting Control Software. G940 Lighting control Software lets you assign any of 28 Flight Simulator X events to the eight panel buttons on the Logitech Flight System G940 Throttle. The events supported are: Fire on Engine 1, Fire on Engine 2, Fire on Engine 3, Fire on Engine 4, Damage Status Engine 1, Damage Status Engine 2, Damage Status Engine 3, Damage Status Engine 4, APU on Fire, Fuel Status, Avionics Master On/Off, Autopilot Master On/Off,...

File size: 744.35 KB | Download hits: 97

SP2 Cessna 150 Propeller Texture

For FSX SP2 users only, a propeller texture eight-pack for the FS2004 Fravin C150L. These prop textures come with different colored prop blade tips in order to match them with the paint scheme of the airplane you wish to use them on. Red, yellow, green, blue, purple, orange, red white and blue (Go Team America!), and of course... just plain plain for your plane. These prop textures solve the opaque FS2004 props seen in FSX SP2. They are as transparent as possible... one more notch down on the...

File size: 1.06 MB | Download hits: 144

Tutorial - How To Make AI Aircraft Flyable

There are many AI aircraft which are not available as regular flyable airplanes and there are some FSX pilots who have FPS problems due to their slower or older PC's and feel FSX is too heavy for them. Flying AI planes can help those slow machines and give the pilot planes that fly really well. This tutorial will show you how to make AI planes flyable in a few minutes. By Gera Godoy Canova. Cover image for this tutorial package. ...

File size: 352.66 KB | Download hits: 925

Tour Of Jacksonville Florida

Fly over Maport NAS, NAS Jacksonville, downtown Jacksonville, Herlong Airport, Cecil Field. Takes about 20-30 minutes. By David Crum. This is a tour of Jacksonville, FL. This was done with FSX, not sure how it will work with others. Be sure to have your GPS setting to NAV to follow the waypoints. You will start off at Craig Field, fly to Mayport NAS (be sure to look for the carrier docked, plus a couple of other Navy support vessels further out). You will continue south along the beach and...

File size: 2.35 KB | Download hits: 72

G940 Assignments Memory Aid

Two diagrams to help keep track of axis, button and key assignments for the Logitech G940 joystick and throttle. The trigger has two boxes since it has two activations (partial and full pull). The second page has three sets of keys for the throttle. By Ken Swenson. Overview of the joystick peripheral. I assume that moving the slider triples the number of possible assignments, but I haven't confirmed it. You'll need a pdf reader to open the attachments. If you are using...

File size: 253.07 KB | Download hits: 120

Boeing 737 PIC Flow Chart FS2crew Voice

This flow chart form will greatly assist your ability to use FS2Crew Voice with the Boeing 737 (Wilco PIC). The flowchart contains almost every action and reaction of the Captain (CA), the First Officer (F/O). Just follow the flows through the different phases of flight. By Patrick Zwarts. ...

File size: 70.74 KB | Download hits: 262

Oceania AGN Texures

These are to replace the default AGN large buildings and house/roof textures around the Oceania area, mainly New Zealand. This would include Australia and island nations in the Pacific as they use the same AGN sheets. All the info on how to change this is in the readme file. By Michael Allen-Andrews/Creator2003. Screenshot of new textures contained in this pack. ...

File size: 976.63 KB | Download hits: 100

Sim Panel Connect Demo

Sim Panel Connect Demo has been written to connect Phidget components to FSX for flight sim cockpit builders. The demo version will connect a Phidget USB servo controller (running Hitec rc servos) as well as the Phidget Text LCD with 8/8/8 Interface. The demo will provide com1 nav1 readouts via the text lcd, throttle, mixture and flap controls through Phidget sliders, as well as airspeed and Engine RPM via HiTec servos and the Phidget servo controller. This program is software only and meant...

File size: 1.25 MB | Download hits: 70

Fix Propeller Display In FSX SP2

A translation into French. By Gilbert Fouche from original by David Marshall ( Screenshot showing corrected props. ...

File size: 1.05 MB | Download hits: 180

Cessna BirdDog Aircraft Callsign

Editvoicepack aircraft callsign for the payware Cessna Bird Dog by Sibwings. Requires Editvoicepack X (EVPX40.ZIP). By Hermann Kuhne. I made this callsign "Birddog" with Editvoicepack X v. for FSX. Editvoicepack X v. must be installed. Place the Bird Dog.evpmod in a temp folder. Open Editvoicepack and import the bird dog.evpmod in Editvoicepack. Save Editvoicepack. (CTRL+S). Update Editvoicepack (CTRL+U) making sure to update airline.cfg where...

File size: 2.32 KB | Download hits: 29

Correcting Prop Issues

Correcting prop issues with FSX and SP2. An illustrated tutorial. Improper display of aircraft propellers when using FS2004 aircraft in FSX with Service Pack 2 is a well known issue. The "fix" has been documented in several forum posts but it was thought an illustrated tutorial outlining the correction steps would be useful. Compiled in .doc and .pdf formats for your flying enjoyment by David "Opa" Marshall. Screenshot of showing corrected props. ...

File size: 1.27 MB | Download hits: 534

Air Bagan Callsign

Callsign for Air Bagan based in Myanmar. Requires EditVoicepack (EVPX40.ZIP). By Arron Sweeney. Air Bagan Logo. ...

File size: 28.23 KB | Download hits: 27