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Modified Default VehiclesPatch

Fixes for five default FSX airport vehicle models that had wrong transparency settings in the model and other issues. By Nils Besemer. Screenshot pointing out the issues with transparency. I tried to fix 5 default FSX airport vehicle models, which had wrong transparency settings in the model and other issues. For that I used Arno's great ModelconverterX (development release), Many thanks to Arno! I only used it for models which gave me no warnings while importing them into...

File size: 847.4 KB | Download hits: 471

Strange Moon Textures

Tired of the same old moon? This replaces some, or all, default moon textures with various other things, like space stations, planets, or other things, using 512X512 BMPs for higher resolution when zoomed in. Screenshot of the Moon as Saturn? There are several options to installing. You can install them all and replace all the 15 moon texture with the content of the "moon_strange" folder, or you can replace only a few select moons. Back up your FSX moon files in a...

File size: 4.03 MB | Download hits: 160

N0800 SimConnect Tutorial "Follow This Plane"

This FSX tutorial is to understand how we send SimConnect nearby waypoints to a second aircraft, so that it starts flying smoothly towards the waypoints. We'll also drop a parachute at the position of the waypoints, to visualize where the second aircraft is flying to. By Robert Denoue. SimConnect cover image. ...

File size: 484.18 KB | Download hits: 347

Taxiway Enhancement Package V1

This package includes enhanced and re-designed taxiway and airport texture for FSX / Acceleration. Also tested to work with FSX. These texture should provide better performance in FSX. By Tom Knudsen. TK Design Logo. Before installing this package it is strongly recommended that you backup your default main texture folder usually located at: C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Texture Installation: Simply copy and replace all texture included...

File size: 2.07 MB | Download hits: 1615

High Resolution Moon

These are higher resolution images for the default moon textures. The default moons are 64X64 BMPs. I've replaced them with 512X512 BMPs, and replaced the Alpha channel with higher resolution images. By Roy Altholz. Screenshot of the high resolution moon. Create a backup folder for the original moonX.bmp's found in the FSX "Texture" folder,, cut or copy the original moon bmps into the backup folder, then keep the folder in a safe place, Copy the contents of...

File size: 2.41 MB | Download hits: 80

Landing Lights

Tweaked landing lights for all the default aircraft and helos and tweaked runway lighting. By Dante Fassina. Screenshot of Boeing 737-400 on the runway at night. I was sick of the weak landing lights on all the default FSX aircraft/helos that I decided to make up my own. In real life when you see an aircraft with its landing lights head on they are quite bright but I am not clever enough to work out how to create that effect without affecting some runway lights so I just jazzed...

File size: 2.97 MB | Download hits: 3437

FPS Enhancement Package V2

Updated and corrected version. A collection of textures that are resized files for better performance, all files are amended and sharpened for best experience. This update includes an alpha channel for all 342 textures. The package has proved to offer reported increases of 5 to 15 FPS. By Tom Knudsen. TK Design Logo. ...

File size: 33.49 MB | Download hits: 1282

River Texture

Includes a choice of three qualities of textures. By Aime Leclercq. Screenshot of the river texture (30cm). Installation: Chose resolution of river (7cm/pix, 15cm/pix, 30cm/pix) and open the folder. Copy and past the folder "scenery" in the main folder of FSX, that all. Don't forget to set your FSX texture resolution slider to the good tweak. (30cm, 15cm or 7cm). Uninstall: Open the "Default" folder, copy and past the folder...

File size: 580.79 KB | Download hits: 660

In Flight Entertainment

An in-flight data screen like the ones seen on international flights. A 10 second timer for each screen showing various flight information like distance to destination, estimated remaining flight time, local time at destination, ground speed, altitude, outside air temperature. Furthermore a moving map with departure and destination locations (still in progress). By Adrian Zagarowski. ...

File size: 121.57 KB | Download hits: 723

Revised Sky Textures (Corrected)

This file replaces the earlier "revised sky textures for FSX". It fixes an error that made the pre-sunset begin very early and the post-sunset last too long. By Cristian Torrado. Jetliner flying past the dawn. Please backup all the "sky_*.*" textures before replacing them by those provided in this file. Place these files in the texture folder. ...

File size: 1.34 MB | Download hits: 644

USS Enterprise Group

USS Enterprise (Group) is a file to allow ships to be controlled as a fleet using AI Carriers. By Tyler Shotwell. USS Port Royal on the water. ...

File size: 7.39 MB | Download hits: 203

Anchorage To Barrow Video

A video of a flight. By Jose Castro. ...

File size: 4.44 KB | Download hits: 24

Gmax Model Tutorial

How to make your first model in FSX Gmax. A simple beginner's tutorial to help people take their first step in using Gmax. By Neil Birch. ...

File size: 4.08 MB | Download hits: 1553

Australian And New Zealand Intersections V1.1

This will replace all Australian and New Zealand airports 'fake' intersections with the current (as of 13 March 2009). Now you'll be able to enjoy flying SID's and STAR's. This self extracting installer will put all necessary files to their correct location. By Dave Hayes. Open the Flight Simulator folder and copy from the main scenery folder (or preferably the whole lot) folders, 0905, 1004, 1005 & 1105. This is so you can always revert back to the original...

File size: 845.5 KB | Download hits: 80

FedEx Flight 80 Tribute Video

This is a tribute to the crew of FedEx flight 80, which flight crashed at Narita International Airport in Tokyo, killing both pilots. The cause of the crash is commonly caused by the strong winds, flipping the plane upon touchdown. May the crew of flight 80 rest in peace. Model by Premier Aircraft Design for the FedEx MD-11. By Victor Vu. Title screen from the included movie. ...

File size: 18.2 MB | Download hits: 31

Terrain Editing Tutorial

Welcome to this tutorial about modifying terrain data. This tutorial will show you a short and easy way to modify the terrain to get a more realistic look in Flight Simulator X. The area with this workshop are the Canary Islands in the west of Africa and two small island in the north. The modifications are based on the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) data products, available for free download. By Gerhard Scheuerecker. ...

File size: 8.04 MB | Download hits: 639

Captain Sim Tutorial

A PDF tutorial: "757 Captain Cold And Dark Start-Up Tutorial for Flight Simulator X", v1.04. By Ted Porter. Save the file to a place of your choice and then use Adobe Reader to view/print the tutorial. ...

File size: 3.18 MB | Download hits: 425

Wilco E-Jets Checklist

A checklist in Word .doc file format for the payware Wilco E-Jets Embraer 170/190. By Louis Hermsen. ...

File size: 838.76 KB | Download hits: 631

Acceleration FLOLS Trailer V1.0

This is a model of the FLOLS trailer used for Field Carrier Landing Practice. It is built for FSX Acceleration, featuring a working Optical Landing System and arrestor gear for naval ops training. In the real life, FCLP does not use arresting gear, but it was added just for fun. By Sylvain Parouty. Screenshot of FLOLS trailer in situe on the runway. ...

File size: 823.86 KB | Download hits: 454

Screen Shots Collection

A collection of many screen shots. By Jim Dunn. Screenshot of N690QX Beavers jet in flight. ...

File size: 17.77 MB | Download hits: 501