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FSX Misc

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Suggested Settings

An Excel spreadsheet (and PDF version) of most of the FSX settings. Trying to get the best frame rate is hard if you don't know what the 49 or so significant settings you or someone had to get there. This will print on two pages and you can circle most of the settings, or enter it in Excel and save/send it. By Roger L. Deal. A screenshot of the suggested settings for FSX. ...

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Grass Strip Textures

Replacement back country grass runway textures. By Brent Ludlow. Screenshot of plane on a grass strip. Hopefully soon someone will come out with a new landclass map that gets rid of all the arid desert in the US but till then this is how I got the back country strips in UT, ID & WY to appear more like they really look. These go into your MSX/texture folder as replacements to make back country airpots that have grass strips look more real. They are the old textures from FS9...

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Carenado Aircraft UpdatePatch

A patch that will allow you to use Carenado's payware aircraft designed for FS2004 with FSX. This is an official patch supplied by Carenado. Carenado Logo. ...

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Deluxe Float Plane At Dock

Here is a saved situation file, a float plane at a dock on Lake Union, Seattle WA ready to take on passengers. By Dean McEnaney. ...

File size: 225.47 KB | Download hits: 44

'Person' Ground VehicleComplete with Base Model

An attempt to make a slow-moving ground vehicle for native Flight Simulator X, using stock gauges and CFG files from content included with FSX. Lets you view the new amazing FSX scenery, ground and water traffic up close, plus it is GPS and autopilot ready. Everything is stock and everything is included, with instructions. FSX scenery as seen from the ground. As soon as I saw how good the graphics on the ground were in FSX, especially with the new automotive and ship traffic, I...

File size: 1.75 MB | Download hits: 563

Modified Star Catalog

Shows stars down to magnitude 5.50 to reduce load (about 2900 instead of 9000+). Original idea from J. Chuang. By F. Ronchi. Added planets data for Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. Unknown source, thanks to the author anyway. All I did was sort stars by their magnitude order then add data for planets. First, backup your original file: "Driver""FSX install folder"stars.dat Then replace it with the one I provide in this zip. That's all. ...

File size: 75.4 KB | Download hits: 223

Performance Autogen Textures For Europe

The original autogen building textures are 638 kb. These textures are reduced in size to 170 kb. Instead of 1024x1024 mipmapped the size is now 512x512 mipmapped. Included all European en general autogen building textures. By Gerard Salden. When you fly at higher levels than 250 ft it is almost not noticeable that these are reduced textures. On slower pc's these textures can give you some extra fps. On faster pc's you might not win extra fps but the flying at higher speeds will be...

File size: 3.48 MB | Download hits: 296

Flight Deck 3 PatchPatch

A patch to make the Abacus Flight Deck 3 carriers useable in Microsoft Flight Simulator X. By Robert A. Baum. Aerial view of the Abacus Flight Deck. ...

File size: 770.81 KB | Download hits: 429

Airport Changes From FS2004 V1.0

There are 24,491 airports in FSX - 794 are new airports - mostly small GA fields. 1038 airports have changed their designator from the FS2004 airport. 61 airports which were in FS2004 are gone. There are six airports which have taken the designator of another airport in FS2004 - that I've found so far. This is v 1.0 - I have not looked at all 1905 airports in FSX/ FS2004 - though I have looked at many. Also, this relies on automated processes as described below, so some airports may be...

File size: 608.73 KB | Download hits: 52

Corrected SDK Gauges.h File

The FSX gauges.h file updated and corrected so that it is backwards-compatible with FS2004 code. It will now compile both FSX and FS9 C-gauges. For gauge developers only. Install within your include path. By Dai Griffiths, Dragonflight Design. ...

File size: 59.45 KB | Download hits: 91

Countdown To FSX

A program that has a timer to countdown until FSX is released. By Nicholas LaFrazia. ...

File size: 821.46 KB | Download hits: 48

Make Scenery with the Object Placement Tool in FSX

The Deluxe version of Flight Simulator X contains a very easy-to-use tool for placing scenery objects visually within the game. Unfortunately, the Microsoft developers neglected to tell anybody. This document contains an illustrated explanation of this tool and how to use it. My most sincere apologies - I am unable, for lack of free time, to offer support of any kind. ...

File size: 673.71 KB | Download hits: 12430

High Definition Airport Parking & Jetways

In order to view the full high definition resolution within FSX, you will need to edit your fsx.cfg file and alter the entry: TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=4096 If the entry doesn't exist, copy the above and paste it under the [GRAPHICS] section in the fsx.cfg file. Example below: [GRAPHICS] TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=4096 NOTE: This value resets to 1024 each time you make ANY adjustments in the FSX DISPLAY settings, so you'll need to reset it back to 4096 if you want the high definition...

File size: 19.14 MB | Download hits: 37461

Boat Traffic Compiler

AI Boat Traffic Compiler (AIBTC) is a software to create, edit and compile schedules for ships in Flight Simulator X. It is inspired by the venerable TTools of Lee Swordy to create AI aircrafts schedules. A prior knowledge of aircraft AI traffic is needed to understand this document. How boats works in FSX ? (technical) There are multiple ways to get sea traffic in FSX: Static boats. There are some static boats in main seaports around the world. As said, they are only...

File size: 516.65 KB | Download hits: 3654

AI Carriers

AICarriers: This is a small software that allows you to place and control single ships or co mplete naval fleets in Flight Simulator X. Doesn't need complex edit of traffic files or mission files. Just add carriers when you are in free flight, anywhere you want. Requires Java JRE 1.5 or upper and FSX SP1 (RTM version is not supported).  FSX SP2. Works with acceleration carriers and supports full carrier ops when available. Vista have not been tested. Download (r2) (4 november 2007). ...

File size: 5.28 MB | Download hits: 21982

FS Real Time, V1.82

FS Real Time is made to keep Flight Simulator's UTC, Zulu/GMT, time and date in sync with the Real World. It can maintain either the current Real Time, or an offset, +/-, so you can fly at any variation from Real Time. This package also includes Dennis Thompson's World Time Zones v3.0 which eliminate many of the time zone errors that shipped with recent versions of Flight Simulator....

File size: 6.61 MB | Download hits: 9679

Splash Screen, Boeing 737, Turkish Airlines

Boeing 737 splash screens with all Turkish Airline images for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Installation: Unzip anywhere you like. Make a backup of "dlgsplash.bmp" (..Microsoft Flight Simulator XUires) Copy the desired image to the "Uires" folder. Enjoy! CREDITS: Design by Martin Lehmann ...

File size: 1.17 MB | Download hits: 1233

Splash Screen, Airbus A380

Airbus A380 splash screen for FSX. Contains 2 extra wallpapers: without text and without bar & text....

File size: 2.22 MB | Download hits: 2089

Jeep ATVComplete with Base Model

This model should be used with respect for your fellow simmers keep off the runways when in use,head for the hills instead....

File size: 3.56 MB | Download hits: 6351

- Sirocco GTX - a 132 ft concept luxury motoryacht Package

with full functional 3D virtual cockpit, custom gauges, moving parts, very detailed marine equipment, interior furnitures, plants, new materials, new lights and Direct X textures. This is extended and improved version of Sirocco LT. Not compatible back.By Robert Waszkiewicz - Deltasim Studio. ...

File size: 32.84 MB | Download hits: 6750