Preview Montreal Pierre-Elliot Trudeau International Airport, Quebec, Canada, v2. By Kambiz Agazi.

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Montreal Pierre-Elliot Trudeau International Airport, Quebec, Canada, v2. By Kambiz Agazi.

Plane flying over Montreal Pierre-Elliot Trudeau International Airport.

Plane flying over Montreal Pierre-Elliot Trudeau International Airport.

Formerly known as Montreal-Dorval International Airport, the airport is located in the city of Dorval, on the Island of Montreal some 20 km (12 mi) from Montreal's downtown.

CYUL_KA_v2.bgl represents a modification to the stock FSX CYUL. Version 1 additions are 1-12. Version 2 changes are shown below as 13-26:

  • AI Terminal (Concourse) assignments per official web page and parking sizes optimized for MyTraffic X 5.2a and WOAI schedules.
  • Concourse A modified to reflect current conditions.
  • Many gate assignments accurate though focus was on Concourse assignments (A - domestic, B - International and C - Transborder (USA)).
  • Ramp parking reworked to accommodate more GA.
  • Several jetways added to the Terminals per Google Maps and the Official web site's Terminal Layout.
  • Additional commuter off-gate parking added per official web site and google maps.
  • All taxiway and runway pavement type, lights, approach lights/equipment, and markings added or revised per airport specifications and Google maps.
  • All airport scenery now shows at normal scenery density.
  • All runways active - AI flow control added see note below.
  • New Control Tower with rotating beacon. Control Tower height modified per airport specifications and new ramp tower with a few airport buildings added per chart.
  • All new ILS approach transitions (FSX stock ILS's are vector to final only) per 2008 approach plates included for Rwy's 10, 24R and 6L. New RNAV added for 28.
  • Additional fuel trucks and reworked vehicle paths to facilitate quicker and more efficient movement.
  • Reworked and added more vehicle paths.
  • Rwy 6L-24R landing only; Rwy 6R-24L takeoff only; Rwy 10 landing only.
  • Fixed ILS transitions for 6L-24R based on 2008 plates.
  • Added RNAV and NDBDME Approaches w/transitions at Rwy 28.
  • Parking tweaks to keep service vehicles out of buildings.
  • Taxiway path between concourse A and B should not be used by any aircraft larger than half wing span of 18m.
  • Adjusted Rwy markings at Rwy 10-28 based on 2008 specifications.
  • Revised and updated Air Transat (TSC) maintenance facility and apron parking plus new taxiway Q at 24R and new airport buildings.
  • New cargo parking to accommodate animated small, medium and Heavy sized cargo for MTX 5.2a.
  • Reworked a few pathways for improved traffic flow.
  • Removed Rwy 28 exit/entrance at taxiway A as it proved to cause bottle necks with high traffic flow.
  • Modified the ramp parking area near Terminal C.
  • Added a few taxiway signs at the Ramp area near Terminal A.
  • Added two DMEArc transitions for the CAT II ILS at 6L - Comau Radial 261 and Gadum Radial 208.

NOTE: After many hours of examining both the seen and unseen aspects of CYUL, it became apparent that AI traffic flow issues arose when AI are landing and taxing for take-off on 24R and 24L. For example, as AI landed on 24L, AI taxing for take-off would get "stuck" on the single taxiway used for arrivals and departures. The AI that landed would exit the runway and also become "stuck". Another AI traffic flow issue arose due to the confluence of Rwy's 6L and 10. As AI entered the runway at 6L, the AI on short final on 10 were directed to go-around. The greater the traffic density the more likely to witness these issues.

One work-around which I'm testing (and looking for feedback on) is to close 6R-24L for landing and close 6L-24R for take-off. Rwy 10 is also closed for Takeoff. Take-off permitted from 6R-24L and 28. Landing permitted on the 6L-24R and 10-28. I have examined this fix and believe it to significantly reduce AI traffic flow issues. I have also been informed from simmers familiar with CYUL operations that this configuration is typical.

A slight misalignment of runway 10's ILS was also corrected. This was never an issue for AI since they don't fly the ILS but rather a vectors to final, but now the user plane will fly down the centerline of the runway as well. I have added a "fake" VOR/DME called YUL1 directly on top of YUL to give the user the option of taking a slightly longer route for Rwy 10. In real life the ATC can use the same VOR to direct traffic to the IF or IAF, but in FSX the ATC will require 2 separate point in order to honor the different pattern from the same VOR.

Some minor adjustments to taxiways to reduce encroachments. The taxiway between Concourse A (detached) and Concourse B is a bit tight. In real life, heavies are prohibited from using this cut-through. I have closed a single link between the two concourses reducing the chance of AI using the through fare as cut-through;


  1. Place CYUL_KA_v2.bgl and CYUL_KA_v2_CVX.bgl in a scenery folder of your choice - don't forget to activate the scenery in FSX. One location could be the Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\Scenery folder. Start up FSX and the scenery will be active. Note, CYUL should be placed at a higher scenery priority level in FSX as compared to other scenery in the area including UTX Canada or the province of Quebec landclass produced by Gilles Gauthier. To uninstall, simply remove/delete the file.

I have tested CYUL using FSX sp2, and while I don't anticipate issues with using the earlier versions (RTM and SP1), I cannot guarantee that the visuals will look the same on every setup. While not needed for the scenery to work, I also tested to ensure that CYUL works with Scenery Tech North America and FS Genesis Canada Mesh;

CYUL was tested with and optimized for MyTraffic X 5.2a and WOAI. While CYUL will work with "other" AI packages, I can't guarantee that every airline will park at the correct Concourse or gate when using other AI packages.

While every attempt was made to eliminate errors, there's no such thing as "perfect" scenery. Please let me know if you come across any MAJOR errors or problems.

Special note: CYUL was created using the powerful airport design utility by Jon Masterson (ADE V1.40). Please visit here: for more information. The approach transitions were created using official plates and ADE V1.40. A special thanks to Jim Vile who is a member of the ADE team and is the author of the approach code module of ADE. The ILS approach transitions to runways 10, 6L, 6R, and 24R and NDBDME and RNAV(GPS) approach transitions to 28 would not have been possible without Jim's KIAD tutorial and help.

Happy Flying!

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ZenonWed, 31 May 2017 17:37:04 GMT

And runway 22 Fot takeoff*

ZenonWed, 31 May 2017 01:35:36 GMT

Very nice job, it works fine .

I have a request for EHAM Amsterdam Shiphol, a little bit similar as what you did for Montreal. As i'm looking for a very realistic AFCAD of EHAM, i've made my reseachs and I though about set each runways for one action according to the wind direction and i would like to propose this :

RWY 18R/18C/36C/09 for landings.

RWY 36L/36C/04 for tkaeoffs.

the runways 09/27 for both.

Thanks for your help and i hope it will be made for fsx andP3d players.

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