FSX Northern Cook Islands Photoreal Scenery

Preview The Northern Cook Islands are a group of six islands and atolls in the South Pacific Ocean, northeast of New Zealand. The Northern Cookies in this package are: Manihiki, Nassau, Penrhyn, Pukapuka, Rakahanga and Suwarrow. Texture resolution 1m/pixel. By Tiberius Kowalski.

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The Northern Cook Islands are a group of six islands and atolls in the South Pacific Ocean, northeast of New Zealand. The Northern Cookies in this package are: Manihiki, Nassau, Penrhyn, Pukapuka, Rakahanga and Suwarrow. Texture resolution 1m/pixel. By Tiberius Kowalski.

Plane flying over Northern Cook Islands.

Plane flying over Northern Cook Islands.

How to install:

  1. Cose FSX.
  2. Extract zip file.
  3. Go to [Microsoft Flight Simulator X] ---> [Scenery] ---> [0004] ---> [Scenery] and move the following files to your backup folder in the NORTHERN_COOK_ISLANDS folder: APX05350, cvx0335, cvx0336, cvx0436, cvx0535.
  4. Run FSX.
  5. Add folder NORTHERN_COOK_ISLANDS to your scenery library.
  6. To select airport go to "Cook Islands" and choose "Northern Cook Islands" as state/province.

Display settings:

  • LOD radius: medium is enough.
  • Mesh complexity: 75 is enough.
  • Mesh resolution: 19m ---> you don't need a mesh addon.
  • Texture resolution: 1m.
  • Water effects: Max 2x.
  • Scenery complexity: normal is enough
  • Autogen density: very dense is ok but extremely dense looks best.

Weather settings:

If you set visibility at 48km or less it will look mighty real and you won't need a large LOD radius setting.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2

The archive northern_cook_islands.zip has 157 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
backup05.25.120 B
FILE_ID.DIZ05.25.12320 B
NC1.jpg05.25.12168.40 kB
NC2.jpg05.25.12114.86 kB
read me.txt05.25.121.68 kB
scenery05.25.120 B
CVX_HYDRO_NASSAU.BGL03.24.1246.48 kB
Manihiki.bgl05.11.1217.44 MB
Nassau.bgl05.12.121.89 MB
NCMH_MANIHIKI.BGL05.12.122.30 kB
NCMH_MANIHIKI_CVX.bgl05.12.12442 B
NCNA_NASSAU.BGL05.12.12833 B
NCPK_PUKAPUKA.BGL03.23.122.53 kB
NCPK_PUKAPUKA_CVX.bgl03.22.12281 B
NCPY_PENRHYN.BGL05.25.122.08 kB
NCPY_PENRHYN_CVX.bgl05.16.12258 B
NCSW_SUWARROW_CVX.bgl05.15.12251 B
Penrhyn.bgl05.24.1285.19 MB
Pukapuka.bgl05.09.126.79 MB
Rakahanga.bgl05.10.124.58 MB
Suwarrow.bgl05.15.1249.95 MB
WC_0535.bgl05.17.12549 B
texture05.22.120 B
020003333023220an.agn03.23.126.19 kB
020003333023221an.agn03.23.121.28 kB
020003333023222an.agn03.23.12704 B
020003333200030an.agn03.23.1296 B
020003333200031an.agn03.23.12176 B
020003333200130an.agn03.23.121.44 kB
020003333200131an.agn03.23.12176 B
020003333200133an.agn03.23.12216 B
020003333201000an.agn03.23.12144 B
020003333201002an.agn03.23.12128 B
020003333201022an.agn03.23.122.78 kB
020003333201023an.agn03.23.12944 B
020003333201200an.agn03.23.121.62 kB
020003333201201an.agn03.23.12640 B
020012311213223an.agn05.24.12640 B
020012311213230an.agn05.24.121.34 kB
020012311213232an.agn05.24.121.67 kB
020012311213233an.agn05.24.122.34 kB
020012311213320an.agn05.24.12632 B
020012311213321an.agn05.24.122.08 kB
020012311213322an.agn05.24.121.06 kB
020012311213330an.agn05.24.121.80 kB
020012311213332an.agn05.24.121.66 kB
020012311213333an.agn05.24.122.47 kB
020012311231001an.agn05.24.12248 B
020012311231010an.agn05.24.121.41 kB
020012311231021an.agn05.24.12184 B
020012311231023an.agn05.24.121.27 kB
020012311231030an.agn05.24.12184 B
020012311231111an.agn05.24.121.30 kB
020012311231201an.agn05.24.122.77 kB
020012311231210an.agn05.24.12536 B
020012311231212an.agn05.24.122.95 kB
020012311231230an.agn05.24.122.78 kB
020012311231231an.agn05.24.12456 B
020012311231232an.agn05.24.12256 B
020012311231233an.agn05.24.124.58 kB
020012311233011an.agn05.24.122.71 kB
020012311233100an.agn05.24.121.62 kB
020012311233101an.agn05.24.122.55 kB
020012311233103an.agn05.24.123.69 kB
020012311233112an.agn05.24.12296 B
020012311233121an.agn05.24.12248 B
020012311233130an.agn05.24.122.39 kB
020012311233132an.agn05.24.123.64 kB
020012311233310an.agn05.24.12912 B
020012311233311an.agn05.24.121.94 kB
020012311233313an.agn05.24.122.75 kB
020012311320000an.agn05.24.122.06 kB
020012311320001an.agn05.24.121.88 kB
020012311320010an.agn05.24.12736 B
020012311320012an.agn05.24.121.19 kB
020012311320030an.agn05.24.122.69 kB
020012311320032an.agn05.24.121.33 kB
020012311320210an.agn05.24.121.73 kB
020012311320211an.agn05.24.121.91 kB
020012311320213an.agn05.24.124.30 kB
020012311320231an.agn05.24.12376 B
020012311320302an.agn05.24.12176 B
020012311320320an.agn05.24.123.23 kB
020012311320322an.agn05.24.122.16 kB
020012311322031an.agn05.24.12112 B
020012311322100an.agn05.24.12360 B
020012311322101an.agn05.24.122.20 kB
020012311322102an.agn05.24.12944 B
020012311322103an.agn05.24.121.11 kB
020012311322202an.agn05.24.12704 B
020012311322203an.agn05.24.12184 B
020012311322212an.agn05.24.121.16 kB
020012320003212an.agn05.10.12240 B
020012320003230an.agn05.10.122.14 kB
020012320003231an.agn05.10.122.12 kB
020012320003232an.agn05.10.121.11 kB
020012320003233an.agn05.10.121.67 kB
020012320021010an.agn05.10.122.67 kB
020012320021011an.agn05.10.122.22 kB
020012320021012an.agn05.10.125.77 kB
020012320021013an.agn05.10.12992 B
020012320212223an.agn05.15.122.29 kB
020012320221131an.agn05.15.12360 B
020012320221133an.agn05.15.121.85 kB
020012320221311an.agn05.15.121.57 kB
020012320221313an.agn05.15.122.37 kB
020012320230001an.agn05.15.12552 B
020012320230002an.agn05.15.121.07 kB
020012320230010an.agn05.15.121.82 kB
020012320230012an.agn05.15.122.30 kB
020012320230013an.agn05.15.1296 B
020012320230020an.agn05.15.121.02 kB
020012320230022an.agn05.15.12272 B
020012320230030an.agn05.15.12360 B
020012320230031an.agn05.15.122.20 kB
020012320230033an.agn05.15.121.63 kB
020012320230122an.agn05.15.121.90 kB
020012320230202an.agn05.15.12696 B
020012320230220an.agn05.15.12664 B
020012320230221an.agn05.15.121.70 kB
020012320230223an.agn05.15.121.68 kB
020012320230232an.agn05.15.121.59 kB
020012320230233an.agn05.15.12264 B
020012320230300an.agn05.15.121.60 kB
020012320230301an.agn05.15.121.18 kB
020012320230303an.agn05.15.121.15 kB
020012320230320an.agn05.15.12648 B
020012320230321an.agn05.15.121016 B
020012320230322an.agn05.15.1296 B
020021111122033an.agn05.13.122.05 kB
020021111122211an.agn05.13.124.44 kB
020021111122300an.agn05.13.12720 B
020030023111233an.agn05.15.12472 B
020030023111301an.agn05.15.121.11 kB
020030023111322an.agn05.15.121.23 kB
020030023113100an.agn05.15.12504 B
020030032000002an.agn05.15.12896 B
020030032000020an.agn05.15.121.44 kB
020030032000022an.agn05.15.12664 B
020030032000201an.agn05.15.12400 B
020030032000212an.agn05.15.122.98 kB
020030032000213an.agn05.15.12144 B
020030032000302an.agn05.15.12192 B
020030032000332an.agn05.15.12128 B
020030032002031an.agn05.15.12272 B
020030032002110an.agn05.15.12856 B
020030032002112an.agn05.15.12992 B
020030032002201an.agn05.15.1296 B
020030032002203an.agn05.15.12328 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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