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Preview (Ex C-54G). Pan American World Airways "Clipper Berlin"; early livery. Features fully animated moving parts with rolling wheels, suspension, steerable nose gear. FDE reworked for FS2004 by Guenter Kirschstein. Base design and textures by Arik Hohmeyer, complete design rework by Chris Grabow (F...

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(Ex C-54G). Pan American World Airways "Clipper Berlin"; early livery. Features fully animated moving parts with rolling wheels, suspension, steerable nose gear. FDE reworked for FS2004 by Guenter Kirschstein. Base design and textures by Arik Hohmeyer, complete design rework by Chris Grabow (FS-Design Berlin). PAA repaint by Dale DeLuca.

Screenshot of Pan Am Douglas DC-4 in flight.

Screenshot of Pan Am Douglas DC-4 in flight.

From 1945 to 1963 Pan American had 88 C-54/DC-4's in use. From 1948 to the beginning of the sixties Pan American used circa 13 C-54/DC-4's also to Berlin-Tempelhof Central Airport. N88944 was in use by Pan Am from 1947 to 1954 and was the first DC-4 of Pan Am named "Clipper Berlin". For several months it was operated by Pan Am from Berlin-Tempelhof Central Airport on the routes to Western Germany.

The Douglas C-54/DC-4 was developed under the darkening clouds of World War 2, and upon USA's entry into the war all DC-4s then on the production line were requisitioned for the US military. The result was that the 1st DC-4 off the production line flew in 1942 wearing olive drab camouflage as the C-54 Skymaster. The C-54 admirably fitted into the USAAF's long range transport role and 1162 were built through the war years.

Post war many surplus C-54s were available for airliner conversion. The type initially formed the mainstay of most long haul passenger carriers. An additional 78 additional DC-4s were produced by Douglas to new orders. Eventually the type was replaced by faster, pressurized DC-6s and Constellations. DC-4s eventually filtered down to third level operators and freight operators.

Notable developments of the DC-4 include Aviation Trader's much modified Carvair freighter while Canadair built a number with RollsRoyce Merlin engines and pressurized fuselages. The DC-4 also formed the basis for the larger DC-6 and DC-7. The C-54/DC-4 was the first airliner to introduce a circular section, constant diameter fuselage which made stretching the basic aircraft relatively simple).

The C-54 was the workhorse of the Berlin Airlift 1948-49. More than 240 C-54 of the U.S. forces came here to use.

Four 1080kW (1450shp) Pratt & Whitney R20002SDBG Twin Wasp 14 cylinder twin row radial piston engines driving three blade constant speed propellers.

Max speed 451km/h (244kt), cruising speed 365km/h (197kt). Service ceiling 22,300ft. Range with a 5200kg (11,440lb) payload 4023km (2172nm).

Empty 19,460kg (43,300lb), max takeoff 33,112kg (73,000lb).

Wing span 35.81m (117ft 6in), length 28.60m (93ft10in), height 8.38m (27ft 6in). Wing area 135.6m2 (1460sq ft).

Total DC-4 production comprised one DC-4E, 78 commercial DC-4s, 1162 military C54 Skymasters and 42 Canadair developed Merlin powered derivatives. Almost 80 remain in commercial service, most as freighters.

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Douglas DC-4 FS200410.05.030 B
Aircraft.cfg10.05.039.23 kB
DC-4-2.air10.04.039.88 kB
texture.2paa10.05.030 B
stuff.bmp02.19.0265.05 kB
cabin_LM.bmp09.18.02257.05 kB
cabinwalls.bmp02.14.0265.05 kB
cabinwalls_LM.bmp02.19.0265.05 kB
cockpit.bmp02.11.0265.05 kB
cockpit_LM.bmp02.18.0265.05 kB
cockpit2.bmp02.11.0265.05 kB
cockpit2_LM.bmp02.18.0265.05 kB
cockpitwindows.bmp09.28.0385.40 kB
door.bmp10.04.0365.05 kB
engine.bmp02.11.0265.05 kB
engine_parts.bmp08.31.0365.05 kB
fuselages1.bmp10.04.0365.05 kB
fuselages2.bmp10.04.03341.40 kB
fuselages3.bmp10.04.03341.40 kB
gear_parts.bmp02.11.0265.05 kB
gear-back.bmp02.11.0265.05 kB
gear-front.bmp02.11.0265.05 kB
nose.bmp10.04.0317.05 kB
nose_top.bmp10.04.0365.05 kB
prop.bmp02.11.0265.05 kB
prop_rotating.bmp02.22.0265.05 kB
rudder.bmp10.04.02257.05 kB
seats.bmp05.06.0265.05 kB
seats_lm.bmp05.06.0265.05 kB
cabin.bmp09.18.02257.05 kB
stuff_2.bmp02.11.0265.05 kB
stuff_2_LM.bmp02.18.0265.05 kB
stuff_LM.bmp02.13.0265.05 kB
vc.bmp09.06.0365.05 kB
vc_LM.bmp09.06.0365.05 kB
wing_bottom.bmp10.04.03341.40 kB
wing_top.bmp10.04.03257.05 kB
panel10.05.030 B
panel.cfg09.20.0333 B
sound10.05.030 B
Sound.cfg09.20.0335 B
model10.05.030 B
Model.cfg10.01.0326 B
DC-4-04.mdl10.03.031.27 MB
file_id.diz09.27.03462 B
readFirst.txt10.10.0317.11 kB
dc44paa.gif10.10.037.64 kB
dc44paa.jpg10.10.0349.56 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
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