FSX BC PNW Lighthouses Scenery

BC PNW Lighthouses. Eighteen light houses from the Pacific Northwest area of British Columbia, Canada. Based on real world locations including their helipads. Flights were created to start you at each helipad. Great for bush pilots flying VFR along the BC coast as well. Recommend having Orbx's...

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BC PNW Lighthouses. Eighteen light houses from the Pacific Northwest area of British Columbia, Canada. Based on real world locations including their helipads. Flights were created to start you at each helipad. Great for bush pilots flying VFR along the BC coast as well. Recommend having Orbx's FTX NA Blue Pacific Northwest installed. By Mike Mann.

Screenshot of BC PNW Lighthouses Scenery.

Screenshot of BC PNW Lighthouses Scenery.

I include for your enjoyment a selection of eighteen lighthouses from the Pacific Northwest area of British Columbia. The criteria for the selection of lighthouses was that they have a helipad and were staffed and operated by the Canadian Coast Guard. All these lightstations are based on their real world counterparts, no fictitious locations are included here.

The design philosophy of these lightstations was, from the outset of this project, keep it frame rate friendly. The simplicity of the structures and their remote nature help to ensure that frame rates are kept high even on fairly modest powered computers.

Although all the lighthouses I have included in this package have a helipad, this scenery will also benefit bush pilots flying coastal British Columbia. Lighthouses make great VFR location indicators!

This package was designed to be used with Orbx's FTX NA Blue Pacific Northwest (PNW).

1. After unzipping the BCPNWLighthouses.zip file, copy the BCPNWLighthouses folder into your Addon Scenery folder \\Program Files\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery

2. Add BCPNWLighthouses through your scenery FSX settings and make sure it is above all the Orbx PNW entries.

3. To use the flights just copy them over from the Flights folder into your Flight Simulator X Files folder \\My Documents\Flight Simulator X Files

4. This scenery was designed for a mesh resolution of 10 m. Set your FSX – Settings – Display – Scenery – Mesh resolution: 10

I have created a flight for each lighthouse which starts you at the helipad at that location, using the default Bell 206B JetRanger. Please feel free to alter these flights to utilize the helicopter of your choice, with the type of weather and time of day/season to suit yourself. When loading a flight, check the Load Flight Description, I have described the approximate location for each of the lighthouses.

Thanks to Arno Gerretsen for Library Creator XML and ModelConverterX, Jon Masterson for Airport Design Editor, Martin Wright for DTXBmp and Richard Ludowise for TcalcX.

The archive bcpnwlighthouses.zip has 104 files and directories contained within it.

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BC PNW Lighthouses02.07.110 B
BC PNW Lighthouses.pdf02.07.11282.03 kB
BCPNWLighthouses02.06.110 B
scenery02.06.110 B
Addenbroke_Island_Lighthouse_CVX.bgl10.11.10276 B
Addenbroke_Island_Lighthouse_OBJ.BGL10.11.10348 B
Cape_Beale_Lighthouse_CVX.bgl09.11.10355 B
Cape_Beale_Lighthouse_OBJ.BGL09.11.10412 B
Cape_Mudge_Lighthouse_CVX.bgl09.11.10232 B
Cape_Mudge_Lighthouse_OBJ.BGL09.11.10476 B
Cape_Scott_Lighthouse_CVX.bgl09.11.10312 B
Cape_Scott_Lighthouse_OBJ.BGL09.11.10348 B
Carmanah_Point_Lighthouse_CVX.bgl09.11.10312 B
Carmanah_Point_Lighthouse_OBJ.BGL09.11.10924 B
Chatham_Point_Lighthouse_CVX.bgl09.11.10228 B
Chatham_Point_Lighthouse_OBJ.BGL09.11.10348 B
Chrome_Island_Lighthouse_CVX.bgl09.11.10323 B
Chrome_Island_Lighthouse_OBJ.BGL09.11.10412 B
Egg_Island_Lighthouse_CVX.bgl10.11.10292 B
Egg_Island_Lighthouse_OBJ.BGL10.11.10348 B
Entrance_Island_Lighthouse_CVX.bgl09.11.10312 B
Entrance_Island_Lighthouse_OBJ.BGL09.11.10412 B
Estevan_Point_Lighthouse_CVX.bgl09.12.10323 B
Estevan_Point_Lighthouse_OBJ.BGL09.12.10476 B
Lennard_Island_Lighthouse_OBJ.BGL09.30.10604 B
LightstationObjects.bgl02.06.1175.38 kB
Merry_Island_Lighthouse_CVX.bgl09.29.10227 B
Merry_Island_Lighthouse_OBJ.BGL09.29.10348 B
Nootka_Lighthouse_CVX.bgl09.30.10360 B
Nootka_Lighthouse_OBJ.BGL09.30.10348 B
Pachena_Point_Lighthouse_CVX.bgl09.30.10255 B
Pachena_Point_Lighthouse_OBJ.BGL09.30.10348 B
Pine_Island_Lighthouse_CVX.bgl09.30.10376 B
Pine_Island_Lighthouse_OBJ.BGL09.30.10540 B
Pulteney_Point_Lighthouse_CVX.bgl09.30.10280 B
Pulteney_Point_Lighthouse_OBJ.BGL09.30.10412 B
Quatsino_Lighthouse_CVX.bgl09.30.10276 B
Quatsino_Lighthouse_OBJ.BGL09.30.10220 B
Scarlett_Point_Lighthouse_CVX.bgl09.30.10360 B
Scarlett_Point_Lighthouse_OBJ.BGL09.30.10476 B
Vancouver_Island_Lighthouses.BGL10.11.102.31 kB
texture02.06.110 B
LightstationwAlpha.dds09.18.10682.79 kB
LightstationwAlpha_LM.dds09.18.10682.79 kB
File_id.diz02.07.11351 B
Flights02.07.110 B
Addenbroke Island Lighthouse.FLT10.11.109.52 kB
Addenbroke Island Lighthouse.FSSAVE10.11.10205.92 kB
Addenbroke Island Lighthouse.WX10.11.10157.83 kB
Cape Beale Lighthouse.FLT09.13.109.56 kB
Cape Beale Lighthouse.FSSAVE09.13.10197.00 kB
Cape Beale Lighthouse.WX09.13.10144.11 kB
Cape Mudge Lighthouse.FLT09.13.109.48 kB
Cape Mudge Lighthouse.FSSAVE09.13.10226.05 kB
Cape Mudge Lighthouse.WX09.13.10173.61 kB
Cape Scott Lighthouse.FLT08.28.109.38 kB
Cape Scott Lighthouse.FSSAVE08.28.10154.60 kB
Cape Scott Lighthouse.WX08.28.10167.46 kB
Carmanah Point Lighthouse.FLT09.13.109.62 kB
Carmanah Point Lighthouse.FSSAVE09.13.10162.31 kB
Carmanah Point Lighthouse.WX09.13.10142.34 kB
Chatham Point Lighthouse.FLT09.13.109.40 kB
Chatham Point Lighthouse.FSSAVE09.13.10213.07 kB
Chatham Point Lighthouse.WX09.13.10145.84 kB
Chrome Island Lighthouse.FLT09.11.109.54 kB
Chrome Island Lighthouse.FSSAVE09.11.10162.85 kB
Chrome Island Lighthouse.WX09.11.10155.52 kB
Egg Island Lighthouse.FLT10.11.109.35 kB
Egg Island Lighthouse.FSSAVE10.11.10206.77 kB
Egg Island Lighthouse.WX10.11.10158.18 kB
Entrance Island Lighthouse.FLT10.13.109.53 kB
Entrance Island Lighthouse.FSSAVE10.13.10170.14 kB
Entrance Island Lighthouse.WX10.13.10157.75 kB
Estevan Point Lighthouse.FLT10.13.109.33 kB
Estevan Point Lighthouse.FSSAVE10.13.10208.37 kB
Estevan Point Lighthouse.WX10.13.10145.39 kB
Lennard Island Lighthouse.FLT09.30.109.58 kB
Lennard Island Lighthouse.FSSAVE09.30.10150.17 kB
Lennard Island Lighthouse.WX09.30.10157.45 kB
Merry Island Lighthouse.FLT09.29.109.59 kB
Merry Island Lighthouse.FSSAVE09.29.10179.44 kB
Merry Island Lighthouse.WX09.29.10164.21 kB
Nootka Lighthouse.FLT09.30.109.62 kB
Nootka Lighthouse.FSSAVE09.30.10182.08 kB
Nootka Lighthouse.WX09.30.10151.75 kB
Pachena Point Lighthouse.FLT09.01.109.64 kB
Pachena Point Lighthouse.FSSAVE09.01.10162.95 kB
Pachena Point Lighthouse.WX09.01.10142.13 kB
Pine Island Lighthouse.FLT08.29.109.50 kB
Pine Island Lighthouse.FSSAVE08.29.10220.52 kB
Pine Island Lighthouse.WX08.29.10158.95 kB
Pulteney Point Lighthouse.FLT09.02.109.57 kB
Pulteney Point Lighthouse.FSSAVE09.02.10178.19 kB
Pulteney Point Lighthouse.WX09.02.10178.09 kB
Quatsino Lighthouse.FLT08.28.109.58 kB
Quatsino Lighthouse.FSSAVE08.28.10138.09 kB
Quatsino Lighthouse.WX08.28.10157.70 kB
Scarlett Point Lighthouse.FLT08.29.109.67 kB
Scarlett Point Lighthouse.FSSAVE08.29.10221.15 kB
Scarlett Point Lighthouse.WX08.29.10153.66 kB
Readme.txt02.07.113.51 kB
thumbnail.gif02.07.116.23 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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