FSX Seahawks Boeing 747-8F

PreviewThis B747-8F was originally destined for Atlas, however it was never accepted by them, and thus remained with Boeing. Preceding the Superbowl 2014, N770BA was painted in a livery to honor the local team, who later went on to win. This is painted for the Project Open Sky 747-8F, and has only been ...

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This B747-8F was originally destined for Atlas, however it was never accepted by them, and thus remained with Boeing. Preceding the Superbowl 2014, N770BA was painted in a livery to honor the local team, who later went on to win. This is painted for the Project Open Sky 747-8F, and has only been tested in FSX. By Michael Demura.

Screenshot of Seahawks Boeing 747-8F on the ground.

Screenshot of Seahawks Boeing 747-8F on the ground.


  • These are only textures for the Project Opensky 747-8F.
  • These textures have only been tested in FSX, support will not be offered to FS2004 users.


  • Copy texture.Seahawks to your Project Opensky 747-8F folder.
  • Paste the following into your aircraft.cfg, replacing "X" with the next number (starting at 0).

title=Project Opensky - Boeing 747-8F Seahawks

atc_parking_types=RAMP, CARGO

ui_typerole=Commercial Airliner
ui_createdby=Project Opensky
ui_variation=Seahawks Livery


description=Project Opensky \nBoeing 747-8F\nVersion 2010.6.7\n\nEngine Type GEnx\n\n Paint by Michael Demura. Proudly painted in Melbourne, Australia.

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The archive posky_748_seahawks.zip has 86 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Readme.txt02.04.141.09 kB
sea4.jpg02.01.14258.66 kB
Texture.Seahawks02.04.140 B
DECAL_OS748FBODYL.BMP01.31.144.00 MB
DECAL_OS748FBODYR.BMP01.31.144.00 MB
DECAL_OS748V4.bmp01.31.144.00 MB
Os_st_l.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
Os_st_t.bmp01.31.141.00 MB
Os_wt500e_l.bmp01.31.141.00 MB
Os_wt500e_t.bmp01.31.141.00 MB
OS742_Parts_L.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
OS742_Parts_T.BMP01.31.144.00 MB
OS742_Parts2_L.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
OS742_Parts2_T.bmp01.31.141.00 MB
Os742CARGO_INTERIOR_L.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
Os742CARGO_INTERIOR_T.bmp01.31.141.33 MB
Os744_COCKPIT_L.bmp01.31.14256.07 kB
Os744_COCKPIT_T.BMP01.31.141.00 MB
Os744_COCKPITWINDOW_L.bmp01.31.1464.07 kB
Os744_COCKPITWINDOW_T.bmp01.31.14256.07 kB
Os744F_FWD_CARGO.bmp01.31.144.00 MB
OS747_ANTCOL_RED.BMP01.31.141.07 kB
Os747_GLASSCOVER_L.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
Os747_GLASSCOVER_T.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
Os747CONTAINER_FRONT.bmp01.31.141.00 MB
Os747CONTAINER_REAR.bmp01.31.141.00 MB
OS747F__INTERIOR_L.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
OS747F__INTERIOR_T.bmp01.31.144.00 MB
Os747F_FWD_CARGO.BMP01.31.144.00 MB
OS747F_NOSE_LOGO.bmp01.31.14128.07 kB
Os747F_SCD_CARGO.BMP01.31.144.00 MB
OS747frontwheel_L.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
OS747frontwheel_T.bmp01.31.14256.07 kB
Os747GENX_fanblurred.bmp01.31.14256.07 kB
Os747GENX_fanSlow.bmp01.31.14256.07 kB
Os747L1DOOR.BMP01.31.14170.75 kB
OS747maintire_L.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
OS747maintire_T.bmp01.31.14256.07 kB
OS747mainwheelF_L.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
OS747mainwheelF_T.bmp01.31.14256.07 kB
OS747mainwheelR_L.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
OS747mainwheelR_T.bmp01.31.14256.07 kB
OS747nosetire_L.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
OS747nosetire_T.bmp01.31.14256.07 kB
Os747shaft_L.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
Os747shaft_t.bmp01.31.145.43 kB
Os747tailstand_l.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
Os747tailstand_t.bmp01.31.14256.07 kB
OS747wingwheelF_l.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
OS747wingwheelF_T.bmp01.31.14256.07 kB
OS747wingwheelR_l.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
OS747wingwheelR_T.bmp01.31.14256.07 kB
OS748_TEFLAPGUIDE_L.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
OS748_TEFLAPGUIDE_T.bmp01.31.14256.07 kB
Os748_wing_l_in_l.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
Os748_wing_l_in_T.bmp01.31.144.00 MB
Os748_wing_l_out_l.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
Os748_wing_l_out_T.bmp01.31.144.00 MB
Os748_wing_r_in_l.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
Os748_wing_r_in_T.bmp01.31.144.00 MB
Os748_wing_r_out_l.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
Os748_wing_r_out_T.bmp01.31.144.00 MB
Os748Fbody_l_L.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
Os748Fbody_l_t.bmp01.31.141.00 MB
Os748Fbody_r_L.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
Os748Fbody_r_t.bmp02.01.141.00 MB
Os748GENX_L.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
Os748GENX_LPYLON_L.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
Os748GENX_LPYLON_T.bmp01.31.144.00 MB
Os748GENX_RPYLON_L.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
Os748GENX_RPYLON_T.bmp01.31.144.00 MB
Os748GENX_T.bmp01.31.141.00 MB
OS748Option.bmp01.31.1464.07 kB
Osbl_i_l.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
Osbl_i_t.bmp01.31.141.00 MB
Oshl_i_l.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
Oshl_i_t.bmp01.31.141.00 MB
Osll_i_l.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
Osll_i_t.bmp01.31.141.00 MB
Osll2_i_l.bmp01.31.141.07 kB
Osll2_i_t.bmp01.31.141.00 MB
Seahawks.bmp01.31.141.00 MB
thumbnail.jpg02.01.1431.96 kB
Thumbs.db01.31.1492.50 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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