X-Plane 11 SBBI Curitiba Bacacheri Airport Scenery

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This is an X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 10 scenery package for Bacacheri Airport (IATA: BFH, ICAO: SBBI), which is an airport in Curitiba, Parana, in Brazil. It is named after the neighborhood where it is located. It is operated by Infraero.

Aerial view of the airport and the surrounding town.It includes corrected aprons, ramps, gates, taxiways, lighting system, city buildings (for the city of Curitiba), orthophoto scenery for the airfield area, and (XP11 only) airport ground services (like push back).

The history of Bacacheri airport begins in 1930 as an air field for Military Aviation. In 1942 the Ministry of Air Force officially upgraded the facility to the status of an Air Force Base. On March 31, 1980, Bacacheri Air Force Base was decommissioned and its administration handled over to Infraero. However, Bacacheri still has a strong military presence because the Brazilian Integrated Air Traffic Control and Air Defense Center section 2 (Cindacta II) is located in the vicinity of the airport. In 1997 the airport was closed for scheduled operations and since then it is mostly dedicated to general aviation and aircraft maintenance operations. No scheduled flights operate at this airport.

This scenery was tested and is operational (as of June 30, 2017) in "X-Plane 11.02r1 64 bit", Windows 10 Home. It was also tested and is also operational (as of June 30, 2017) in "X-Plane 10.51 64 bit", Windows 10 Home.

A set of PDF charts (updated as of June 2017) are provided for SBBI/BFH airport. They are official and free of charge, provided by the Brazilian aeronautical authority. You can find them in the folder "SBBI Charts", in this package. These charts are constantly updated by the Brazilian aeronautical authority. Visit them online to download future updates: http://www.aisweb.aer.mil.br/index.cfm?i=cartas (search for SBBI in the search box).

X-Plane 11 Installation:

Two folders are provided. You only need the one marked XP11. Copy and paste the folder "BR PR SBBI - Bacacheri Airport XP11 v1.0.0" into your "\X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery" folder, as usual in the X-Plane world. Do not copy the folder marked XP10.

X-Plane 10 Installation:

Two folders are provided. You only need the one marked XP10. Copy and paste the folder "BR PR SBBI - Bacacheri Airport XP10 v1.0.0" into your "\X-Plane 10\Custom Scenery" folder, as usual in the X-Plane world. Do not copy the folder marked XP11.

Additional scenery libraries needed:

Only the default X-Plane 11 libraries, by Laminar Research, are needed. No third party libraries are used.

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The archive br_pr_sbbi_-_bacacheri_airport_v1_0_0.zip has 70 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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_readme.txt06.30.172.95 kB
-26-050.dsf06.30.1734.32 kB
apt.dat06.30.17150.48 kB
earth.wed.bak.xml06.30.173.50 MB
earth.wed.xml06.30.173.50 MB
jokey.dds06.26.175.33 MB
jokey.pol06.26.17129 B
ortho.dds06.26.175.33 MB
ortho.pol06.26.17129 B
validation_report.txt06.30.170 B
Earth nav data06.30.170 B
-30-05006.30.170 B
-26-050.dsf06.30.1734.32 kB
apt.dat06.30.17184.34 kB
earth.wed.bak.xml06.30.173.92 MB
earth.wed.xml06.30.173.94 MB
ortho06.30.170 B
jokey.dds06.26.175.33 MB
jokey.pol06.26.17129 B
ortho.dds06.26.175.33 MB
ortho.pol06.26.17129 B
validation_report.txt06.30.170 B
BR PR SBBI a.jpg06.30.17175.30 kB
BR PR SBBI b.jpg06.30.17168.31 kB
BR PR SBBI c.jpg06.30.17162.49 kB
BR PR SBBI d.jpg06.30.17177.93 kB
BR PR SBBI e.jpg06.30.17176.34 kB
BR PR SBBI f.jpg06.30.17174.19 kB
BR PR SBBI g.jpg06.30.17172.08 kB
BR PR SBBI h.jpg06.30.17168.75 kB
BR PR SBBI i.jpg06.30.17160.24 kB
BR PR SBBI j.jpg06.30.17188.22 kB
BR PR SBBI k.jpg06.30.17174.58 kB
BR PR SBBI l.jpg06.30.17184.10 kB
BR PR SBBI m.jpg06.30.17164.48 kB
BR PR SBBI n.jpg06.30.17157.04 kB
BR PR SBBI o.jpg06.30.17184.76 kB
BR PR SBBI p.jpg06.30.17153.85 kB
BR PR SBBI q.jpg06.30.17180.78 kB
BR PR SBBI r.jpg06.30.17145.70 kB
BR PR SBBI s.jpg06.30.17180.67 kB
BR PR SBBI t.jpg06.30.17165.47 kB
BR PR SBBI u.jpg06.30.17167.68 kB
BR PR SBBI v.jpg06.30.17147.23 kB
BR PR SBBI w.jpg06.30.17175.66 kB
BR PR SBBI x.jpg06.30.17183.74 kB
BR PR SBBI y.jpg06.30.17156.08 kB
BR PR SBBI z.jpg06.30.17147.44 kB
BR PR SBBI z1.jpg06.30.17162.68 kB
BR PR SBBI z2.jpg06.30.17161.99 kB
BR PR SBBI z3.jpg06.30.17165.79 kB
BR PR SBBI z4.jpg06.30.17166.37 kB
BR PR SBBI z5.jpg06.30.17146.37 kB
BR PR SBBI z6.jpg06.30.17157.43 kB
sbbi_adc-sbbi_adc_20170622.pdf06.29.17212.63 kB
sbbi_gibta-1b-rwy-18-36_sid_20160721.pdf06.29.17524.71 kB
sbbi_iac-sbbi-rnav--gnss--rwy-36_iac_20150205.pdf06.29.17365.43 kB
sbbi_ndb-a-rwy18_iac_20161013.pdf06.29.17179.42 kB
sbbi_pdc-sbbi_pdc_20160915.pdf06.29.17225.57 kB
sbbi_rnav-relex-1a-rwy-18_sid_20160721.pdf06.29.17440.37 kB
sbbi_rnav-relex-1a-rwy-36_sid_20160721.pdf06.29.17266.76 kB
sbbi_utpel-3-rwy-18-36_sid_20151015.pdf06.29.17140.53 kB
sbbi_vac-sbbi_vac_20140724.pdf06.29.17250.57 kB
sbbi_vor-dme-y-rwy-36_iac_20140724.pdf06.29.17189.75 kB
sbbi_vor-dme-z-rwy-36_iac_20140724.pdf06.29.17184.17 kB
sbbi_vor-rwy-36_iac_20140724.pdf06.29.17184.03 kB
thumb.gif06.30.1715.84 kB
thumb.jpg06.30.17194.72 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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