FSX/P3D Lebanon Complete Photoreal Scenery

PreviewA trip to the Lebanese Republic in Western Asia is very much a trip you can enjoy. However, anyone flying on a regular flight simulator might feel a touch let down.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D) including P3Dv4 & P3Dv5
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A trip to the Lebanese Republic in Western Asia is very much a trip you can enjoy. However, anyone flying on a regular flight simulator might feel a touch let down.

Demonstration in P3Dv4.This major Asian nation often lacks the detail that you would expect, and this can ruin much of the spectacle of coming to this nation. If you would like to see this stunning part of the Mediterranean Basin, then now is the time: this add-on includes details which never before existed within any of the major simulators discussed above.

Bordered by major nations such as Syria and Israel, Lebanon is a major Asian stop-off point for many pilots. Flying here normally, though, would show you a nation without any unique identity or culture: everything looks the same.

This add-on for FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3D (including version 4) solves that issue, adding much-needed detail where none existed beforehand.

Covering a hugely impressive 4.73 GB in space, this recreation of the country adds attention to detail where none existed beforehand. Using an impressive 1m/pixel scenery depth, too, users can enjoy working within the nation now that it is magnified under a much richer level of detail.

Fully tested on FSX and P3D, users can fly to the major parts of Lebanon and see it come to life like never before.

Also, this is fully compatible with popular scenery add-ons such as FreeMesh X Global. This helps to improve the landscape and layout even further again.

What’s new?

  • An impressive take on the nation of Lebanon, using 4.73 GB of disk space to cover this Western Asian nation.
  • Fully compatible with popular add-ons such as FreeMesh X Global to further enhance the view of the scenery.
  • Accuracy in scenery and layout ensures that the whole country comes to life, covering all 10,452 square kilometers of the smallest nation in mainland Asia.
  • Cities and various other parts of the Lebanese culture and landscape change entirely to look much more in-line with the country itself.
  • Rich detail below ensures that everything from rural farmland to large flats and mountain areas all maintains much richer attention to detail.

Tested with FSX, FSX: Steam Editon and Prepar3D v4. This is a very large file download.

Note: This scenery would work best with a high-quality mesh texture package. We recommend FreeMeshX Global (FreeMeshX-Global-2.0.zip) which you can download here.

Developer: FTXDes (Project Open Scenery)

Coverage Map

Lebanon coverage map.

Images & Screenshots

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ReadMe _POS_Lebanon.pdf04.12.18629.48 kB
Scenery04.12.180 B
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033120000_N033020000_E035020000_E035140000.bgl04.08.1892.81 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033120000_N033020000_E035140000_E035260000.bgl04.05.18114.27 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033120000_N033020000_E035260000_E035380000.bgl04.05.1849.24 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033220000_N033120000_E035020000_E035140000.bgl04.08.18102.77 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033220000_N033120000_E035140000_E035260000.bgl04.08.18161.93 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033220000_N033120000_E035260000_E035380000.bgl04.05.18124.91 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033220000_N033120000_E035380000_E035500000.bgl04.05.1856.02 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033320000_N033220000_E035140000_E035260000.bgl04.08.18119.29 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033320000_N033220000_E035260000_E035380000.bgl04.05.18155.79 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033320000_N033220000_E035380000_E035500000.bgl04.05.18163.68 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033320000_N033220000_E035500000_E036020000.bgl04.05.1862.15 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033420000_N033320000_E035140000_E035260000.bgl04.09.1852.71 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033420000_N033320000_E035260000_E035380000.bgl04.09.18145.59 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033420000_N033320000_E035380000_E035500000.bgl04.08.18145.61 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033420000_N033320000_E035500000_E036020000.bgl04.05.18120.39 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033420000_N033320000_E036020000_E036140000.bgl04.05.187.31 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033520000_N033420000_E035140000_E035260000.bgl04.09.1813.04 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033520000_N033420000_E035260000_E035380000.bgl04.09.18155.34 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033520000_N033420000_E035380000_E035500000.bgl04.12.18148.69 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033520000_N033420000_E035500000_E036020000.bgl04.12.18123.59 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033520000_N033420000_E036020000_E036140000.bgl04.04.1845.74 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N033520000_N033420000_E036140000_E036260000.bgl04.04.1823.30 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034020000_N033520000_E035260000_E035380000.bgl04.09.1880.57 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034020000_N033520000_E035380000_E035500000.bgl04.09.18157.26 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034020000_N033520000_E035500000_E036020000.bgl04.05.18151.61 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034020000_N033520000_E036020000_E036140000.bgl04.05.18124.61 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034020000_N033520000_E036140000_E036260000.bgl04.11.1881.73 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034120000_N034020000_E035260000_E035380000.bgl04.10.1819.20 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034120000_N034020000_E035380000_E035500000.bgl04.10.18145.19 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034120000_N034020000_E035500000_E036020000.bgl04.07.18157.72 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034120000_N034020000_E036020000_E036140000.bgl04.07.18137.21 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034120000_N034020000_E036140000_E036260000.bgl04.11.18140.54 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034120000_N034020000_E036260000_E036380000.bgl04.11.1878.92 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034220000_N034120000_E035260000_E035380000.bgl04.10.1811.02 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034220000_N034120000_E035380000_E035500000.bgl04.10.18132.52 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034220000_N034120000_E035500000_E036020000.bgl04.07.18157.53 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034220000_N034120000_E036020000_E036140000.bgl04.07.18154.63 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034220000_N034120000_E036140000_E036260000.bgl04.07.18138.87 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034220000_N034120000_E036260000_E036380000.bgl04.04.1885.53 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034320000_N034220000_E035380000_E035500000.bgl04.11.1839.82 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034320000_N034220000_E035500000_E036020000.bgl04.11.18135.00 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034320000_N034220000_E036020000_E036140000.bgl04.07.18144.16 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034320000_N034220000_E036140000_E036260000.bgl04.07.18141.28 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034320000_N034220000_E036260000_E036380000.bgl04.04.1842.20 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034420000_N034320000_E035500000_E036020000.bgl04.11.1833.40 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034420000_N034320000_E036020000_E036140000.bgl04.07.1878.77 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034420000_N034320000_E036140000_E036260000.bgl04.04.1885.42 MB
Area_Lp1_SnapOff_N034420000_N034320000_E036260000_E036380000.bgl04.04.185.22 MB
Screenshots12.11.180 B
1.jpg12.11.18259.56 kB
10.jpg12.11.18268.70 kB
11.jpg12.11.18297.61 kB
12.jpg12.11.18215.93 kB
2.jpg12.11.18412.44 kB
3.jpg12.11.18279.73 kB
4.jpg12.11.18404.46 kB
5.jpg12.11.18254.76 kB
6.jpg12.11.18207.70 kB
7.jpg12.11.18256.85 kB
8.jpg12.11.18237.00 kB
9.jpg12.11.18398.50 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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