MSFS Padua "Gino Allegri" Airport (LIPU) Scenery

PreviewEmbark on a realistic and immersive flight experience with the Padua "Gino Allegri" Airport (LIPU) scenery add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. This meticulously crafted freeware upgrade brings notable enhancements to the default Padova Airport, augmenting both the visual fidelity and ope...

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Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 Release
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Embark on a realistic and immersive flight experience with the Padua "Gino Allegri" Airport (LIPU) scenery add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. This meticulously crafted freeware upgrade brings notable enhancements to the default Padova Airport, augmenting both the visual fidelity and operational accuracy.

Padua/Padova airport with runway depicted in Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 release after installing this freeware mod.Key Enhancements

  • Advanced ATC Integration: Includes a new ATC frequency (123.250), ensuring more authentic air traffic communication.
  • Refined Parking Areas: Overhauled parking layouts for improved realism in aircraft positioning.
  • Updated Taxiways: Corrections to taxiway layouts enhance ground navigation, reflecting real-world airport changes.
  • New Taxiway Signage: Added signs provide clearer taxiway navigation, aligning with actual airport markers.
  • Optimized PAPI System: Adjustments to Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPI) for accurate glide slope information.
  • Additional Helipad Positions: Introduced parking positions 30 and 31 specifically for helicopters, enhancing rotary-wing operations.
  • AI Traffic Adjustments: Disabled AI ground aircraft parking at helipads, reducing ground clutter and enhancing realism.
  • 3D Model Integration: Seamlessly incorporated 3D models from FSX to enrich visual appeal.
  • Diverse Scenery Objects: Various new scenery objects introduced, elevating the overall aesthetic experience.

Installation Instructions

Install this add-on with ease. Simply extract the archive and copy the erasam-airport-lipu folder into your MSFS community folder. Quick, straightforward, and ready to enhance your flight sim experience.

About Padova Airport

Located in the Veneto region of Italy, Padova Airport, officially known as Gino Allegri Airport, serves Padua and its surrounding areas. It's a vital hub for general aviation and offers a diverse range of flight experiences, from commercial operations to flight training. This scenery add-on mirrors the airport's unique characteristics, bringing its Italian charm to your simulator.

As enthusiasts delve into this scenery upgrade, they'll notice the attention to detail and commitment to authenticity that sets this add-on apart. It's a testament to the vibrant and dedicated MSFS community, where passion for aviation and simulation converge.

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Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4
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About the Developer: erasam

This mod was developed by erasam.

Erasam, a seasoned aficionado in the flight simulation domain, has carved a niche in the realm of Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020. With a rich legacy tracing back to the Sublogic version, their expertise resonates through each mod. Their focus? Crafting immersive Italian scenery and detailed Italian aircraft, enriching the MSFS experience with a distinct, culturally rich flavor. This dedication not only enhances the virtual skies but also serves as a beacon for enthusiasts seeking authentic, regional aviation experiences.


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The archive has 151 files and directories contained within it.

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Go to Fly Away Simulation.url08.22.1952 B
Screenshots11.24.230 B
screen-1.png11.24.2313.06 MB
screen-2.png11.24.2315.26 MB
screen-3.png11.24.2315.30 MB
erasam-airport-lipu12.05.220 B
AirportServices12.05.220 B
lipu12.05.220 B
Services.xml03.21.21473 B
ContentInfo12.05.220 B
erasam-airport-lipu12.05.220 B
ContentHistory.json12.05.22143 B
Thumbnail.jpg06.04.2123.10 kB
MaterialLibs12.05.220 B
LIPUmaterials12.05.220 B
04.PNG.DDS06.15.21341.50 kB
04.PNG.DDS.json06.15.21249 B
04.png.DDS.FLAGS06.15.2139 B
22.PNG.DDS06.15.21341.50 kB
22.PNG.DDS.json06.15.21249 B
22.png.DDS.FLAGS06.15.2139 B
Library.xml12.03.222.11 kB
layout.json12.05.2216.07 kB
manifest.json12.05.22290 B
scenery12.05.220 B
airport12.05.220 B
airport.BGL12.03.22222.92 kB
texture12.05.220 B
CIUFFO2.PNG.DDS06.07.21682.83 kB
CIUFFO2.PNG.DDS.json06.07.21119 B
PADOVACITY2.PNG.DDS06.07.21682.80 kB
PADOVACITY2.PNG.DDS.json06.07.21102 B
PADOVACITY3.PNG.DDS06.07.21682.80 kB
PADOVACITY3.PNG.DDS.json06.07.21102 B
PADOVALIPU.PNG.DDS06.10.21682.80 kB
PADOVALIPU.PNG.DDS.json06.10.21102 B
PADOVALIPU1.PNG.DDS06.05.21682.80 kB
PADOVALIPU1.PNG.DDS.json06.05.21102 B
PADOVALIPU2.PNG.DDS06.07.21682.80 kB
PADOVALIPU2.PNG.DDS.json06.07.21102 B
PADOVALIPU3.PNG.DDS06.10.21341.48 kB
PADOVALIPU3.PNG.DDS.json06.10.21102 B
airportSCN.bgl12.05.22183.96 kB
misc12.05.220 B
misc.BGL12.03.223.26 MB
texture12.05.220 B
ANTENNA.PNG.DDS01.23.2125.49 kB
ANTENNA.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
BRICKS1.PNG.DDS01.23.21112.18 kB
BRICKS1.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
CARRIER.PNG.DDS02.06.2131.82 kB
CARRIER.PNG.DDS.json02.06.21102 B
CHECK.PNG.DDS01.23.2121.48 kB
CHECK.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21119 B
CONCRETE.PNG.DDS01.23.2142.80 kB
CONCRETE.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
CONCRETE1.PNG.DDS01.23.21682.80 kB
CONCRETE1.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
DECAL.PNG.DDS02.14.212.98 MB
DECAL.PNG.DDS.json02.14.21119 B
ESTINTORE.PNG.DDS02.13.2142.80 kB
ESTINTORE.PNG.DDS.json02.13.21102 B
GLASS2.PNG.DDS01.23.21231.61 kB
GLASS2.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
GLASS3.PNG.DDS01.23.21170.80 kB
GLASS3.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
GLASS4.PNG.DDS01.23.2142.83 kB
GLASS4.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21119 B
GLASS5.PNG.DDS01.23.2125.08 kB
GLASS5.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21119 B
GLASS6.PNG.DDS01.23.2175.84 kB
GLASS6.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
GRILL.PNG.DDS01.23.2142.83 kB
GRILL.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21119 B
GRILL2.PNG.DDS01.23.2142.83 kB
GRILL2.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21119 B
KLIMA.PNG.DDS01.23.21130.84 kB
KLIMA.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
LOGO.PNG.DDS02.13.2196.15 kB
LOGO.PNG.DDS.json02.13.21102 B
MATERIAL_1004_BASECOLOR.PNG.DDS.json01.24.21102 B
MATERIAL_1286_BASECOLOR.PNG.DDS.json01.24.21119 B
MATERIAL_936_BASECOLOR.PNG.DDS.json01.24.21102 B
MATERIAL_940_BASECOLOR.PNG.DDS.json01.24.21102 B
MATERIAL_941_BASECOLOR.PNG.DDS.json01.24.21102 B
MATERIAL_942_BASECOLOR.PNG.DDS.json01.24.21102 B
MATERIAL_943_BASECOLOR.PNG.DDS.json01.24.21102 B
MATERIAL_970_BASECOLOR.PNG.DDS.json01.24.21102 B
MATERIAL_996_BASECOLOR.PNG.DDS.json01.24.21102 B
MATERIAL_998_BASECOLOR.PNG.DDS.json01.24.21102 B
NET.PNG.DDS01.23.2185.48 kB
NET.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21119 B
PERGOLA1.PNG.DDS01.23.21682.80 kB
PERGOLA1.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
PERGOLA2.PNG.DDS01.25.211.33 MB
PERGOLA2.PNG.DDS.json01.25.21119 B
PERGOLA3.PNG.DDS01.25.211.33 MB
PERGOLA3.PNG.DDS.json01.25.21119 B
PORTAL1.PNG.DDS01.26.21179.69 kB
PORTAL1.PNG.DDS.json01.26.21119 B
PORTAL2.PNG.DDS01.26.21125.75 kB
PORTAL2.PNG.DDS.json01.26.21119 B
ROOF.PNG.DDS01.23.21170.80 kB
ROOF.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
SIDE.PNG.DDS01.23.2142.82 kB
SIDE.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
SIGN.PNG.DDS01.23.2183.30 kB
SIGN.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21119 B
SIGN2.PNG.DDS01.23.2110.80 kB
SIGN2.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
SIGN3.PNG.DDS01.23.2123.66 kB
SIGN3.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
STAIRS.PNG.DDS01.23.2110.82 kB
STAIRS.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
STANDARD_1.PNG.DDS01.25.21977.67 kB
STANDARD_1.PNG.DDS.json01.25.21119 B
TENDA.PNG.DDS01.23.21163.39 kB
TENDA.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21119 B
TOP5.PNG.DDS01.23.21129.89 kB
TOP5.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21119 B
TOP8.PNG.DDS01.23.2111.70 kB
TOP8.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
WALL3.PNG.DDS01.23.21682.80 kB
WALL3.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
WINDOW1.PNG.DDS01.23.21186.95 kB
WINDOW1.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
WINDOW2.PNG.DDS01.23.21463.09 kB
WINDOW2.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21119 B
WINDOW4.PNG.DDS01.23.21151.55 kB
WINDOW4.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21119 B
WINDOW5.PNG.DDS01.23.2141.16 kB
WINDOW5.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
WINDOW6.PNG.DDS01.23.2141.16 kB
WINDOW6.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
WINDOW7.PNG.DDS01.23.2161.14 kB
WINDOW7.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
WINDOWS3.PNG.DDS01.23.21170.82 kB
WINDOWS3.PNG.DDS.json01.23.21102 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.02.201.20 kB
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