FSX EGTN Enstone Airfield Scenery

PreviewEGTN Enstone Airfield located on the edge of the Cotswolds in the centre of England, UK. Enstone started life as a WWII bomber crew training base and is now a busy GA airfield. Highly accurate detailed scenery with custom objects, runway textures, blended flatten, and ground features. Suitable fo...

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EGTN Enstone Airfield located on the edge of the Cotswolds in the centre of England, UK. Enstone started life as a WWII bomber crew training base and is now a busy GA airfield. Highly accurate detailed scenery with custom objects, runway textures, blended flatten, and ground features. Suitable for use with photo scenery or default. By Tim Arnot and Ian Melville.

EGTN Enstone Airfield Scenery.

EGTN Enstone Airfield Scenery.

The airfield at Enstone was built in 1942 as a satellite station for Moreton in Marsh. Wellington bombers were the main force based here, but the site was also used by many other aircraft. Air crews were trained here on Wellington Bombers, and on completion of their training were either moved onto the Lancaster, Halifax and other heavy bomber squadrons or remained flying Wellingtons around the UK and overseas. Most of these pilots were too young to hold a driving licence yet they were trained and sent to fly bombers deep into occupied Europe. Following the Allied victory in Europe, Enstone airfield was officially decommissioned at the beginning of 1946.

During the 1950s and 1960s, the airfield was used for night flying training on early jets - Meteors, Vampires and Venoms. In the late 60s it was sold to Esso, who laid asphalt on the main runway, and used it for surface testing. The 1970s saw crop sprayng aircraft based at the airfield. It was at this time the green hangar was built on the dispersal in the South East corner. The blister hangar extension was later added. Gliding came to the field in the 1980s-90s, followed by the present day GA activities.

Modern day Enstone Aerodrome comprises two separate airports: Enstone (EGTN - the ICAO code was issued in 2008) has two runways oriented 08-26, One is paved Asphalt, known as 08 or 26 Hard, the other grass, known as South Side Grass. In addition, there is a very short section of the disused 15-33 crosswind runway that can be used for microlights. The other airport is Enstone North Side (UK03). This retains the original Microsoft faux ICAO code. There is a single grass runway, oriented 08-26, known as North Side Grass. There is no aircraft access between North Side and South Side operations at ground level.

There are three FBOs on the site: North Side Grass ("NSG"), Oxfordshire Sport Flying ("OSF") and Enstone Flying Club ("EFC"). NSG parking is accessed via the UK03 ICAO code, the others from EGTN. OSF is on the North side of the hard runway, adjacent to NSG, and has a small grass apron for visitor parking ('N parking'). EFC is at the South-East corner of the field ('SE Parking') and has two grass aprons as well as some hard standing. The concrete pads are SE Parking 1 through 6. Visitor parking is on the grass by the mast; residents parking is on the grass beyond the hangar.
Fuel is available from EFC.

All circuits are to the North. Microlights and motor gliders 600ft QFE; other light aircraft 800ft QFE. Avoid overflying local villages

The airfield is only open between 08:00 and sunset.

Enstone Radio is on 129.875. Flight Simulator does not support Air/Ground stations, so it is modelled as Enstone Tower.


Unzip this distribution into a temporary folder, and then move the folders into your FSX Addon Scenery folder (or the location of your choice).

*** NOTE 1: ***
The following additional files are needed to see certain objects:


*** NOTE 2: ***
For VFR photographic scenery users, the Scenery\Photo folder contains files to make the grass runway textures invisible, allowing you to see the photographic runways. Simply copy these into the Scenery folder, overwriting the existing ones. The Scenery\Default folder contains the textured runway files, so you can replace them at a later time should you so wish.

Run FSX and activate the scenery.

Scenery Density Setting:

This scenery requires a minimum setting of "Normal". However, some scenery objects will only be visible at higher settings. The higher your setting, the more that will appear, all the way up to "Extremely Dense". There is nothing at the higher settings that is "required" for operation of the airfield -- it can be considered as added eye candy.


AI aircraft are not included with this scenery, however there are a number of locally based aircraft that can be downloaded as wither complete aircraft or paints for commercial/freeware aircraft.

Enstone_TBs.zip A collection of five socata TB10 aircraft (freeware, Premiercraft)
pa30-guava-fsx.zip Repaint for Eaglesoft's payware Twin Comanche
texture.ghdae.zip and texture.ghdae_240371.zip Repaint of Rick Piper's freeware Chipmunk

Keep an eye on the file libraries for other locally based aircraft.

We recommend AI Flight Planner (AIFP) for designing and building AI flight plans.

Designated Parking: It is possible to have your AI park in designated areas on the airfield. You will need to specify one of the following atc_parking_codes in the aircraft.cfg file:

EFC - grass parking at Enstone Flying Club
PAD - hard standing at Enstone Flying Club
OSF - grass parking at Oxfordshire Sport Flying

Use this scenery at your own risk. No liability is accepted for anything that happens to your PC as a result of using this scenery (not that it should). No support is available.

EGTN Enstone Airfield Scenery.

EGTN Enstone Airfield Scenery.

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The archive enstonex.zip has 157 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
ReadMe-EGTN.txt05.16.096.69 kB
scenery03.09.090 B
Default03.08.090 B
EGTN_ADE_TA.BGL03.30.097.73 kB
UK03_ADE_TA.BGL03.30.091.97 kB
EFC-bluecontainer.BGL09.06.0868.28 kB
EFC-caravan.BGL09.06.0825.93 kB
EFC-fence.BGL01.07.09104.24 kB
EFC-gastank.BGL01.02.0942.75 kB
EFC-incendiary-store.BGL03.08.0930.13 kB
EFC-mast.BGL02.13.0942.12 kB
EFC-Miskin.BGL02.28.09193.50 kB
EFC-nissen.BGL02.28.0960.19 kB
EFC-nissen-Microlight.BGL09.06.0813.28 kB
EFC-portakabin.BGL01.06.0922.43 kB
EFCsigns.bgl01.14.09380 B
EFC-Truck.BGL02.15.09100.76 kB
EFC-Tshelter1.BGL01.06.0971.41 kB
EFC-Tshelter2.BGL01.06.09147.89 kB
EFC-Tshelter3.BGL01.06.0992.24 kB
EFC-WindVane.BGL09.06.0810.64 kB
EGTN_ADE_TA.BGL03.30.097.73 kB
EGTN_ADE_TA_CVX.bgl03.08.0910.78 kB
EGTN_ADE_TA_OBJ.BGL03.08.0923.07 kB
EGTN_Exclude.BGL07.27.07112 B
EGTN_Fences.BGL03.01.094.26 kB
EGTN_ObjectsLib.bgl02.24.091.65 MB
EGTN_ObjectsLib.txt02.24.094.79 kB
EGTN_Placement.BGL03.15.0917.39 kB
EGTN_Runway.bgl02.04.095.29 kB
EGTN_RunwayCracks.bgl02.04.091.88 kB
EGTN_RunwayMarkings.bgl03.18.0916.51 kB
EGTN_RunwayOverlay.bgl02.04.092.64 kB
EGTN_Statics.BGL02.24.091.03 kB
EGTN_Vegetation.BGL03.08.0915.61 kB
EGTN_VegetationGrass.BGL02.24.0923.95 kB
EGTN_Vehicles.BGL12.25.081.21 kB
EGTN-1945-tower.BGL01.06.0963.39 kB
EGTN-PhoneMast.BGL03.06.09100.59 kB
EGTN-shed.BGL02.13.095.76 kB
IND-ABN.BGL03.05.0931.38 kB
IND-abnfence.bgl03.08.0910.46 kB
IND-boundrylib.bgl03.04.0939.21 kB
IND-Buildingslib.bgl03.06.09196.35 kB
IND-Estate.bgl03.06.091.46 kB
IND-Gounderyfence.bgl03.08.098.34 kB
IND-rollrightfence.bgl03.04.093.90 kB
OSF-genny.BGL02.27.0927.08 kB
OSF-tower.BGL01.07.09193.69 kB
Photo03.07.090 B
EGTN_ADE_TA.BGL03.30.097.73 kB
UK03_ADE_TA.BGL03.30.091.97 kB
post1m.BGL02.27.093.50 kB
post2metre.BGL02.27.093.50 kB
Static Gyro.BGL11.14.08375.67 kB
Statics1LibFSX.BGL12.31.083.25 MB
Traffic_.bgl02.18.092.69 kB
UK03_ADE_TA.BGL03.30.091.97 kB
texture03.07.090 B
abn.dds03.04.09682.79 kB
Barriers.dds02.04.09341.48 kB
blister1.dds12.30.081.33 MB
blister2.dds08.10.071.00 MB
blisterefc.dds11.02.071.33 MB
blisterefc_spec.dds11.02.071.00 MB
bombstore512.dds11.02.08341.45 kB
chainlink.dds02.27.0985.45 kB
concrete.dds08.10.074.00 MB
coyote1.dds12.31.0842.79 kB
coyote3.dds12.31.0842.79 kB
Dispersal.dds12.21.08341.48 kB
EFC_Taxiway.dds01.22.092.67 MB
efcassorted.dds11.29.071.33 MB
EFCassorted2.dds11.22.071.33 MB
efcFlag.dds11.01.0785.48 kB
efcGates.dds01.14.091.33 MB
EFCSigns.dds12.19.081.33 MB
EFCSigns2.dds12.19.08341.48 kB
EGTN_Asphalt.dds12.17.081.33 MB
EGTN_Bins.dds02.14.091.33 MB
EGTN_Grass_Banks.dds02.11.09170.78 kB
EGTN_Runway_Cracks.dds02.04.091.33 MB
EGTN_RWY_Texture.dds01.25.091.33 MB
EGTN_Taxiways.dds12.17.081.33 MB
EGTN_Taxiways1.dds12.17.081.33 MB
EGTN-shed.dds02.14.0942.79 kB
EnstoneSigns.dds02.20.091.33 MB
fin.dds12.31.08170.79 kB
fin2.dds12.31.08170.79 kB
Frame1.dds11.04.071.33 MB
FuelPump.dds12.19.08341.48 kB
fus.dds12.31.08170.79 kB
fus2.dds12.31.08170.79 kB
generator.dds11.02.071.33 MB
Grasses.dds12.18.08341.52 kB
gyroted.dds11.14.08341.45 kB
gyroted2.dds11.14.08341.45 kB
indroofs1.dds02.27.09682.79 kB
indsigns.dds03.04.09170.79 kB
indwalls1.___dds02.10.09682.79 kB
indwalls1.dds02.27.09341.45 kB
indwalls2.dds02.27.09341.45 kB
Marquee.dds02.20.09341.48 kB
mast4.dds11.02.071.33 MB
microlight.dds11.02.071.33 MB
newtower.dds12.30.081.33 MB
newtower_lm.dds12.30.08682.79 kB
newtower_spec.dds12.30.081.33 MB
nissen-efc1.dds03.06.091.33 MB
nissen-efc1_lm.dds03.06.09682.79 kB
nissen-efc1_spec.dds12.30.081.33 MB
nissen-efc2.dds03.06.091.33 MB
nissen-efc2_lm.dds03.06.09682.79 kB
NSG_Hangar1.dds09.03.081.33 MB
NSG_Hangar2.dds09.07.08170.80 kB
NSG_Hangar2_lm.dds12.29.08682.80 kB
NSG_Hangar3.dds09.10.08170.80 kB
NSG_Hangar3_lm.dds12.29.08682.80 kB
NSG_Poly.dds10.15.08170.80 kB
osfgenny.dds10.20.08682.79 kB
OSFHangars1.dds03.08.081.33 MB
OSFHangars2.dds03.08.081.33 MB
portakabin.dds10.18.071.00 MB
post.dds02.27.0942.79 kB
RallyHut.dds01.01.081.33 MB
RallyHut_spec.dds12.30.071.33 MB
RoadSigns1.dds02.02.09341.48 kB
roof.dds11.05.08170.79 kB
roof256.dds11.08.0842.79 kB
SecurityHut.dds12.19.08341.48 kB
SecurityHut_lm.dds12.28.08682.80 kB
SPtex.dds12.31.08170.79 kB
static aircraft1662005.dds01.08.07682.79 kB
T2.dds02.27.09682.79 kB
tail.dds12.31.08170.79 kB
tail2.dds12.31.08170.79 kB
TaxiLine.dds12.23.085.48 kB
TaxiwaySegments.dds12.21.081.33 MB
TaxiwaySegments2.dds12.22.081.33 MB
towertexturenew.dds12.30.081.33 MB
trelis2.dds01.06.09170.83 kB
truck.dds02.16.09341.45 kB
VisionFence.dds01.15.09341.48 kB
White.dds02.04.095.48 kB
win.dds12.31.08170.79 kB
win2.dds12.31.08170.79 kB
xair.dds12.31.0842.79 kB
EGTN-1.jpg03.09.0995.25 kB
EGTN-2.jpg03.09.09109.38 kB
EGTN-3.jpg03.09.09101.71 kB
EGTN-4.jpg03.09.09116.93 kB
EGTN-5.jpg03.09.0992.30 kB
EGTN-non-photo.jpg03.09.09184.54 kB
EGTN-Panorama.jpg03.09.0972.43 kB
FILE_ID.diz05.16.09384 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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