FSX Pocatello Midwest B-29 Bases Scenery

Pocatello Midwest B-29 Bases, and others. This is an update of previous projects that have now been updated for FSX. The airports included are Pocatello Idaho (ID), WW2 B-29 training bases Fairmont, Bruning, Walker, and several others. By Robert Pearson.

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Pocatello Midwest B-29 Bases, and others. This is an update of previous projects that have now been updated for FSX. The airports included are Pocatello Idaho (ID), WW2 B-29 training bases Fairmont, Bruning, Walker, and several others. By Robert Pearson.

I used Airport Design Editor, FSDS 3.5, Library Maker form Instant Scenery, RWY12 objects were inported into ADE. Copy into your addon scenery folder and make sure the objects folder is included in your scenery library listing. Use this material as you want as long as no money is involved and credit given.

The archive bobsfsxairports01.zip has 177 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
objects08.10.090 B
scenery07.25.090 B
texture08.10.090 B
scenery08.10.090 B
texture07.23.090 B
ag_tree_lib.BGL10.26.0410.76 kB
Beacons 01.bgl07.08.09152.93 kB
Beacons 01.txt07.08.09370 B
Bob Objects.bgl08.10.094.54 MB
Bob Objects.txt08.10.095.04 kB
radars.bgl04.28.091.51 MB
RampLight_Library.bgl01.11.0530.63 kB
006b2hw1.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
006b2su1.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
Airport_beacon_tower_H.bmp08.23.0585.42 kB
Antena.bmp08.21.05170.75 kB
AVFule sign.bmp03.29.0510.75 kB
b29 hangar door red.bmp12.04.04170.75 kB
b29 hangar door.bmp08.26.04170.75 kB
baracks front white clapboard.bmp11.14.04170.75 kB
baracks side white clapboard.bmp11.14.04170.75 kB
Barracks front.bmp11.14.04170.75 kB
Barracks side.bmp11.14.04170.75 kB
ba_tb3_4.bmp08.11.0622.39 kB
beacon pole.bmp08.28.065.58 kB
beacon_tower.bmp08.23.05170.74 kB
beacon_tower_lm.bmp08.23.05170.74 kB
Blue hangar window.bmp11.16.04170.75 kB
bole.bmp01.26.0432.07 kB
brownhanger1.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
brownhanger1_lm.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
brownhanger2.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
brownhanger2_lm.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
checker.bmp12.27.08170.75 kB
cmpf.jaj01.13.01342.39 kB
concrete light.bmp12.06.0486.39 kB
concrete.bmp08.10.0465.05 kB
concrete1.bmp07.29.0342.75 kB
Corrugated beige steel hotizontal.bmp08.17.0442.75 kB
Corrugated beige steel vertical.bmp08.17.0442.75 kB
Corrugated blue steel hotizontal.bmp07.31.0442.75 kB
Corrugated blue steel vertical.bmp07.31.0442.75 kB
Corrugated gray steel hotizontal.bmp07.31.0442.75 kB
Corrugated gray steel vertical.bmp07.31.0442.75 kB
Corrugated green fiberglass vertical.bmp08.13.0442.75 kB
Corrugated white steel vertical.bmp07.23.0942.75 kB
CorrugatedRoof.bmp05.31.0310.74 kB
deck3H.bmp07.29.0342.75 kB
dorr.bmp10.29.0432.07 kB
dorr_.bmp01.03.0186.39 kB
FAA NO trespassing sign.bmp08.19.0410.75 kB
gategeneric.bmp01.22.0565.05 kB
gategeneric_lm.bmp01.22.0565.05 kB
GenericAirportBuildings1.bmp05.12.06170.74 kB
GenericAirportBuildings2.bmp07.17.09341.42 kB
GI Aviaton logo.bmp03.29.05170.75 kB
GI hangaar old door.bmp03.29.0542.75 kB
GI hangar door.bmp03.29.0542.75 kB
hangar B-29 side white clapboard.bmp11.15.04170.75 kB
herington door.bmp10.29.04170.75 kB
herington siding.bmp10.29.04170.75 kB
herington window.bmp10.29.0442.75 kB
hgr1.bmp01.02.0642.74 kB
hgr1_lm.bmp01.03.0642.74 kB
IF terminal blue windows.bmp04.28.0542.75 kB
isu hangar front.bmp08.24.04170.75 kB
ISU hangar siding.bmp08.24.0442.75 kB
kbl_1.bmp04.02.0432.07 kB
kearney hangar door.bmp12.21.04170.75 kB
KU brick.bmp08.24.06682.75 kB
KU yellow steel.bmp08.24.06682.75 kB
large hangar 01.bmp08.29.06682.75 kB
large hangar 02.bmp08.29.06170.77 kB
lewrence term stone front.bmp08.23.06170.75 kB
MediumAirport.bmp05.12.06170.74 kB
Mooses_Tooth_Cab.bmp05.24.04341.43 kB
Mooses_Tooth_trk_box.bmp11.03.04128.07 kB
mtlrfH.bmp10.29.0432.07 kB
oldwd.bmp10.29.0432.07 kB
oldwdV.bmp10.29.0432.07 kB
orange chiminy bricks top.bmp08.26.0442.75 kB
orange chiminy bricks.bmp08.26.04170.75 kB
poky new mant big door.bmp08.20.04170.75 kB
poky new mant small door.bmp08.20.0442.75 kB
Poky slideing door warehouse.bmp08.19.0442.75 kB
poky terminal roof brown.bmp10.31.0442.75 kB
poky warehouse cinderblock other end.bmp08.19.04170.75 kB
poky warehouse cinderblock end.bmp08.19.04192.05 kB
poky warehouse cinderblock roof end.bmp08.19.04170.75 kB
poky warehouse cinderblock roof other end.bmp08.19.04192.05 kB
poky warehouse cinderblock.bmp08.19.0442.75 kB
poky warehouse door.bmp08.19.04170.75 kB
poky warehouse siding.bmp08.19.0442.75 kB
poky weather brick.bmp09.11.04170.75 kB
RB back.bmp04.27.05170.75 kB
RB backtop.bmp04.27.05170.75 kB
RB doors.bmp04.27.05170.75 kB
RB sign.bmp04.27.05170.75 kB
redbaron01.bmp04.23.05170.75 kB
road4a.bmp12.16.071.07 kB
rock springs faa brick.bmp03.26.05170.75 kB
rock springs faa door.bmp03.26.05170.75 kB
rock springs faa window.bmp03.26.05170.75 kB
rock springs fire back.bmp03.26.05170.75 kB
rock springs fire brick.bmp03.26.0542.75 kB
rock springs fire door.bmp03.26.05170.75 kB
rock springs fire window.bmp03.26.0542.75 kB
roof blue.bmp08.27.042.39 kB
roof2.bmp04.17.032.39 kB
roof5.bmp04.17.032.39 kB
rose.bmp11.19.04170.75 kB
RS hangar door.bmp03.22.05170.75 kB
rstyhgr.bmp11.28.0721.40 kB
rstyhgr_lm.bmp11.29.07170.74 kB
SCLodge1.bmp09.08.04128.07 kB
SCLodge2.bmp09.10.04128.07 kB
sky_midnight_1.bmp05.02.033.07 kB
stone01.bmp08.20.0410.75 kB
Tan hangar window.bmp11.16.04170.75 kB
taxi_brick.bmp04.17.0342.74 kB
theater door.bmp08.31.04170.75 kB
tower red white.bmp09.11.0410.75 kB
tower sideing.bmp08.17.0442.75 kB
tower_beacon_small.bmp08.23.0542.73 kB
tower_beacon_small_lm.bmp08.23.0542.73 kB
Transiant hangar door.bmp08.28.04170.75 kB
white clapboards.bmp08.13.0410.75 kB
white door.bmp08.19.0410.75 kB
white siding asbestoes.bmp08.19.0410.75 kB
window 3x4.bmp08.08.0410.75 kB
window2.bmp08.16.0442.75 kB
window3.bmp08.16.0442.75 kB
wood2hv.bmp10.29.0432.07 kB
0U2_ADE_RBP.BGL07.31.094.35 kB
0U2_ADE_RBP_CVX.bgl07.31.09244 B
7KS_ADE_RBP.BGL07.29.095.51 kB
7KS_ADE_RBP_CVX.bgl07.29.09429 B
8KS_ADE_RBP.BGL07.29.095.28 kB
8KS_ADE_RBP_CVX.bgl07.29.09247 B
K102_ADE_RBP.BGL07.28.099.24 kB
K102_ADE_RBP_CVX.bgl07.28.09420 B
K79_ADE_RBP.BGL08.07.097.26 kB
K79_ADE_RBP_CVX.bgl08.07.09220 B
KAIA_ADE_RBP.BGL07.21.0916.59 kB
KAIA_ADE_RBP_CVX.bgl07.21.091.01 kB
KANW_ADE_RBP.BGL08.01.0912.09 kB
KANW_ADE_RBP_CVX.bgl08.01.09304 B
KBRU_ADE_RBP.BGL08.06.0910.51 kB
KBRU_ADE_RBP_CVX.bgl08.06.091.51 kB
KEAR_ADE_RBP.BGL08.02.0922.62 kB
KEAR_ADE_RBP_CVX.bgl08.02.09948 B
KFMZ_ADE_RBP.BGL08.05.0922.80 kB
KFMZ_ADE_RBP_CVX.bgl08.05.091.73 kB
KGBD_ADE_RBP.BGL07.28.0918.12 kB
KGBD_ADE_RBP_CVX.bgl07.28.09866 B
KGRI_ADE_RBP.BGL07.21.0921.99 kB
KGRI_ADE_RBP_CVX.bgl07.21.09606 B
KLWC_ADE_RBP.BGL08.05.0917.49 kB
KLWC_ADE_RBP_CVX.bgl08.05.09556 B
KPIH_ADE_RBP.BGL08.10.0945.59 kB
KPIH_ADE_RBP_CVX.bgl08.10.092.24 kB
KPTS_ADE_RBP.BGL07.29.0920.34 kB
KPTS_ADE_RBP_CVX.bgl07.29.09520 B
KPTT_ADE_RBP.BGL08.05.0915.45 kB
KPTT_ADE_RBP_CVX.bgl08.05.09646 B
KSEI_ADE_RBP.Bbb07.22.0937.21 kB
KSEI_ADE_RBP.BGL07.31.0937.45 kB
KSEI_ADE_RBP_CVX.bbb07.22.091.34 kB
KSEI_ADE_RBP_CVX.bgl07.31.091.50 kB
KSMN_ADE_RBP.BGL08.05.0912.59 kB
KSNY_ADE_RBP.BGL08.06.0914.00 kB
KSNY_ADE_RBP_CVX.bgl08.06.09335 B
KWAF_ADE_RBP.BGL08.05.0912.49 kB
KWAF_ADE_RBP_CVX.bgl08.05.091.28 kB
read me.txt08.10.09535 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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