FSX Barbados International Airport Scenery

PreviewBarbados International Airport (TBPB). Grantley Adams International Airport for FSX. This scenery represents a complete redevelopment of the stock airport and reflects the state of the airport in 2007/2008. Features 3D models of the main terminals made in Gmax plus cargo area, fire station, Conco...

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Barbados International Airport (TBPB). Grantley Adams International Airport for FSX. This scenery represents a complete redevelopment of the stock airport and reflects the state of the airport in 2007/2008. Features 3D models of the main terminals made in Gmax plus cargo area, fire station, Concorde Experience Museum and other ancillary structures in the airport property and beyond, photoreal ground polygons designed in Gmax, 3D taxi lighting and approach lighting system for runway 09. By Max Kraus.

Barbados International Airport Scenery.

Barbados International Airport Scenery.

Thank you for downloading Grantley Adams International Airport for FSX. This scenery represents a complete redevelopment of the stock FSX airport and reflects the state of the airport in 2007/2008 prior to any planned modernisation works to the cargo terminal (which I am unsure as to the status).

Note: Whilst this work comprises of textures that have been created by me, through several personal visits to the airport plus photographs that have been provided to me, some users may find certain areas of the airport differ slightly to their own experience. In these areas I have provided my best effort to make them as accurate as possible but some places just simply cannot be photographed in detail.

The scenery has been re-made for FSX SP2 and FSXA compatibility.


Grantley Adams International Airport (ICAO: TBPB) is found in Seawell, Christ Church on the southern side of the island of Barbados. It is located 8 miles from the capital city of Bridgetown and dates back to the 1930's. It is a hub for most major airlines in the eastern Caribbean and has been a destination of British tourists and airlines for some time and due to it's status as a former British colony, many British have residences here and it has become known as a playground for the rich and famous. So much so that Barbados was one of the destinations for the British Airways concorde which flew daily flights from London for some many years. The Concorde aircraft G-BOAE is now on permanent display in the new "Barbados Concorde Experience" museum to the east of the main field.


This scenery features the following

1. 3D models of the main terminals made in GMAX plus. Cargo area, fire station, Concorde Museum and other ancillary structures in the airport property and beyond.

2. Photoreal Ground polygons designed in GMax

3. 3D taxi lighting and approach lighting system for Runway 09


1. Create a temporary folder and Unzip the zip file into this folder.
2. Place the folder "TBPB_FSX" into your "Addon Scenery" Folder.
3. Start FS, activate your new scenery by adding the folder "TBPB" to your Scenery Library. FSX will automatically rebuild your scenery library.
6. You are now ready to fly!


St Maarten to Barbados (B737, A320) 382nm: TNCM DCT ELOPO UB520 ANU UL776 ANKAR DCT TBPB


Miami to Barbados (b757, b767): KMIA SID SKIPS BR53V RAJAY BR55V PRUNE A555 HINZY BR53V ZQA A555 DDP G633 GANBO

Martinique to Barbados (Dash8): TFFF SID BORUS DCT TBPB


Grantley Adams FSX is complememted by the fantastic scenery by Paul Wheeler titled.

PW Sceneries Volume 2 - The Grenadines, St Vincent and Barbados.

Paul has kindly made a small patch to enable Grantley Adams to work with PW Sceneries Vol2. Please refer to PW Sceneries documentation on how to go about this.


Gmax by Turbosquid
Instant Scenery Object placer and library creator.

Enjoy and regards,

Max Kraus

Barbados International Airport Scenery.

Barbados International Airport Scenery.

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1.jpg09.11.09191.70 kB
2.jpg09.11.09183.38 kB
3.jpg09.13.09449.58 kB
Charts09.20.090 B
TBPB_Airport_Diagram.jpg09.17.09101.04 kB
TBPB_ILS_Rwy_09.jpg09.12.09124.18 kB
TBPB_NDB_Rwy09.jpg09.12.0993.26 kB
TBPB_VOR_DME_Rwy_09.jpg09.12.09179.49 kB
TBPB_VOR_Rwy09.jpg09.12.0995.41 kB
Readme_FSX.txt09.21.093.68 kB
scenery09.21.090 B
10_TBPB_apron.bgl08.30.0948.01 kB
12_TBPB_Linework.bgl01.28.09216.49 kB
14_TBPB_cracks.bgl01.29.0910.76 kB
16_TBPB_dirt1.bgl08.30.098.67 kB
18_TBPB_dirt2.bgl08.30.091.22 kB
20_TBPB_noise.bgl08.30.0917.82 kB
8_TBPB_photo.bgl08.30.0934.71 kB
AFX_TBPB.bgl09.21.096.86 kB
grassedge.BGL09.11.0958.88 kB
lightpoles.BGL09.12.09157.72 kB
LIGHTS_PAPI09.BGL12.22.081.04 kB
PAPI.BGL11.08.0831.80 kB
RWYLIGHTING.BGL12.29.0823.53 kB
taxilights.BGL12.22.0816.45 kB
taxilights_3D.BGL12.22.08491.74 kB
TBPB_ADEX_MK_CVX.bgl09.16.09230 B
TBPB_applights3d.bgl09.07.091.54 kB
tbpb_cargo.BGL12.29.0874.83 kB
tbpb_cargo2.BGL11.30.0817.26 kB
tbpb_concorde.BGL12.25.0819.46 kB
tbpb_hangarb.BGL10.31.083.98 kB
tbpb_hangarc.BGL12.01.085.10 kB
tbpb_industrial1.BGL12.29.083.95 kB
tbpb_industrial2.BGL01.06.095.71 kB
tbpb_lib.bgl09.15.09586.28 kB
tbpb_lib.txt09.15.094.04 kB
TBPB_lighting.bgl09.15.093.89 kB
tbpb_mainA.BGL09.11.09845.97 kB
tbpb_mainB.BGL09.10.09119.34 kB
TBPB_objects.bgl01.20.096.37 kB
TBPB_perimfence.bgl09.07.098.15 kB
TBPB_vehicles.bgl09.08.0912.18 kB
tbpbx_fire01.BGL09.06.0914.36 kB
tbpbx_ILS.BGL09.03.098.76 kB
tbpbx_NDB.BGL09.06.09102.22 kB
tbpbx_tower.BGL09.06.0940.21 kB
tbpbx_trees.BGL09.20.099.46 kB
tbpbx_trolleys.BGL09.07.092.86 kB
tbpbx_VOR.BGL09.06.0980.12 kB
TBPB-FSXv100.gif09.21.099.66 kB
texture09.20.090 B
Apron_Asph2a.bmp11.25.08682.73 kB
Apron_Asph2a_lm.bmp12.09.08682.73 kB
Apron_Asph2b.bmp11.15.08682.73 kB
Apron_Asph2b_lm.bmp12.09.08682.73 kB
Apron_Conc.bmp11.25.08170.74 kB
Apron_Conc_lm.bmp12.07.08170.74 kB
Apron_Conc2.bmp11.25.08170.74 kB
Apron_Conc2_lm.bmp12.07.08170.74 kB
Apron_Conc3.bmp11.25.08170.74 kB
Apron_Conc3_lm.bmp12.07.08170.74 kB
apronlines.bmp01.29.09341.40 kB
apronlines_lm.bmp12.09.08341.40 kB
Asph_cracks.bmp11.19.08682.73 kB
Asph_cracks_lm.bmp11.19.08682.73 kB
BagTug1.bmp01.26.09341.40 kB
BagTug1_lm.bmp01.26.09341.40 kB
blastfence.bmp12.29.08170.74 kB
blastfence_lm.bmp12.29.08170.74 kB
Bus_canop.bmp12.26.0885.40 kB
Bus_canop_lm.bmp12.26.0885.40 kB
Canop_gate.bmp12.26.0885.40 kB
Canop_gate_lm.bmp12.26.0885.40 kB
Canop_small.bmp12.26.0821.40 kB
Canop_small_lm.bmp12.26.0842.73 kB
Canopy_above.bmp09.20.08341.40 kB
Canopy_above_lm.bmp09.24.08170.74 kB
Canopy_below.bmp09.20.08341.40 kB
Canopy_below_lm.bmp09.20.08341.40 kB
Canopy23_above.bmp12.02.08170.74 kB
Canopy23_above_lm.bmp09.27.08341.40 kB
Canopy23_below.bmp09.27.08341.40 kB
Canopy23_below_lm.bmp09.27.08341.40 kB
Canopy56.bmp09.27.08341.40 kB
Canopy56_lm.bmp09.27.08341.40 kB
Car_pickup.bmp12.07.08341.40 kB
Car_pickup_lm.bmp12.08.08170.74 kB
car_sedans.bmp12.27.08682.74 kB
car_sedans_lm.bmp12.27.08682.74 kB
car_vans1.bmp12.25.08170.74 kB
car_vans1_lm.bmp12.25.08170.74 kB
cars1.bmp12.13.08170.74 kB
cars1_lm.bmp12.13.08170.74 kB
cars2.bmp12.13.08170.74 kB
cars2_lm.bmp12.13.08170.74 kB
cars3.bmp12.14.0842.74 kB
cars3_lm.bmp12.14.0842.74 kB
cars4.bmp12.16.08170.74 kB
cars4_lm.bmp12.16.08170.74 kB
cars5.bmp12.16.08682.74 kB
cars5_lm.bmp12.16.08682.74 kB
cars6.bmp12.16.08170.74 kB
cars6_lm.bmp12.16.08170.74 kB
cars7.bmp01.06.09682.74 kB
cars7_lm.bmp01.05.09682.74 kB
Ceiling_landside.bmp09.21.0885.40 kB
Ceiling_landside_lm.bmp09.21.0885.40 kB
chattel.bmp11.26.08170.74 kB
chattel_lm.bmp11.26.08170.74 kB
conc_crack.bmp11.19.08341.40 kB
conc_crack_lm.bmp11.19.08341.40 kB
Conc1.bmp11.19.081.33 MB
Conc1_lm.bmp12.10.081.33 MB
Conc2.bmp11.19.081.33 MB
Conc2_lm.bmp12.10.081.33 MB
concexp.bmp11.22.08170.74 kB
concexp_lm.bmp11.23.08170.74 kB
fence_small.bmp12.28.08170.74 kB
fence_small_lm.bmp12.28.08170.74 kB
fencewgrass.bmp12.28.08170.74 kB
fencewgrass_lm.bmp12.28.08170.74 kB
fencewsolid.bmp01.03.09170.74 kB
fencewsolid_lm.bmp01.03.09170.74 kB
GAIA_SIGN.bmp12.28.0842.70 kB
GAIA_SIGN_lm.bmp12.28.0842.70 kB
Gate_deco.bmp11.23.0842.74 kB
Gate_deco_lm.bmp11.23.0842.74 kB
Gateroof.bmp11.22.0810.73 kB
Gateroof_lm.bmp11.22.0810.73 kB
gates_ceiling.bmp12.26.0810.73 kB
gates_ceiling_lm.bmp12.26.0810.73 kB
Gates_Int.bmp09.21.0885.38 kB
Gates_Int_lm.bmp09.21.0885.38 kB
grassedge.bmp01.17.0942.70 kB
grassedge_lm.bmp12.30.0842.70 kB
grnd_lighting.bmp01.31.0942.74 kB
grnd_lighting_lm.bmp01.31.0942.74 kB
jetfuel.bmp12.13.08170.74 kB
jetfuel_lm.bmp12.13.08170.74 kB
lightflare.bmp11.25.08341.40 kB
lightflare_lm.bmp11.25.08341.40 kB
mainsteel.bmp12.26.08682.74 kB
mainsteel_lm.bmp12.26.08682.74 kB
MainTerm1.bmp12.26.08682.74 kB
MainTerm1_lm.bmp12.26.08682.74 kB
Misc.bmp12.26.08170.74 kB
Misc_lm.bmp12.26.08170.74 kB
Misc2.bmp12.26.08170.74 kB
Misc2_lm.bmp12.26.08170.74 kB
Misc3.bmp12.03.08170.74 kB
Misc3_lm.bmp12.26.08170.74 kB
Misc4.bmp11.23.08170.74 kB
Misc4_lm.bmp11.23.08170.74 kB
misc5.bmp12.29.08170.74 kB
misc5_lm.bmp12.29.08170.74 kB
pushtug.bmp12.09.08170.74 kB
pushtug_lm.bmp12.09.08170.74 kB
rangerover.bmp12.15.08170.74 kB
rangerover_lm.bmp12.15.08170.74 kB
Roof_main.bmp09.20.08341.38 kB
Roof_main_lm.bmp09.21.08341.38 kB
RoofBeam.bmp09.21.0885.38 kB
RoofBeam_lm.bmp12.26.0842.73 kB
rwaylowres.bmp01.04.095.33 MB
rwaylowres_lm.bmp12.10.085.33 MB
rwaylowres2.bmp11.30.081.33 MB
rwaylowres2_lm.bmp11.30.081.33 MB
rwaymarks3.bmp01.29.094.00 MB
rwaymarks3_lm.bmp01.29.094.00 MB
rwybase1.bmp11.09.0821.40 kB
rwybase1_lm.bmp11.09.0821.40 kB
rwyedge1.bmp12.09.08341.40 kB
rwyedge1_lm.bmp12.09.08341.40 kB
stair.bmp01.26.09341.40 kB
stair_lm.bmp01.26.09341.40 kB
tbpb_cargo.bmp11.30.08170.74 kB
tbpb_cargo_lm.bmp11.30.08170.74 kB
tbpb_cargo2.bmp12.02.08170.74 kB
tbpb_cargo2_lm.bmp12.02.08170.74 kB
tbpb_cargonew.bmp01.06.09682.74 kB
tbpb_cargonew_lm.bmp01.06.09682.74 kB
tbpb_conc1.bmp12.26.0842.74 kB
tbpb_conc1_lm.bmp12.26.0842.74 kB
tbpb_fire.bmp12.21.08682.74 kB
tbpb_fire_lm.bmp12.22.08682.74 kB
tbpb_house1.bmp11.28.0842.74 kB
tbpb_house1_lm.bmp11.28.0842.74 kB
tbpb_main1.bmp12.28.08682.74 kB
tbpb_main1_lm.bmp12.28.08682.74 kB
tbpb_main2.bmp09.26.0885.40 kB
tbpb_main2_lm.bmp09.26.0885.40 kB
tbpb_misc.bmp01.27.09170.74 kB
tbpb_misc_lm.bmp01.27.09170.74 kB
tbpb1.bmp09.20.095.33 MB
tbpb1_lm.bmp12.23.085.33 MB
tbpb10.bmp09.20.095.33 MB
tbpb10_lm.bmp12.23.085.33 MB
tbpb11.bmp09.20.095.33 MB
tbpb11_lm.bmp12.23.085.33 MB
tbpb12.bmp09.20.095.33 MB
tbpb12_lm.bmp12.23.085.33 MB
tbpb13.bmp09.20.095.33 MB
tbpb13_lm.bmp12.23.085.33 MB
tbpb14.bmp09.20.095.33 MB
tbpb14_lm.bmp12.23.085.33 MB
tbpb15.bmp09.20.095.33 MB
tbpb15_lm.bmp08.24.095.33 MB
tbpb16.bmp09.20.095.33 MB
tbpb16_lm.bmp08.24.095.33 MB
tbpb2.bmp09.20.095.33 MB
tbpb2_lm.bmp12.23.085.33 MB
tbpb3.bmp09.20.095.33 MB
tbpb3_lm.bmp12.23.085.33 MB
tbpb4.bmp09.20.095.33 MB
tbpb4_lm.bmp12.23.085.33 MB
tbpb5.bmp09.20.095.33 MB
tbpb5_lm.bmp12.23.085.33 MB
tbpb6.bmp09.20.095.33 MB
tbpb6_lm.bmp12.23.085.33 MB
tbpb7.bmp09.20.095.33 MB
tbpb7_lm.bmp12.23.085.33 MB
tbpb8.bmp09.20.095.33 MB
tbpb8_lm.bmp12.23.085.33 MB
tbpb9.bmp09.20.095.33 MB
tbpb9_lm.bmp12.23.085.33 MB
Thumbs.db12.14.08101.50 kB
tower2.bmp10.22.08170.74 kB
tower2_lm.bmp12.08.08170.74 kB
Trans_glass.bmp11.22.085.40 kB
Trans_glass_lm.bmp11.22.085.40 kB
Trees1.bmp09.07.094.00 MB
Trees2.bmp09.07.094.00 MB
Trees3.bmp09.07.094.00 MB
trolleys2.bmp01.02.09341.40 kB
trolleys2_lm.bmp01.02.09341.40 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
Screenshots07.23.190 B
screen-1.jpg07.17.19142.30 kB
screen-10.jpg07.17.1981.85 kB
screen-11.jpg07.17.19457.72 kB
screen-12.jpg07.17.19151.06 kB
screen-13.jpg07.17.19647.15 kB
screen-14.jpg07.17.1995.86 kB
screen-15.jpg07.17.19161.82 kB
screen-16.jpg07.17.19635.54 kB
screen-17.jpg07.17.19145.98 kB
screen-18.jpg07.17.19439.05 kB
screen-19.jpg07.17.19596.26 kB
screen-2.jpg07.17.19167.76 kB
screen-20.jpg07.17.19134.75 kB
screen-3.jpg07.17.19486.50 kB
screen-4.jpg07.17.19159.74 kB
screen-5.jpg07.17.19243.26 kB
screen-6.jpg07.17.19220.30 kB
screen-7.jpg07.17.19633.92 kB
screen-8.jpg07.17.19205.22 kB
screen-9.jpg07.17.19157.14 kB


While I’ve yet to get the pleasure of flying to the luxurious, tranquil paradise that is Barbados, I’ve flew there in FSX! I decided to pick up this remake of the Barbados International Airport, designed by the excellent Max Kraus.

Preview screenshot

I decided to try it out first-hand and see if Barbados is quite as beautiful as it appears in the old promotional imagery. Firing it up on my best hardware, I landed at the airport and have to be honest – I was very impressed!

Max has done a fine job of creating an innovative and intricate remake of the airport itself, it would appear. Built upon the airport from the 07-08 flight season, he’s got everything from the scale and positioning to the colouring and overall style spot on. Max himself has actually been to the airport so he’s used his own imagery and designs to try and play the airport in the exact spots that it should be.

A Touch of Class

I was very impressed with the hard work that Max gone through to make sure that the airport carried a major difference. The original airport is, well, awful, so it’s nice to have this mod to slap in on top of the old airport.

Located just 8 miles from the capital of Bridgetown, this airport is a major part of Barbados. In the past I used to laugh at the lack of quality in the original take on this airport. Now, with this? it feels as impressive as it should. The airport is a major bringer of commerce to the region, so it’s nice to see it get the recognition that it certainly deserves.

The scenery included looks to add in new 3D models, made in GMAX Plus. This is things like cargo stations, fire stations, the famous Concorde Museum and just about every structure that makes up this sprawling airport. Also, GMax ground polys were made from scratch, used to help make sure that the ground textures look much crisper and more authentic than they should have beforehand.

Also, new 3D taxi lighting and approach lighting has been installed over at Runway 09, which is a very nice touch for making sure you can manage landings without problems.

Excellently Detailed

I just have to really pay homage to the work carried out on this version of the airport. From the ease of installation – just placing folders in your Addon Scenery folder – I found it so easy to make sure that FSX would pick up this mod. Now, on I think my fifth journey to the airport with the new add-on, I’m beginning to learn where everything is.

This is a big thing for me; in the past, I found Barbados International Airport a little too dull and generic to bother learning. With this, I’m getting something way closer to what the real thing is supposed to stand for.

For someone like me, that’s a pretty nice boon to have!

Definitely recommended to install this and give it a go. Max has done a fine job of making this look every bit like the images that I researched and looked into. An excellent choice, for sure.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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joseph namySun, 06 Nov 2022 14:09:49 GMT

Crash on landing and taking off.

Brian ZeitlynFri, 20 Mar 2020 15:52:47 GMT

Installed TBPB However, the program crashes at aircraft rotation. Can anyone help?

Benjamin TorresFri, 19 Oct 2018 14:22:06 GMT

The TBPB crash on the runway, you can helpme

Michael RichardsSat, 15 Jul 2017 18:33:33 GMT

I like and have always used Max Kraus TBPB scenery, very nice work; except that the gate numbering is incorrect. I am a retired CAL/BWIA pilot so I know the airport very well having flown into it at least twice a week.

Unless the BCAA has renumbered the gates what is shown as gate 12 is really gate 10. All parking positions east of gate 10 are numbered in sequence and designated as Gates up to position 16; after that they are designated Parking positions.

Otherwise an excellent representation of the Grantley Adams Int'l airport.

ScottMon, 30 Mar 2015 00:10:55 GMT

Will this work with P3D v2.5?

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