Microsoft Releases FSX SDK Update

Microsoft has released an update to the FSX Software Development Kit (SDK). The update includes improvements to almost all aspects of the SDK that was included with the deluxe version of the sim.

The SDK, or Software Development Kit, provides you with the capacity to make changes to the FSX world that you are playing in. As one of the main reasons that the Microsoft Flight Simulator series has been successful, the SDK is one of the best additions to the series. This latest updates improved certain facets of the SDK, and has also broadened the level of response and compatibility that the SDK previously had with older hardware.

The SDK itself is split up into four key parts, all of which have been updated and improved with the latest Service Pack releases from Microsoft.

The editing side of FSX has been one of its main plus points, giving the community more control than ever in terms of what they wanted to add, edit and improve over the regular edition of the flight simulator. Key changes have been made to each section including the Core Utilities, Environment, Mission Creation & SimObject Creation tool.

These changes have correct bugs, improved functionality and made sure that every function has the output that it’s supposed to when used.

Service Packs are a useful way to make sure that what you are using is exactly as it was supposed to be. They act as the official patch for both FSX and the SDK collection, ensuring that both the simulator and its additional add-ons are able to be used error free in the future.

Add-on products have been created using the SDK for personal and commercial use, and some of which have now become standards among the thriving flight simulation community.

For many people, the main reason that the second Service Pack was even needed was due to compatibility issues, as well as frequent bugs that were holding back development potential for some. The installation process is simple – simply install the file from HERE, run the file once downloaded and it should automatically locate your FSX SDK files and install the patch directly to them.

This means that you’ll now be using the SP2 edition of the SDK, giving you full control over the latest changes and improvements made to the toolkit. The latest changes represent mostly functional changes, but it makes the software so much easier to use than ever before.

If you are an editor and have been using the SDK for any length of time, you should consider downloading the Service Pack as soon as possible. It removes a lot of frustrating barriers that the vanilla and SP1 editions never managed to improve upon. By minimizing the amount of errors, and the margin for error, the SDK has become more accessible than ever for anyone who wishes to learn.

Of course, it’s still an incredibly difficult discipline that requires a lot of knowledge in various areas of computing, as well as a genuine talent for creating everything from scratch. This latest patch, though, gives you all the help that you could possibly need to start learning about the power of modifying FSX using the SDK.

Full details and download can be found here.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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