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Captain Sim Releases XLoad For FSX

Last updated Thu, 08 Dec 2016 13:08:42 GMT
Originally posted on Sun, 06 Jan 2008 08:20:04 GMT

The 'XLoad' Expansion Pack delivers two new planes to Microsoft Flight Simulator X with the FSX Acceleration expansion: the F/A-18D and the F-117A.

Since this package openly and professionally introduces brilliant new features in the form of this expansion package, you can finally fly two of the most interesting aircraft of recent times with ease – the F/A-18D and the F-117A, respectively. Together, this can make your flights much simpler to take part in as they capture the command of an aircraft perfectly

One of the major benefits that comes from using either of these packages, though, is the massive changes they introduce to how you will fly. Both models feel totally independent from one another, giving you a fresh and engaging concept for both.


As a proper twin-engine supersonic and all-weather carrier which is capable of managing multiple combat roles, the F/A-18D has long been a respected member of the US Navy and beyond.

It’s a massive part of aviation history, having been formed in the late 1970s and serving even today for various roles. It was an aircraft which witnessed a huge range of combat successes and features along the years, having been involved in multiple different conflicts and situations as time has worn on.

Captain Sim F/A-18D

Whilst criticism does exist for its lack of range and the payload that it carries, the aircraft was seen as more than a match for the vast majority of its competition up there in the skies. For this reason, it quickly became a favorite of different warzones such as the 1992 and 2003 Gulf/Iraq Wars.

They provided the baseline for what was to become the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, too, which was a revolutionary creation for military hardware and aviation.

Thanks to this mod, then, you can fly one of the most dangerous yet revered creations in recent aviation history. It’s classy style and major range of equipment makes it a favorite of aviation fans and real-life pilots alike.  You can grab a great FSX freeware model here.


The Nighthawk is a popular aircraft which has become a bit of a template for later aircraft in a similar style. Although it was retired in 2008, the aircraft served for more than three decades with distinction, creating one of the first major twin-engine stealth attack bombers. It was developed by a part of Lockheed Martin known as Skunk Works, who operated on behalf of the USAF.

Captain Sim's Stealth

This aircraft was based on a “Have Blue” technology demonstrator, and was one of the first ever to be developed to make genuine use of stealth technology. It took part in various air-to-ground assaults during the Gulf War, albeit one was actually shot down during the conflict in Yugoslavia by a SAM site. It was the only Nighthawk ever to be lost in combat, giving you an idea of just how powerful these aircraft were.

Eventually retired due to the emergence of the more powerful F-22 Raptor, this was an aircraft that held genuine precedence for many years the jewel in the crown for many USAF pilots. Even today, it’s still held in high regard for its epic achievements as well as its contribution to the improvement of new aircraft in future. We also have a freeware model in the library here.



  • Highly detailed and accurate model (two-seater)
  • Carrier Enabled (assisted takeoff and arrested landing)
  • Interactive External Stores
  • High resolution and accuracy textures
  • 75 Animations
  • Animation Control Panel
  • Exclusive Effects
  • 6 Missions
  • Repaint Kit

F-117A Nighthawk

  • Highly detailed and accurate model
  • Carrier Enabled (assisted takeoff and arrested landing)
  • Interactive Internal Stores
  • 35 Animations
  • Animations Control Panel
  • 4 Missions

More information over at the Captain Sim website.

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