A2A Cessna 172 Trainer Accu-Sim Released for FSX/P3D

Ever since FSX hit the market, and the workhorse modding community got to grips with it, some of the most outstanding releases in many years have been brought out. These can be anything from scenery packages to a whole new range of retro aircraft, but the overall standard of new releases from the community blows away the realism that you see even from the flight simulation developers themselves!

Yellow Cessna Skyhawk 172 by A2A Simulations

This latest release by the excellent A2A Simulations gives you a realistic take on the Cessna 172. By giving you front row access to the full aircraft and all of its amazing little features and improvements, you get to see up-close how one of the most successful aircraft of its time was able to take to the skies and really set a landmark on how aircraft would perform afterwards.

The Plane Itself

First introduced in 1956, the Cessna 172 “Skyhawk” is one of the most beloved aircraft of all-time measured by its fans as one of the most popular and regularly produced aircraft ever, it’s got more than 43,000 brethren out there in the skies. It’s an incredibly popular civilian vehicle and has been the most produced aircraft of all-time! All of its competitors have come and gone as it has sewn up the civil utility market for itself for years to come.

If you are looking for a plane with simplicity and a bit of class about it, then the Cessna 172 is the aircraft that you absolutely must try out. It’s still kicking around today despite having first hit the skies more than 50 years ago so that tells you something about just how useful these brilliant aircraft have been for generations of pilots, trainees and civilians across the world.

What You Get

In this package, you get access to both the aircraft itself – in full, stunning detail – and the ever-useful ACCU-SIM expansion that rams up the entire experience again. If you were happy enough with a faithfully designed aircraft and accurate, realistic features and inclusions then you will be blown away by the sheer volume of changes that ACCU-SIM brings to the table as well!

Not only do you get access to one of the most enjoyable aircraft of all-time, but you get to use it in total realism. It’s very rivets and bolts have been identically matched in this simulation, with a close proximity to the real-thing provided for every single attribute and feature that’s possible to include with a flight simulator.

Key Features

  • This was designed with both professional and commercial pilot training in-mind – it’s not something that you use for just messing around and having fun with. When you want it to be, this can be one of the most useful additions to your training arsenal in your big to become a successful, full-time pilot

  • Pre-flight inspection system that is carried out is detailed and accurate, having been created through first-hand experience and interviews and information from real-life Cessna 172 pilots who have carried out this inspection many times

  • Realistic simulation in every aspect, from the way that the landing gear comes down to the propeller’s simulation speeds and image

  • Dynamic physics when on the ground will give you a realistic take-off as well as flight procedure – it makes it easier than ever before to fly around and get the job done. If you want to make things as real as possible you need to use this update package, as it changes the entire outlook and interface of the flight itself

  • Using Accu-Sim, you can monitor the amount of fuel that is injected into the aircraft to fully monitor and check the effectiveness of the engine during the flight. This gives you total control and management over the flight process

  • Screenshot showing the full aircraft

    This system manages itself online even when you aren’t there – this allows for temperatures to be simulated and things like age & corrosion to kick in even when you aren’t playing!

  • The cockpit has been designed to give you an incredible experience inside, making sure that you have access to everything you need to get the full training benefits that you are looking for

  • Genuine realism has been included in the flight sounds and mechanisms as you fly around, with everything from the cockpit noises to the engine sounds that come from the plane as you pick up speed picked out using many tools to guarantee authenticity and quality within the sound of the aircraft taking off

  • Accu-Sim improves the entire flight experience alongside the aircraft itself – it combines the massive realism of the aircraft with the staggering features that are brought to live using Accu-Sim. It remakes the actual combustion process for you, ensuring that you get an aircraft that goes through the real-life piston combustion process. This means that what your gauges are telling you is more than just a realistic representation – it’s creating this information in real-time and relaying the same data you would be using in a real-life environment

  • In-sim avionics have been included to give you access to everything from the KMA 26 Audio Panel to the Two Axis Autopilot, not to mention GPS and GNS support. This makes it so much easier to fly the aircraft at the style and balance that you will feel most comfortable with at all times. This provides full support for third-party GNS 430 and 530 systems, giving you maximum selection and control

  • The representation of the aircraft physically is absolutely perfect – every last detail has been faithfully taken and recreated using many hours of footage to build up the right profile for the aircraft. Every last section has been added in to give you the full picture so that if you are used to flying a real-life Cessna 172, you’ll know exactly what each part of the aircraft is telling you and what that indication actually means

  • Designed to be flown as you would fly it in real-life, taking extreme care to approach it in the most realistic and genuine manner that it possibly can be approached by

  • Load on everything from fuel and people to their baggage all in real-time – take the flight experience well beyond the simple ghost pilots of old

  • Incredible attention to detail when it comes to capturing everything from the special materials that have been used to give you the same level of performance as you would get in real life, to the airflow and density within and around the aircraft affecting how it flies and how it responds to your commands and input

  • Tiny features added in such as the tremble from an active combustion engine affecting the gauges on your cockpit to the overheating of cylinder heads leading to failures make the entire experience feel more realistic than any other simulation team can get close to. Thanks to the addition of Accu-Sim within the software, taking your flight education to a whole new level has never been more effective than it is here

  • Several aviation sponsorships included sponsorship for the project meaning that you can get unique additions and mods to the aircraft introduced by the likes of Champion Aerospace for that extra touch of class when flying around

  • Everything in this package is completely authentic – the battery, the power, the pace, the control and the chances of system failures have all been sourced and found from accurate and trustworthy sources that understand how the Cessna 172 works

Screenshot showing the full cockpit

How Does It Fly?

In short, this is one of the most punishing packages around at present – it gives you an incredibly tough time when trying to get to grips with the whole host of new features. This shouldn’t put you off, though, as after a few days of frustration you can find yourself getting to grips with a flight simulation experience that literally blows away anything else that you might have tried so far.

This add-on goes far beyond the normal simulation boundaries. The safest way to put it it would be that this flies realistically – it’s got the same peaks and problems as the real-life Cessna 172 and that’s exactly how you would want it to be. Every strength and weakness of the plane is made to be easily found by those who know what they are looking for, giving you total training control to make sure that – if you’ll be flying a 172 in the future – you can arrive with a proper education on what to do.

Development Video Part 1

Development Video Part 2

Development Video Part 3


Does this work with FSX: Steam Edition?
Yes, it does. All you need to do is make sure that you install the package to your Steam Edition rather than the traditional FSX package.

Can You Fly Without Accu-Sim?

Yes, this package is fully compatible without the use of Accu-Sim. You can turn this off prior to booting up FSX or Prepar3D.

Will There Be Future Updates?

If any additions are made to the A2A package that they have released then your best bet of finding that information is either with us here, or at the A2A Simulations website which can be found here.

You can purchase your copy over at SimShack.

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