Africa Terrain Mesh for FSX/P3D Released by NMG Simulations

When flying over the entirety of Africa in a flight simulator, it can look empty and barren of invention. Despite this incredible part of the world being host to some truly breath-taking imagery, it lacks appearance in Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D. This release from NMG, though, looks to help add a whole new terrain mesh for both simulators.

When used, this mod helps to add a whopping 73m terrain ground layer that looks much more impressive. The old, flat and blurry ground textures made a flight to Africa feel like a waste of time beforehand. Now, it carries many more of the hallmarks of the real thing. Improving massively on the listless and dull default simulation package, this offers something more thoughtful.

Kilimanjaro after the scenery has been installed.
Kilimanjaro after the scenery has been installed.

Major landmarks in Africa will undergo whopping changes when this is included. From Table Mountain to the Bluffs of Durban, the whole continent takes on a much more realistic look and feel. Those massive red rocks and cliff faces soon look as imposing as they should. Mount Kilimanjaro stands out as the monument to the natural wonder that it is.

Major changes to landclass files have also seen a major adjustment on the placement of terrain, landmarks, and cities. Now, cities are much closer to where they should be, with approximation a thing of the past.

If accuracy about Africa is something that you crave and wish to see, then this will make it much easier for you to appreciate. With over 2GB of data packaged into this download, Africa – and Saudi Arabia – will change remarkably.

Should be you be disappointed with the minimalistic realism in Africa normally in simulation, try this. It helps to fill in the lack of quality on the ground textures to make trips here far more pleasurable in general.

Table mountain after installing the add-on.
Table mountain after installing the add-on.

Major Changes

  • One of the most wholesome and transformative texture packs for Africa.
  • This adds changes to Africa, African isles, and Saudi Arabia to help paint the entire continent in a more favorable light.
  • Compatible with all scenery packages, made to work with just about anything else that you may wish to use to help light up the continent.
  • Easy to configure for all computer types, allowing you to leave out certain features to balance performance. Simple installation wizard allows you to pick what you wish to use or leave behind.
  • Simple to install; just follow the wizard. Set up so that even newbies and those without IT literacy can set the installer up.
  • Over 2GB of data and terrain changes are included, helping to better balance out Africa generally.
  • Fully compatible with both FSX (all versions) and P3D v3.
  • Cities are moved around to ensure that the can fit into the spaces where they do in reality.

We're sure to have all of the NMG Simulations range on our store SimShack soon but in the meantime, you can visit the official website here.

Also, if you're looking for freeware add-ons - we have some great mesh scenery covering the entire globe here.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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