FS2004 Evergreen Airbus A310-203

Preview Evergreen Airbus A310-203 in "interim" livery. Harald Nehring's A310-203 repainted in "interim" Evergreen International livery. Evergreen textures by Nige Edwards.

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Evergreen Airbus A310-203 in "interim" livery. Harald Nehring's A310-203 repainted in "interim" Evergreen International livery. Evergreen textures by Nige Edwards.

Screenshot of Evergreen Airbus A310-203 taking off.

Screenshot of Evergreen Airbus A310-203 taking off.

The A310 first began life as the A300B10, one of a number of projected developments and derivatives of Airbus' original A300B airliner. Initially designed to serve short and medium range high-volume routes, the A310 is mostly used for medium and long range flights today. 255 planes have been built and delivered so far, production has basically stopped now, except a few freighters being delivered from time to time.

While based on the larger A300, the A310 introduced a number of major changes. The fuselage was shortened by 13 frames compared to the A300B, reducing seating to around 200 to 230 passengers and a new higher aspect ratio wing of smaller span and area was developed. New and smaller horizontal tail surfaces, fly-by-wire outboard spoilers and a two crew EFIS flightdeck were incorporated, while the engine pylons were common to suit both engine options.

The first flight of the A310 occurred on April 3 1982, after the program was launched in July 1978. Service entry was with Lufthansa in April 1983.

The A310-203 was the initial model of the A310-200 series, powered by two General Electric CF6-80A3 engines. It lacks the small winglets of later -200 and -300 models and has a limited operating range of 6,667km (3,600nm). 48 airplanes of this model where built.


This model is my first flight simulation plane development. The 3D model is created with discreet's GMAX software, textures are painted with Jasc's Paint Shop Pro. A number of GMAX/FS2002 features are included:

  • Moving elevator, elevator trim (yes, the whole horizontal stabilizer moves), rudder, aileron, flaps, slats, spoilers, spoileron.
  • FS2002 style turning nose wheel, only turns when the plane is moving on the ground.
  • FS2002 navigation, beacon, strobe, landing and taxi lights.
  • Reflective textures with light maps.
  • Transparent cockpit windows.
  • 2-stage rolling wheels.
  • Retracting gear with tilting main gear bogies.
  • 3-stage rotating engine fan.
  • Deploying thrust reversers (press F2 after touchdown).
  • Working suspension.
  • No virtual cockpit so far.

Model Installation:

Unzip the distribution archive into your FS2002\aircraft folder, making sure to preserve the directory structure. The aircraft is then available as "Airbus/A310-203" in the airplane selection dialog of FS2002.

Screenshot of Evergreen Airbus A310-203 on runway.

Screenshot of Evergreen Airbus A310-203 on runway.

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a310 land.gif12.24.03651.54 kB
all_engines_l.bmp03.30.0364.07 kB
all_engines_t.bmp03.30.03256.07 kB
cf6-80a3_l.bmp03.30.03256.07 kB
cf6-80a3_t.bmp03.30.03256.07 kB
cockpit_l.bmp03.30.03256.07 kB
cockpit_t.bmp03.30.03256.07 kB
fuselage_aft_l.bmp03.30.031.00 MB
fuselage_aft_t.bak.bmp03.30.031.00 MB
fuselage_aft_t.bmp12.24.032.00 MB
fuselage_middle_l.bmp03.30.031.00 MB
fuselage_middle_t.bak.bmp03.30.031.00 MB
fuselage_middle_t.bmp12.21.032.00 MB
fuselage_nose_l.bmp03.30.031.00 MB
fuselage_nose_plate_l.bmp03.30.03256.07 kB
fuselage_nose_plate_t.bmp12.21.03512.08 kB
fuselage_nose_t.bmp12.21.032.00 MB
readme-aib-203.txt03.30.038.09 kB
solid_materials_l.bmp03.30.0364.07 kB
solid_materials_t.bmp03.30.0364.07 kB
tail_l.bmp03.30.03256.07 kB
tail_t.bak.bmp03.30.031.00 MB
tail_t.bmp12.22.032.00 MB
Thumbs.db12.24.03111.50 kB
TNCMA3104.gif12.24.03502.39 kB
wings0_l.bmp03.30.031.00 MB
wings0_t.bmp03.30.031.00 MB
wings1_l.bmp03.30.031.00 MB
wings1_t.bmp12.24.032.00 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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