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Test your pilot skills shooting traps using top aircraft of today on the HMSNZ Waikato carrier by S. Reweti. Compiled with carrier ops ready: F14B Tomcat by Dino Cattaneo, F16C Viper/F16C Tiger Viper by Kirk Olsson, F18E Super Hornet / F-18G Growler by Daisuke Yamamoto & TEAM FS KBT. Two extra paint schemas for F-18E by Ty Hill / Lione Mouler. F16 panel and gauges by Eric Marciano: F16 HUD & radar & key code for registering gauge in FSUIPC dll, rev 3.51. Authorizd by Pete Dowson. RCBco carrier ops gagues: meatball, sound, arrestor, catapult & sonic boom / vapor files by Nick Needham, Doug S. Dawson, and Rob Barendregt. FSUIPC dll by Pete Dowson. This is ready to extract into temp folder, c/p into Ffs9 folders with same name. Modifications of all panels and aircraft config files along with additonal files & install method by Steve Hinson.

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The archive carrierop1146.zip has 654 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Addon Scenery01.14.060 B
SCENERY.dat12.03.055.46 kB
scenery01.14.060 B
ACPART1.bgl11.28.05167.22 kB
ACPART1.old11.28.05124.73 kB
ACPART1.xcl11.28.05304 B
ACPART2.bgl11.28.0523.04 kB
ACPART2.xcl11.28.05271 B
ACPART3.bgl11.28.0532.15 kB
ACPART4.bgl11.28.0525.90 kB
acpart5.bgl11.28.0520.84 kB
AF2_EBAC.bgl03.03.05567 B
BLAST7.BGL11.28.0519.18 kB
British Aircraft Carrier Aft.BGL02.27.057.17 kB
British Aircraft Carrier Center.bgl03.01.0514.82 kB
British Aircraft Carrier Center2.bgl03.01.0514.82 kB
British Aircraft Carrier Center3.bgl03.01.0514.82 kB
British Aircraft Carrier Center4.bgl03.01.0514.82 kB
British Aircraft Carrier Center5.bgl03.01.0514.82 kB
British Aircraft Carrier Center6.bgl03.01.0514.82 kB
British Aircraft Carrier Center7.bgl03.01.0514.82 kB
British Aircraft Carrier Center8.bgl03.01.0514.82 kB
British Aircraft Carrier Center9.bgl03.01.0514.82 kB
British Aircraft Carrier Fwd.BGL02.27.057.17 kB
British Aircraft Carrier Mast.bgl02.28.0521.66 kB
British Aircraft Carrier Smoke.BGL02.23.052.95 kB
British Aircraft Carrier Surface.BGL02.25.05254 B
British Aircraft Carrier Wake.OLD03.01.05528 B
British Aircraft Carrier.bgl03.02.05620.82 kB
COP_TFFG.bgl11.23.04525 B
CV-2.BGL11.25.05191.16 kB
dynamic.bgl11.28.0530.97 kB
E-3CUSAF.bgl11.28.0590.92 kB
E-3CUSAF.dki11.28.051.04 kB
FIGHTERdod.bgl11.28.05115.36 kB
FIGHTERdod.dki11.28.051.50 kB
Fix_S3630E1745514.bgl11.28.05336 B
Flares.bgl11.28.05310 B
FUEL_3.BGL11.28.057.24 kB
FUEL_3m.bgl11.28.05140 B
NAV1.BGL11.28.05877 B
ReadMe.txt03.03.05259 B
runway3.bgl11.28.053.06 kB
RUNWAY3BAK.bgl11.28.0535.81 kB
RUNWAY3BAK_AFD.bgl11.28.05586 B
static.bgl11.28.0529.28 kB
steam1.bgl11.28.05308 B
steam2.bgl11.28.05308 B
steam3.bgl11.28.05308 B
steam4.bgl11.28.05308 B
texture01.14.060 B
1.R811.28.0564.00 kB
10.R811.28.0564.00 kB
11.R811.28.0564.00 kB
12.R811.28.0564.00 kB
13.R811.28.0564.00 kB
14.R811.28.0564.00 kB
15.R811.28.0564.00 kB
16.R811.28.0564.00 kB
1jetrainer.bmp11.28.0565.05 kB
2.R811.28.0564.00 kB
3.R811.28.0564.00 kB
4.R811.28.0564.00 kB
5.R811.28.0564.00 kB
6.R811.28.0564.00 kB
7.R811.28.0564.00 kB
8.R811.28.0564.00 kB
9.R811.28.0564.00 kB
a2DL.r811.28.0564.00 kB
A4K75V2.0AF10.13.9664.00 kB
a4k75v2.1af11.28.0517.05 kB
a4k75v2.2af11.28.0517.05 kB
a4k75v2.3af11.28.0517.05 kB
A4K75V2.4AF10.13.9664.00 kB
A4K75V2.5AF10.13.9664.00 kB
a4k75v2.6af11.28.0517.05 kB
a4k75v2.7af11.28.0517.05 kB
a4k75v2.8af11.28.0517.05 kB
AEGIS_.R811.28.0564.00 kB
AEGIS1.bmp11.28.0565.05 kB
AEGIS1.R811.28.0564.00 kB
Arrester.bmp11.23.0465.05 kB
bateau1.bmp11.28.0565.05 kB
bateau30.bmp11.28.0565.05 kB
bateau30_lm.bmp11.28.0565.05 kB
bateau30OLD.bmp11.28.0565.05 kB
Catapult.bmp11.23.0465.05 kB
DECK_1.bmp11.28.05257.05 kB
dlwind.bmp11.28.0565.05 kB
E-2_FS6.0AF11.28.0564.00 kB
E-2_FS6.1AF11.28.0564.00 kB
E-2_FS6.2AF11.28.0564.00 kB
E-2_FS6.3AF11.28.0564.00 kB
E-2_FS6.4AF11.28.0564.00 kB
E-2_fs6.5af11.28.0565.05 kB
E-2_FS6.6AF11.28.0564.00 kB
E-2_fs6.7af11.28.0564.00 kB
E-3cusaf.0af11.28.0564.00 kB
E-3cusaf.1af11.28.0564.00 kB
E-3cusaf.2af11.28.0564.00 kB
E-3cusaf.3af11.28.0564.00 kB
E-3cusaf.4af11.28.0564.00 kB
E-3cusaf.5af11.28.0564.00 kB
E-3cusaf.6af11.28.0564.00 kB
E-3cusaf.7af11.28.0564.00 kB
E-3cusaf.8af11.28.0564.00 kB
E-3cusaf.9af11.28.0564.00 kB
Eaf18a21.0af11.28.0564.40 kB
Eaf18a21.1af11.28.0517.05 kB
Eaf18a21.2af11.28.0517.05 kB
Eaf18a21.3af11.28.0517.05 kB
Eaf18a21.4af11.28.0517.05 kB
Eaf18a21.5af11.28.0517.05 kB
Eaf18a21.6af11.28.0564.00 kB
Eaf18a21.7af11.28.0564.00 kB
Eaf18a21.8af11.28.0517.05 kB
EndZone.bmp11.28.0565.05 kB
EndZone_LM.bmp11.28.0565.05 kB
flag.bmp11.28.0586.39 kB
flag_lm.BMP11.28.0586.39 kB
Flagusa.bmp11.28.0562.58 kB
Flagusa1.bmp11.28.0565.05 kB
fr_bs_top.bmp11.28.05252.06 kB
fr_bs_top_sized.bmp11.28.05257.05 kB
fr_bs_top_sized_LM.bmp11.28.05256.40 kB
Fuel.bmp11.28.0516.98 kB
hangar.bmp11.28.0564.95 kB
hangar_lm.bmp11.28.0564.42 kB
harrier.0af11.28.0564.00 kB
harrier.1af11.28.0564.00 kB
harrier.2af11.28.0564.00 kB
harrier.4af11.28.0564.00 kB
harrier.5af11.28.0564.00 kB
harrier.6af11.28.0564.00 kB
harrier.7af11.28.0564.00 kB
harrier.8af11.28.0564.00 kB
harrier.9af11.28.0564.00 kB
Helipad1.bmp11.28.0522.39 kB
Helipad2.bmp11.28.0517.05 kB
island1.bmp11.28.0565.05 kB
island1_lm.bmp11.28.0565.05 kB
island2.bmp11.28.0586.39 kB
island2_lm.bmp11.28.0565.05 kB
p_bs_top.bmp11.28.05221.03 kB
p_bs_top_sized.bmp11.28.05257.05 kB
pb_bs_top.bmp11.28.05221.03 kB
radar.bmp11.28.0565.05 kB
radar_lm.bmp11.28.0586.39 kB
rainbow_1.bmp11.28.0586.39 kB
rainbow_10.bmp11.28.0586.39 kB
rainbow_11.bmp11.28.0565.05 kB
rainbow_11_lm.bmp11.28.0565.05 kB
rainbow_2.bmp11.28.0564.90 kB
rainbow_2_lm.BMP11.28.0565.05 kB
rainbow_3.bmp11.28.0564.86 kB
rainbow_3_lm.BMP11.28.0565.05 kB
rainbow_4.bmp11.28.0565.00 kB
rainbow_4_lm.BMP11.28.0565.05 kB
rainbow_5.bmp11.28.0564.89 kB
rainbow_5_lm.BMP11.28.0565.05 kB
rainbow_6.bmp11.28.0564.98 kB
rainbow_7.bmp11.28.0564.84 kB
rainbow_7_lm.BMP11.28.0565.05 kB
rainbow_8.bmp11.28.0565.05 kB
rainbow_9.bmp11.28.0586.39 kB
rainbow_9_lm.BMP11.28.0565.05 kB
SH-3USN.0AF11.28.0564.00 kB
SH-3USN.1AF11.28.0564.00 kB
Sh-3usn.2af11.28.0564.89 kB
SH-3USN.3AF11.28.0564.00 kB
SH-3USN.4AF11.28.0564.00 kB
SH-3USN.5AF11.28.0564.00 kB
SH-3USN.6AF11.28.0564.00 kB
Sh-3usn.7af11.28.0565.05 kB
Sh-3usn.8af11.28.0565.05 kB
Sh-3usn.9af11.28.0517.05 kB
T-AFS_.R811.28.0564.00 kB
TC41.PAT11.28.0586.39 kB
VOD00.PAT11.28.0564.00 kB
VOD04.PAT03.21.9664.00 kB
wake.bmp11.28.0565.05 kB
Waikato carrier 200401.14.060 B
ArrestorCables.dat12.13.055.88 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ12.13.05535 B
ReadMe.txt12.13.0529.63 kB
SCENERY.dat12.13.053.32 kB
scenery01.14.060 B
ACPART1.bgl12.13.05167.22 kB
ACPART1.old12.13.05124.73 kB
ACPART1.xcl12.13.05304 B
ACPART2.bgl12.13.0523.04 kB
ACPART2.xcl12.13.05271 B
ACPART3.bgl12.13.0532.15 kB
ACPART4.bgl12.13.0525.90 kB
acpart5.bgl12.13.0520.84 kB
BLAST7.BGL12.13.0519.18 kB
dynamic.bgl12.13.0530.97 kB
E-3CUSAF.bgl12.13.0590.92 kB
E-3CUSAF.dki12.13.051.04 kB
FIGHTERdod.bgl12.13.05115.36 kB
FIGHTERdod.dki12.13.051.50 kB
Fix_S3630E1745514.bgl12.13.05336 B
Flares.bgl12.13.05310 B
FUEL_3.BGL12.13.057.24 kB
FUEL_3m.bgl12.13.05140 B
NAV1.BGL12.13.05877 B
runway3.bgl12.13.053.06 kB
RUNWAY3BAK.bgl12.13.0535.81 kB
RUNWAY3BAK_AFD.bgl12.13.05586 B
static.bgl12.13.0529.28 kB
steam1.bgl12.13.05308 B
steam2.bgl12.13.05308 B
steam3.bgl12.13.05308 B
steam4.bgl12.13.05308 B
texture01.14.060 B
1.R812.13.0564.00 kB
10.R812.13.0564.00 kB
11.R812.13.0564.00 kB
12.R812.13.0564.00 kB
13.R812.13.0564.00 kB
14.R812.13.0564.00 kB
15.R812.13.0564.00 kB
16.R812.13.0564.00 kB
1jetrainer.bmp12.13.0565.05 kB
2.R812.13.0564.00 kB
3.R812.13.0564.00 kB
4.R812.13.0564.00 kB
5.R812.13.0564.00 kB
6.R812.13.0564.00 kB
7.R812.13.0564.00 kB
8.R812.13.0564.00 kB
9.R812.13.0564.00 kB
a2DL.r812.13.0564.00 kB
A4K75V2.0AF10.13.9664.00 kB
a4k75v2.1af12.13.0517.05 kB
a4k75v2.2af12.13.0517.05 kB
a4k75v2.3af12.13.0517.05 kB
A4K75V2.4AF10.13.9664.00 kB
A4K75V2.5AF10.13.9664.00 kB
a4k75v2.6af12.13.0517.05 kB
a4k75v2.7af12.13.0517.05 kB
a4k75v2.8af12.13.0517.05 kB
AEGIS_.R812.13.0564.00 kB
AEGIS1.bmp12.13.0565.05 kB
AEGIS1.R812.13.0564.00 kB
bateau1.bmp12.13.0565.05 kB
bateau30.bmp12.13.0565.05 kB
bateau30_lm.bmp12.13.0565.05 kB
bateau30OLD.bmp12.13.0565.05 kB
DECK_1.bmp12.13.05257.05 kB
dlwind.bmp12.13.0565.05 kB
E-2_FS6.0AF12.13.0564.00 kB
E-2_FS6.1AF12.13.0564.00 kB
E-2_FS6.2AF12.13.0564.00 kB
E-2_FS6.3AF12.13.0564.00 kB
E-2_FS6.4AF12.13.0564.00 kB
E-2_fs6.5af12.13.0565.05 kB
E-2_FS6.6AF12.13.0564.00 kB
E-2_fs6.7af12.13.0564.00 kB
E-3cusaf.0af12.13.0564.00 kB
E-3cusaf.1af12.13.0564.00 kB
E-3cusaf.2af12.13.0564.00 kB
E-3cusaf.3af12.13.0564.00 kB
E-3cusaf.4af12.13.0564.00 kB
E-3cusaf.5af12.13.0564.00 kB
E-3cusaf.6af12.13.0564.00 kB
E-3cusaf.7af12.13.0564.00 kB
E-3cusaf.8af12.13.0564.00 kB
E-3cusaf.9af12.13.0564.00 kB
Eaf18a21.0af12.13.0564.40 kB
Eaf18a21.1af12.13.0517.05 kB
Eaf18a21.2af12.13.0517.05 kB
Eaf18a21.3af12.13.0517.05 kB
Eaf18a21.4af12.13.0517.05 kB
Eaf18a21.5af12.13.0517.05 kB
Eaf18a21.6af12.13.0564.00 kB
Eaf18a21.7af12.13.0564.00 kB
Eaf18a21.8af12.13.0517.05 kB
EndZone.bmp12.13.0565.05 kB
EndZone_LM.bmp12.13.0565.05 kB
flag.bmp12.13.0586.39 kB
flag_lm.BMP12.13.0586.39 kB
Flagusa.bmp12.13.0562.58 kB
Flagusa1.bmp12.13.0565.05 kB
fr_bs_top.bmp12.13.05252.06 kB
fr_bs_top_sized.bmp12.13.05257.05 kB
fr_bs_top_sized_LM.bmp12.13.05256.40 kB
Fuel.bmp12.13.0516.98 kB
glass2a.bmp12.13.05257.05 kB
glass2b.bmp12.13.05257.05 kB
glass2c.bmp12.13.05257.05 kB
glass3a.bmp12.13.05257.05 kB
glass3b.bmp12.13.05257.05 kB
h_deck.bmp12.13.05256.19 kB
h_deck_lm.bmp12.13.05257.05 kB
hangar.bmp12.13.0564.95 kB
hangar_lm.bmp12.13.0564.42 kB
harrier.0af12.13.0564.00 kB
harrier.1af12.13.0564.00 kB
harrier.2af12.13.0564.00 kB
harrier.4af12.13.0564.00 kB
harrier.5af12.13.0564.00 kB
harrier.6af12.13.0564.00 kB
harrier.7af12.13.0564.00 kB
harrier.8af12.13.0564.00 kB
harrier.9af12.13.0564.00 kB
Helipad1.bmp12.13.0522.39 kB
Helipad2.bmp12.13.0517.05 kB
hull_left.bmp12.13.05257.05 kB
hull_left1.bmp12.13.05257.05 kB
HULLRIGHT.bmp12.13.05256.62 kB
HULLRIGHT2.bmp12.13.05256.88 kB
HULLRIGHT2_lm.bmp12.13.05256.88 kB
island1.bmp12.13.0565.05 kB
island1_lm.bmp12.13.0565.05 kB
island2.bmp12.13.0586.39 kB
island2_lm.bmp12.13.0565.05 kB
lines.bmp12.13.05256.97 kB
p_bs_top.bmp12.13.05221.03 kB
p_bs_top_sized.bmp12.13.05257.05 kB
pb_bs_top.bmp12.13.05221.03 kB
pb_bs_top_sized.bmp12.13.05257.05 kB
pb_bs_top_sized_LM.bmp12.13.05257.05 kB
radar.bmp12.13.0565.05 kB
radar_lm.bmp12.13.0586.39 kB
rainbow_1.bmp12.13.0586.39 kB
rainbow_10.bmp12.13.0586.39 kB
rainbow_11.bmp12.13.0565.05 kB
rainbow_11_lm.bmp12.13.0565.05 kB
rainbow_2.bmp12.13.0564.90 kB
rainbow_2_lm.BMP12.13.0565.05 kB
rainbow_3.bmp12.13.0564.86 kB
rainbow_3_lm.BMP12.13.0565.05 kB
rainbow_4.bmp12.13.0565.00 kB
rainbow_4_lm.BMP12.13.0565.05 kB
rainbow_5.bmp12.13.0564.89 kB
rainbow_5_lm.BMP12.13.0565.05 kB
rainbow_6.bmp12.13.0564.98 kB
rainbow_7.bmp12.13.0564.84 kB
rainbow_7_lm.BMP12.13.0565.05 kB
rainbow_8.bmp12.13.0565.05 kB
rainbow_9.bmp12.13.0586.39 kB
rainbow_9_lm.BMP12.13.0565.05 kB
SH-3USN.0AF12.13.0564.00 kB
SH-3USN.1AF12.13.0564.00 kB
Sh-3usn.2af12.13.0564.89 kB
SH-3USN.3AF12.13.0564.00 kB
SH-3USN.4AF12.13.0564.00 kB
SH-3USN.5AF12.13.0564.00 kB
SH-3USN.6AF12.13.0564.00 kB
Sh-3usn.7af12.13.0565.05 kB
Sh-3usn.8af12.13.0565.05 kB
Sh-3usn.9af12.13.0517.05 kB
T-AFS_.R812.13.0564.00 kB
TC41.PAT12.13.0586.39 kB
VOD00.PAT12.13.0564.00 kB
VOD04.PAT03.21.9664.00 kB
wake.bmp12.13.0565.05 kB
waikato.bmp12.13.05116.65 kB
waikato.gif12.13.0515.36 kB
waikato.jpg12.13.055.73 kB
WaikatoV4.txt12.13.05535 B
Aircraft01.14.060 B
EA-18G_Growler01.14.060 B
aircraft.cfg01.11.068.29 kB
EA-18G_ReadMe.txt01.11.063.11 kB
Growler.air01.11.068.70 kB
panel01.14.060 B
panel.cfg01.09.066.62 kB
sound01.14.060 B
BCDnroll.wav12.12.05161.70 kB
eagle_warn.wav12.12.0551.88 kB
FORSAZ.WAV12.12.05572.21 kB
KMFLAP.WAV12.12.0559.31 kB
LAAPDIS.WAV12.12.0511.25 kB
LAGEAR.WAV12.12.0518.25 kB
LAOVER.WAV12.12.0513.25 kB
nosnitocak.wav12.12.05469.25 kB
sound.cfg12.12.056.91 kB
tom_gear_dn.wav12.12.05710.71 kB
tom_gear_up.wav12.12.05655.31 kB
TOMCAT.WAV12.12.0552.56 kB
tomcat_out.wav12.12.0596.03 kB
tomcat_wind.wav12.12.0598.58 kB
XLAN1SHUT.WAV12.12.05220.75 kB
XLAN1STRT.WAV12.12.05464.31 kB
XLAN21.WAV12.12.0562.23 kB
XLAN22.WAV12.12.0556.73 kB
XLAN23.WAV12.12.0560.73 kB
XLAN24.WAV12.12.0564.23 kB
XLAN2T.WAV12.12.05100.81 kB
XLMTOUCL.WAV12.12.0542.17 kB
XLMTOUCR.WAV12.12.05107.81 kB
F14BTomcat01.14.060 B
Aircraft.cfg01.12.0615.52 kB
panel01.14.060 B
Panel.cfg01.05.067.49 kB
tomheadd.bmp02.09.03769.05 kB
tomheadup.bmp01.01.06769.05 kB
Readme.txt12.12.053.93 kB
sound01.14.060 B
BCDnroll.wav12.12.05161.70 kB
eagle_warn.wav12.12.0551.88 kB
FORSAZ.WAV12.12.05572.21 kB
KMFLAP.WAV12.12.0559.31 kB
LAAPDIS.WAV12.12.0511.25 kB
LAGEAR.WAV12.12.0518.25 kB
LAOVER.WAV12.12.0513.25 kB
nosnitocak.wav12.12.05469.25 kB
Sound.cfg12.12.056.91 kB
tom_gear_dn.wav12.12.05710.71 kB
tom_gear_up.wav12.12.05655.31 kB
TOMCAT.WAV12.12.0552.56 kB
tomcat_out.wav12.12.0596.03 kB
tomcat_wind.wav12.12.0598.58 kB
XLAN1SHUT.WAV12.12.05220.75 kB
XLAN1STRT.WAV12.12.05464.31 kB
XLAN21.WAV12.12.0562.23 kB
XLAN22.WAV12.12.0556.73 kB
XLAN23.WAV12.12.0560.73 kB
XLAN24.WAV12.12.0564.23 kB
XLAN2T.WAV12.12.05100.81 kB
XLMTOUCL.WAV12.12.0542.17 kB
XLMTOUCR.WAV12.12.05107.81 kB
F-16Tiger01.14.060 B
Aircraft.cfg12.18.0515.86 kB
f-16 panel download info..log12.10.051.47 kB
f16tiger.air11.20.0510.71 kB
installation and directions.log12.10.052.79 kB
panel01.14.060 B
Doc01.14.060 B
Panel_doc.gif06.24.02207.94 kB
Radar_doc.gif06.24.0221.56 kB
panel.cfg01.01.067.32 kB
Read_Me.txt12.12.056.09 kB
FA-18E_SuperHornet01.14.060 B
1.jpg12.06.05104.54 kB
2.jpg12.06.05109.34 kB
3.jpg12.06.0545.74 kB
4.jpg12.06.05105.03 kB
aircraft.cfg01.04.0625.28 kB
Image7.jpg12.05.0589.91 kB
img6.jpg12.05.0596.64 kB
InstallPAINT.txt12.05.05908 B
panel01.14.060 B
panel.cfg01.09.066.62 kB
Super Hornet.air04.22.058.70 kB
texture.mill01.14.060 B
chrome.bmp12.05.0585.43 kB
Image1.bmp12.05.051.00 MB
Image1_L.bmp12.05.051.33 MB
pan1_L.bmp12.05.051.33 MB
pan2_L.bmp12.05.05341.43 kB
sh_01.bmp12.05.051.33 MB
sh_011.bmp12.05.051.00 MB
sh_01backup.bmp12.05.051.33 MB
sh_02.bmp12.05.051.33 MB
sh_021.bmp12.05.051.00 MB
sh_03.bmp12.05.051.33 MB
sh_04.bmp12.05.051.33 MB
sh_05.bmp12.05.05341.43 kB
sh_06.bmp12.05.051.33 MB
sh_arms.bmp12.05.051.33 MB
sh_arms02.bmp12.05.051.00 MB
sh_cockpit.bmp12.05.051.00 MB
sh_gear.bmp12.05.051.00 MB
sh_pirot.bmp12.05.051.33 MB
sh_vc.bmp12.05.051.33 MB
sh_vc02.bmp12.05.051.00 MB
sh_vc02_L.bmp12.05.051.33 MB
sh_vc03.bmp12.05.05682.75 kB
sh_vc03_L.bmp12.05.051.33 MB
sh_vc04.bmp12.05.051.00 MB
texture.tiger01.14.060 B
chrome.bmp12.06.0585.43 kB
Image1.bmp12.06.051.00 MB
Image1_L.bmp12.06.051.33 MB
pan1_L.bmp12.06.051.33 MB
pan2_L.bmp12.06.05341.43 kB
sh_01.bmp12.06.051.33 MB
sh_02.bmp12.06.051.33 MB
sh_03.bmp12.06.051.33 MB
sh_04.bmp12.06.051.33 MB
sh_05.bmp12.06.05341.43 kB
sh_06.bmp12.06.051.33 MB
sh_arms.bmp12.06.051.33 MB
sh_arms02.bmp12.06.051.00 MB
sh_cockpit.bmp12.06.051.00 MB
sh_gear.bmp12.06.051.00 MB
sh_pirot.bmp12.06.051.33 MB
sh_vc.bmp12.06.051.33 MB
sh_vc02.bmp12.06.051.00 MB
sh_vc02_L.bmp12.06.051.33 MB
sh_vc03.bmp12.06.05682.75 kB
sh_vc03_L.bmp12.06.051.33 MB
sh_vc04.bmp12.06.051.00 MB
VIPER01.14.060 B
Aircraft.cfg12.18.0517.61 kB
f-16 panel download info..log12.10.051.47 kB
installation and directions.log12.10.052.79 kB
panel01.14.060 B

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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CAD - Canadian Air Defence VCSun, 15 Jun 2014 04:35:16 GMT

I downloaded, works amazing, but when I start the flight on the carrier i am below it, and i get onto the deck without going to map and just landing on it, any help?

jianqingMon, 05 Oct 2009 17:13:50 GMT
Want to find the aircraft carrier? Answer: When you start Flight Simulator, click ''select location'' Then near-by right corner there are two options, one is search default scenery, other is search addon scenery. chose addon scenery and you'll probably find it there(if you installed the carrier correctly)! Then click OK and fly!
aaron1994Wed, 20 Feb 2008 02:13:49 GMT
Hard to get downloaded i'm still trying to get downloaded
tyler1811Sat, 23 Jun 2007 13:45:23 GMT
it is a great download its fun to land on
joeual97Thu, 26 Apr 2007 22:06:06 GMT
Can't find the carrier.Can anyone help me please.Thanks.
bigonThu, 19 Apr 2007 20:01:59 GMT
Missing componets in first download
jimhartFri, 13 Apr 2007 21:03:44 GMT
Maybe i am looking in the wrong place but the air craft carrier i down loaded is not the same one as in the picure! Can you pleasetell me were to look for the ac carrier!
cyberneticneoWed, 07 Mar 2007 00:52:17 GMT
good download, good graphics, small problem with getting FS to recognise the aircraft, probably due to me tho.
mcarterSat, 23 Sep 2006 05:13:50 GMT
where is the ac carrier located after it has downloaded?
Zsazsa73Thu, 03 Aug 2006 06:22:08 GMT
It is great. Looks more complicated than it is to install.

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