FSX Glens Falls Floyd Bennett Memorial V3

Preview Located in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York (NY), USA, this facility is owned by Warren County and run by RichAir. Although it has a 5000 foot main runway, KGFL is a non-controlled airfield catering to small engine aircraft up to a few private jet daily traffic ser...

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Located in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York (NY), USA, this facility is owned by Warren County and run by RichAir. Although it has a 5000 foot main runway, KGFL is a non-controlled airfield catering to small engine aircraft up to a few private jet daily traffic serving 'The Northcountry' New York. KGFL recently received several upgrades including four new GA hangars large enough to accommodate the needs of business jets. All objects fully designed and completely redone in Gmax using high resolution custom photo-real textures. Complete rebuild from the ground up for FSX since v2.2. Also includes new ADE file, more accurate airport grounds perimeter, satellite photo-real grounds, custom taxiways, 3D taxi-signs and taxi lights, area roads, animated hangar doors, and near area landclass. No AI traffic tracks included with this release, but ADE designed to support several AI. FSX Acceleration required. By EdGeneer Cox.

Screenshot of Glens Falls Floyd Bennett Memorial.

Screenshot of Glens Falls Floyd Bennett Memorial.


Place KGFL_v3_Obj and KGFL_v3_Gnd folders in your FSX\Addon Scenery folder. Activate BOTH folders in FS9 Scenery Library and make sure KGFL_v3_Obj folder is ABOVE KGFL_v3_Gnd folder in Priority list. If confused, just add KGFL_v3_Gnd folder FIRST, then add KGFL_v3_Obj, and it should place them in correct order in list.

Place effect files into FSX/Effects folder. (with other *.fx files). Place effect texture images into FSX/Effects/Texture folder (with other *.bmp files). This can be done by taking all contents of zip file/Effects folder and placing all, structure intact, into the main FSX/Effects folder.

Optional Tree files are included depending on season showing, one for non snow, and one for snow. Place appropriate file in the KGFL_v3_Obj/Scenery folder and make sure ONLY ON Trees_X.bgl file is in the folder. Idealily, it would be the corresponding season file. This is to change trees that non-autogen trees do NOT switch seasons with FSX. There is a need for 2 small areas for this addition of trees other than normal autogen. The winter file is already installed because this scenery was released in February.

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The archive kgfl_v30.zip has 192 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
KGFL_v3002.04.130 B
Addon Scenery02.04.130 B
KGFL_X_v3_Gnd02.04.130 B
Scenery02.04.130 B
CVX_KGFL_X_v3.BGL01.28.13288 B
House_20.bgl02.04.139.41 MB
Photo01.bgl01.30.13120.82 MB
Texture02.04.130 B
003110021031301an.agn01.31.132.38 kB
003110021031302an.agn01.31.13224 B
003110021031303an.agn01.31.136.25 kB
003110021031310an.agn01.31.132.21 kB
003110021031311an.agn01.31.133.30 kB
003110021031312an.agn01.31.137.28 kB
003110021031313an.agn01.31.135.37 kB
003110021031321an.agn01.31.134.74 kB
003110021031322an.agn01.31.13440 B
003110021031323an.agn01.31.135.43 kB
003110021031330an.agn01.31.133.48 kB
003110021031331an.agn01.31.135.88 kB
003110021031332an.agn01.31.131.17 kB
003110021031333an.agn01.31.133.20 kB
003110021032333an.agn02.04.13552 B
003110021033100an.agn01.31.13332 B
003110021033101an.agn01.31.134.11 kB
003110021033110an.agn01.31.131.95 kB
003110021033111an.agn01.31.135.11 kB
003110021033222an.agn02.04.134.89 kB
003110021120200an.agn01.31.132.43 kB
003110021120202an.agn01.31.134.45 kB
003110021120220an.agn01.31.136.61 kB
003110021120222an.agn01.31.132.80 kB
003110021122000an.agn01.31.134.50 kB
KGFL_X_v3_Obj02.04.130 B
Scenery02.04.130 B
KGFLv3_Cones1.bgl01.30.134.45 kB
KGFLv3_GP_L04_01.bgl01.26.1378.06 kB
KGFLv3_GP_L08_01.bgl08.28.1212.37 kB
KGFLv3_GP_L12_01.bgl01.26.1355.15 kB
KGFLv3_GP_L16_01.bgl01.26.136.78 kB
KGFLv3_House1.bgl02.04.13140 B
KGFLv3_Lib01.bgl02.04.13597.11 kB
KGFLv3_Lib02.bgl01.30.13103.64 kB
KGFLv3_Obj01.bgl02.04.133.23 kB
KGFLv3_Obj02.bgl02.01.132.71 kB
KGFLv3_Obj_Anim1.bgl02.04.13188 B
KGFLv3_ObsTwrs.bgl10.09.12284 B
KGFLv3_RwyLgts.bgl10.12.12414 B
KGFLv3_Signs.bgl01.31.131.03 kB
KGFLv3_StaticAC_01.bgl10.26.12428 B
KGFLv3_TaxiLights_01.bgl01.28.1310.64 kB
KGFLv3_Veg01.bgl01.30.131.21 kB
KGFLv3_Vehicles_01.bgl01.25.13764 B
KGFLv3_Watertowers.bgl02.01.13188 B
KGFLv3_Windsocks.bgl01.30.13284 B
KGFL_ADEX_ERC.BGL01.29.1316.97 kB
KGFL_ADEX_ERC_OBJ.BGL01.29.131.03 kB
Trees_wi.bgl02.04.132.43 kB
Texture02.04.130 B
2x4_tile_02.dds02.04.1342.75 kB
2x4_tile_02_lm.dds02.04.1342.75 kB
ALT_01.dds10.26.1242.75 kB
ALT_01_lm.dds10.26.1242.75 kB
Beige_wood_01.dds10.16.12496 B
Beige_wood_01_lm.dds10.16.12496 B
Compass_01.dds09.30.1285.38 kB
Compass_01_lm.dds09.30.1285.38 kB
Concrt_01.dds01.24.1342.75 kB
Concrt_01_lm.dds01.24.1342.75 kB
Cone2_01.dds01.25.1310.78 kB
Cone2_01_lm.dds01.25.1310.78 kB
Cone2_02.dds01.25.1310.78 kB
Cone2_02_lm.dds01.25.1310.78 kB
FenceBars_01.dds10.16.1242.75 kB
FenceBars_01_lm.dds10.16.1242.75 kB
Galv_01.dds01.25.132.79 kB
Galv_01_lm.dds01.25.132.79 kB
Hangar_Floor_01.dds09.06.12341.12 kB
Hangar_Floor_01_lm.dds09.06.12341.12 kB
HollyDr_Text_01.dds02.04.13170.62 kB
HollyDr_Text_01_lm.dds02.04.13170.62 kB
KGFLv3_AntTwr_1.dds10.16.12341.12 kB
KGFLv3_AntTwr_1_lm.dds10.16.12341.12 kB
KGFLv3_Awning_01.dds01.24.1321.44 kB
KGFLv3_Awning_01_lm.dds01.24.1321.44 kB
KGFLv3_FireLane_1.dds01.26.1342.75 kB
KGFLv3_FireLane_1_lm.dds01.26.1342.75 kB
KGFLv3_FTank_01.dds10.30.12341.12 kB
KGFLv3_FTank_01_lm.dds10.30.12341.12 kB
KGFLv3_FTank_02.dds10.30.1285.38 kB
KGFLv3_FTank_02_lm.dds10.30.1285.38 kB
KGFLv3_FuelPump1.dds01.27.13341.12 kB
KGFLv3_FuelPump1_lm.dds01.27.13341.12 kB
KGFLv3_ObsTwr_1.dds08.09.1285.38 kB
KGFLv3_ObsTwr_1_lm.dds08.09.1285.38 kB
KGFLv3_Planks1.dds01.27.13170.62 kB
KGFLv3_Planks1_lm.dds01.27.13170.62 kB
KGFLv3_RwyBase01.dds07.09.121.33 MB
KGFLv3_RwyBase01_lm.dds07.09.121.33 MB
KGFLv3_RwyMrks_01.dds10.09.121.33 MB
KGFLv3_RwyMrks_01_lm.dds10.09.121.33 MB
KGFLv3_Signs_01.dds01.31.13170.62 kB
KGFLv3_Signs_01_lm.dds01.31.13170.62 kB
KGFLv3_TaxiLgt_01.dds08.02.12170.62 kB
KGFLv3_TaxiLgt_01_lm.dds08.02.12170.62 kB
KGFLv3_TaxiLine_1.dds07.31.1221.88 kB
KGFLv3_TaxiLine_1_lm.dds07.31.1221.88 kB
KGFLv3_TaxiLine_2.dds07.30.1242.75 kB
KGFLv3_TaxiLine_2_lm.dds07.30.1242.75 kB
KGFLv3_TaxiLine_3.dds08.27.1221.50 kB
KGFLv3_TaxiLine_3_lm.dds08.27.1221.50 kB
KGFLv3_TaxiLine_4.dds08.27.1242.88 kB
KGFLv3_TaxiLine_4_lm.dds08.27.1242.88 kB
KGFLv3_TaxiLine_5.dds07.30.1242.75 kB
KGFLv3_TaxiLine_5_lm.dds07.30.1242.75 kB
KGFLv3_TaxiSigns_01.dds09.06.121.33 MB
KGFLv3_TaxiSigns_01_lm.dds09.06.121.33 MB
KGFLv3_TireMarks_1.dds03.19.12341.44 kB
KGFLv3_TireMarks_1_lm.dds03.19.12341.44 kB
KGFLv3_TireMarks_2.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
KGFLv3_TireMarks_2_lm.dds03.19.12341.45 kB
KGFLv3_TwyBase01.dds07.16.121.33 MB
KGFLv3_TwyBase01_lm.dds07.15.121.33 MB
KGFLv3_TwyBase02.dds07.16.121.33 MB
KGFLv3_TwyBase02_lm.dds07.15.121.33 MB
KGFLv3_TwyBase03.dds07.16.121.33 MB
KGFLv3_TwyBase03_lm.dds07.15.121.33 MB
KGFLv3_TwyBase04.dds07.15.121.33 MB
KGFLv3_TwyBase04_lm.dds07.15.121.33 MB
KGFLv3_TxwyEdger_1.dds07.25.1221.50 kB
KGFLv3_TxwyEdger_1_lm.dds07.25.1221.50 kB
KGFLv3_TxwyEdger_2.dds08.10.1221.50 kB
KGFLv3_TxwyEdger_2_lm.dds08.10.1221.50 kB
KGFLv3_TxwyEdger_3.dds08.10.1221.50 kB
KGFLv3_TxwyEdger_3_lm.dds08.10.1221.50 kB
KGFLv3_TxwyEdger_4.dds08.22.1221.50 kB
KGFLv3_TxwyEdger_4_lm.dds08.22.1221.50 kB
Kgfl_Effis_01.dds10.16.1221.44 kB
Kgfl_Effis_01_lm.dds10.16.1221.44 kB
KGFL_FboCon_01.dds10.16.12341.12 kB
KGFL_FboCon_01_lm.dds10.16.12341.12 kB
KGFL_FboSet_01.dds10.16.121.33 MB
KGFL_FboSet_01_lm.dds10.16.121.33 MB
KGFL_FboSet_02.dds09.06.121.33 MB
KGFL_FboSet_02_lm.dds09.06.121.33 MB
KGFL_Hangarset_01.dds11.01.121.33 MB
KGFL_Hangarset_01_lm.dds11.01.121.33 MB
KGFL_Hangarset_02.dds01.31.131.33 MB
KGFL_Hangarset_02_lm.dds01.31.131.33 MB
KGFL_Hangarset_03.dds10.01.121.33 MB
KGFL_Hangarset_03_lm.dds10.01.121.33 MB
KGFL_Hangarset_04.dds01.31.131.33 MB
KGFL_Hangarset_04_lm.dds01.31.131.33 MB
KGFL_HgrIns_01.dds09.06.12341.12 kB
KGFL_HgrIns_01_lm.dds09.06.12341.12 kB
KGFL_HgrIns_02.dds09.06.1285.38 kB
KGFL_HgrIns_02_lm.dds09.06.1285.38 kB
KGFL_RoofSet_01.dds09.06.12341.12 kB
KGFL_RoofSet_01_lm.dds09.06.12341.12 kB
NGasTank_01.dds10.02.12170.62 kB
NGasTank_01_lm.dds10.02.12170.62 kB
Roof_Metal_04.dds02.04.13170.62 kB
Roof_Metal_04_lm.dds02.04.13170.62 kB
roof_tile_03.dds02.04.13170.62 kB
roof_tile_03_lm.dds02.04.13170.62 kB
Taxi_Ts_1.dds08.27.12341.12 kB
Taxi_Ts_1_lm.dds08.27.12341.12 kB
Watertower_01.dds02.01.13341.12 kB
Watertower_01_lm.dds02.01.13341.12 kB
windsock.bmp07.27.1085.43 kB
windsock_lm.bmp07.27.1085.43 kB
zfence01.dds10.29.12341.12 kB
zfence01_lm.dds10.29.12341.12 kB
Effects10.01.120 B
GS_ObsLight_01.fx04.08.122.49 kB
GS_RedLight_01.fx04.08.121.33 kB
GS_Taxilight_01.fx04.08.121.26 kB
GS_TaxiRed_01.fx10.01.121.26 kB
Texture10.01.120 B
fx_2_GS.bmp04.01.12341.40 kB
file.diz02.04.131.02 kB
KGFLv3_Screenie_1.jpg02.04.13253.03 kB
KGFLv3_Screenie_2.jpg02.04.13298.54 kB
KGFLv3_Screenie_3.jpg02.04.13137.03 kB
KGFLv3_Screenie_4.jpg02.04.13139.56 kB
ReadMe.txt02.04.135.50 kB
Seasonal Trees02.04.130 B
How to use these.txt02.04.13674 B
Trees_su.bgl01.24.132.86 kB
Trees_wi.bgl02.04.132.43 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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Ed GreenbergThu, 24 Jun 2021 15:36:00 GMT

My "home" field. A version that still contained Carol's Airport Cafe would be cool.

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